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Item #: 9781580421010 -

    This thorough introduction to the game of bridge is filled with copious examples, illustrations and anecdotes. Beginning and intermediate players learn step by step everything they need to know about: duplicate bridge, contract bridge, rules of play, fundamentals of opening bids and responses, and scoring. Also includes tournament strategies. Covers the Jacoby Transfer, Cue, Weak Two, Michaels Cue, Shut-Out, Slam, No-Trump, and advanced, defensive and preemptive bids to the popular and...

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    Item #: 919 -

      A reprint of a 1930 edition published by Joe Treybal, a St. Louis gambling supply manufacturer that was once regarded as one of the outstanding dice makers in the country. It was the first major effort to compile a list of the percentage advantage enjoyed by the operators of all banking house games. 64 Pgs. 1976

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      Item #: 9781585425587 -

        A well-written book about a professional writer who discovered poker, immersed herself in the game, and eventually went under, leaving nothing of her former self above water but her hat and eyeglasses. The author missed lucrative writing assignments that would cover a months worth of living expenses in exchange for an all-nighter in a poker room to win $80. A good read for those who think they might have a gambling problem, have friends with a problem, or simply like to read about gambling....

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        Item #: 616043920498 -

          This unauthorized chronicle of the Hilton family is both amazing and shocking as it takes you through the family's history from poverty and obscurity to glory and glamour. Using candid and exclusive interviews, private documents, and public letters, Oppenheimer has pieced together an outstanding American saga. 304 pgs, hardcover, 2006

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          Item #: 9781580421263 -

            Chess enthusiasts can find out where they stand in terms of chess mastery by facing off against 20 of the world's top players with this instructive and amusing guide. Looking closely at complete games played by the experts inspires players to form new ideas about their overall strategy. Grandmaster Daniel King based this book on his popular Chess Monthly column. His easy-to-follow, test-yourself format asks readers to predict their opponent's moves. Provides opportunities for improvement by...

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            Item #: 9780020288909 -

              This book is designed specifically for the average player to help tighten their game so that they can take genuine pride and pleasure in it. The authors give pointers on what objects to pursue and how to meet specific kinds of attack. Their method is to take several games and play them out and then clarify the reasons for victory or defeat. Special attention is paid to openings, including Sicilian Defense, Queen's Gambit Declined and Bird's Opening, and to strategy, especially the...

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              Item #: 9780393094268 -

                An interesting look at how the media, advertisers and cons use statistics incorrectly to support their claims. 142 Pgs. 1954

                HOW TO PLAY PAI GOW TILES
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                Item #: 2803 -

                  Overview and Purpose: Section 1 - Introduction to Pai Gow; Section 2 - The 32 Individual Dominoes; Section 3 - The 20 Ranking Pairs; Section 4 - Evaluating Every Possible Hand; Section 5 - An Eight Step Decision Sequence; Section 6 - Guidelines for Splitting Pairs; Section 7 - Closing Comments on Pai Gow. 28 Pgs. 1985

                  HOW TO WIN AT GIN RUMMY
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                  Item #: 616043916941 -

                    First published in 1943, this remains one of the classics on the game