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    This special package gives you the master strategy five ball wheels that allow you to play your best numbers and go for the big wins that other players dream about! Popular and powerful, these wheels get you ready for the action. 30 wheels included. A wide variety of wheels covers all situations, from 5 game plays with a variety of best numbers, to 24 game wheels, and others covering more than 20 of best number picks. You'll find wheels such as 7 numbers-12 plays (7/12), 11/3, 19/18, 6/6...

    ADANCED WIZARD STRATEGIES (THE GREEN PAPERS) green, papers, lottery, lottery reports, lotto reports
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      This exotic and powerful strategy package takes the mighty wizard plays to a level never before seen. The wizards, some of the most advanced and effective keys ever discovered, are pushed to their most lethal moves giving you unexpected opportunities to chase huge jackpots! You learn how to discover obscure wizard plays, and use advanced strategies such as short wizards, twins, bi-level plays, powerful jinns (reverse wizard). You��_��ll also learn how to play high wizards, grand wizards, and...

      ADVANCED BEST NUMBER STRATEGIES (THE YELLOW PAPERS) yellow, papers, lotto Strategies, lotto reports
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      Item #: 7465 -

        Hot! Hot! Hot! Traditional best-number players need strategies to stand out from the crowd and find real opportunities beyond the vision and grasp of regular hot-number players. The Yellow Papers opens up a new world of plays and important numbers that other players miss entirely. The key to winning lottery and lotto is to play better numbers and play better combinations of those numbers. This advanced Level III strategy uncovers hidden gems using advanced burst strategies, combo plays,...

        ADVANCED OVERDUE NUMBER STRATEGIES (THE BLUE PAPERS) lotto, lottery, lotto reports, blue reports, blue papers
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        Item #: 7466 -

          The hidden bible for overdue players, The Blue Papers, contain the most advanced and powerful overdue number strategies ever designed. For the small, but exclusive group of overdue players, this set of strategies target the crevices where opportunity hides. You learn how to create distance charts and complex distance charts to analyze the key elements that open up this Exotic Level III strategy, how to mine ��_��_��_hidden��_ѝ numbers at various regression levels, find trends before they are...

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            More than a hundred million bingo players regularly try their luck at this classic American pastime. You'll learn the essentials of bingo: the history, the basics of play, the lingo of the game, over fifteen winning patterns, progressive games, the odds of winning, the advantages and disadvantages of playing multiple cards and much, much more. 64 pages Table of Contents:   Introduction Introduction History The Apparatus of Play The Bingo Cards The Bingo Balls The Bingo Cage and Blower...

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              Fifteen chapters outline the house odds, the history of keno, the best playing strategies, and taxes on keno winnings. Youll learn how to make all the bets including straight, split, way, combination, king and special tickets, and how best to use them in a coordinated winning strategy. Charts with bets, payoffs and strategies. 60 pgs, paperback, 1995

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                A handy pocket-sized book features winning strategies, how to box, information on frequency, clusters, bias and more. Illus with charts and diagrams. 57 pgs, paperback, 1997

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                  This is the fundamental explanation of Bingo.

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                    From a brief history of the game to a thorough explanation of how to prepare every type of keno ticket; from picking up a crayon and keno blank to collecting winnings, this book is packed with playing tips, strategies, and anecdotes. Cowles presents a thorough coverage of keno including accurate, computer-analyzed odds charts for every standard keno ticket. 250 pgs, paperback, 1996

                    COURT NUMBERS & STEP-DOWN PLAYS (THE ORANGE PAPERS) orange, papers, reports, lottery, lotto reports
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                    Item #: 7468 -

                      The versatile and dangerous court numbers, the third best performing number in a Best Number Analysis, are the secret weapon of an exclusive group of advanced lottery players. This advanced strategy��_��_��_The Orange Papers��_��_��_avoids played out numbers and builds tickets around aggressive court plays targeting big jackpots, You learn how to play courts as minor keys and major keys, and how to run conservative and aggressive betting schemes. The Orange Papers also includes strategies for...

                      EAST-WEST: OFF-THE-GRID PLAYS (THE BLACK PAPERS) black papers, off the grid, east west, lottery, lotto reports
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                      Item #: 7469 -

                        These very advanced exotic plays take you off the grid to find opportunities other players don��_��t even know are there! You avoid hot numbers that are played out and overdue numbers that just aren��_��t showing. Instead, you run finesse plays between the seams. The Black Papers focus on forensic sleuthing with advanced decades analysesand clever moves. You look for very particular circumstances, when everything is lined up and come in hard with numbers that other players miss. You need to do...

                        FACTS OF KENO
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                          This informative book provides you with the history of Keno, the basics of how to play the game, Basic Straight tickets, Way Tickets, Split Tickets along with house percentages. Indexed. In fact, everything you need to know to play the game is here. 109 pages, paperbound, 1984.

                          GRI MASTER KENO STRATEGY
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                          Item #: 616043910451 -

                            David Cowles Professional Winning Strategy Finally! David Cowles, the world's foremost expert on keno, and the publisher of the Keno Newsletter, has released his powerhouse strategy on winning money at keno exclusively to Cardoza Publishing. This strategy is now available for the first time and is only available through us!!! TIRED OF LOSING? LEARN HOW TO WIN! - Learn how to bet the tickets that provide the highest payoffs and push the percentages in your favor, how to increase winning...

                            JIMMY JORDAN KENO: DVD
                            Price: $17.95
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                            Item #: 616043910512 -

                              In a thoroughly entertaining way, the longtime casino games instructor explains the game that lets you take a shot at winning up to $100,000. He explains payoffs, all odds, all ways, all combinations, plus all his favorite tickets.

                              JUST JACKPOTS
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                              Item #: 7510 -

                                Subtitled "Keno Patterns and Winning Numbers'. A collection of video keno jackpots with patterns and related winning jackpot numbers. Suitable for use in all keno games. 130 Pgs. 2016

                                LOTTERY SUPER SYSTEM lottery, super, system, avery, cardoza, lotto, win
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                                Item #: 71959 -

                                  Subtitled 'Learn the Inside Secrets of Winning Multimillion-Dollar Jackpots!' This book is written for lottery players looking to improve their chances at winning a million-dollar life-changing megajackpots while collecting smaller jackpots along the way! This book is going to show players how to increase their chances of making millions of dollars playing lottery and lotto and reveal important secrets that every successful player must know to win jackpots in any game in the U.S., Canada, or...

                                  MONEY FOR NOTHING
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                                  Item #: 9780061284182 -

                                    Everybody wants to win the lottery but few people understand the huge burden that comes with winning, especially since lottery winnings are paid in yearly installments rather than in full. Ugel was a salesman for a company that offered to buy peoples lottery winnings with a lump sum, often much less than face value but at a good investment for his company. Though he was a huge success at his job, he asked himself, If youre good at something that is bad for some people, does that make you a bad...

                                    NORTH-SOUTH BI-POLAR STRATEGIES (THE PURPLE PAPERS) purple, paper, lotto strategies, lotto reports
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                                    Item #: 7470 -

                                      These powerful bi-polar plays leave nothing to chance at both ends of the spectrum. You can have it both ways! You learn how to maximize opportunities by playing hot and cold numbers simultaneously! Some players swear by hot numbers, others are aficionados of overdue plays. But there are astute players who don��_��t quite like committing all their plays in one direction and are looking for a strong bi-polar blend. The Purple Papers have the answer! There are a ton of strategies...

                                      PRO-MASTER I LOTTO & LOTTERY STRATEGY KIT
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                                      Item #: 616043910482 -

                                        Jones presents 50 advanced Dimitrov Wheeling Systems, a reusable plastic automatic wheeling template, and instruction guide that takes only a few minutes to figure. 53 pgs, paperback, 2000 Included are: One clear template with the "sum total" charts Instruction Materials 50 Dimitrov Wheeling Systems & 5 Ball Wheels 10 Positional l Analysis templates 10 Best Number templates

                                        PRO-MASTER II LOTTO & LOTTERY STRATEGY KIT
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                                        Item #: 616043910499 -

                                          Jones has dedicated years to researching winning tickets, and has developed strategies for beating the lotto and lottery. Any person can employ the techniques presented by inputting numbers into a "master template". In addition to material on Dimitrov Wheels (Wheeling systems), this volume also contains strategies on 3-Ball, 4-Ball and 6-Ball. Paperabck, 1992 Included are: One clear template with the "sum total" charts 100 Dimitrov Wheeling Systems & 5 Ball Wheels 60...

                                          SECRETS OF WINNING LOTTO & LOTTERY
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                                          Item #: 7430 -

                                            SELLING HOPE
                                            Price: $22.95
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                                            Item #: 9780674800984 -

                                              This book examines the history of lotteries, with emphasis on modern times since 1963 when New Hampshire started the craze; the games and their variations; why people play; state politics and the lottery bandwagon; the methods that states use to pitch the games to consumers; an examination of the concept of a 'painless tax' and whether state revenues actually benefit overall. 323 pgs, paperback, 1989

                                              THE BIG KINGDOM (THE RED PAPERS) lotto reports
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                                              Item #: 7471 -

                                                For aggressive players only, the Big Kingdom is the most advanced and most aggressive Level III plays available. This strategy package is not for the timid��_��_��_you go after big jackpots with ambitious tickets. The Red Papers specialize in net strategies��_��_��_ available nowhere else��_��_��_to track and collar big wins. Perfect for players wiling to spend big to win big, plus players running big wheels. You��_��ll learn how to run wide nets, long nets, dual- and triple-key plays, plus...

                                                THE INSIDERS GUIDE: INSTANT WIN TICKETS (PULLTABS)
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                                                Item #: 9780759660090 -

                                                  Answers questions on how to win, how to sell, and how to profit from instant-win tickets. Gives players tips and techniques to winning more often and more importantly shows the sales entrepreneur how to sell the tickets. secrets of the behind the scenes operation, marketing techniques and security, making this an interesting book for players and an essential text book for businesses involved in the selling of pull tabs. 88 pgs, paperback, 2003

                                                  THE ULTIMATE CLUSTER KENO
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                                                  Item #: 616043910543 -

                                                    Now back in stock! New and improved. Subtitled 'The First and Only System That Shows Players How to Win at Video Keno, Backed Up With Winning Examples and Mathematical Analysis'.  Covers video keno games such as Four Card Keno, Multi-Card Keno, Cleopatra, and Cave Man Keno. Will teach about video keno vs. video poker, the truth about 'hold' percentages, playing on a limited budget and finding the best payout tables. 86 Pgs. Spiralbound 2013

                                                    WINNING LOTTO/LOTTERY FOR EVERYDAY PLAYERS
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                                                    Item #: 9781580420471 -

                                                      Expanded and revised version of 'Basics of Winning Lotto', its 20 chapters include expanded charts and diagrams. 160 Pgs 2010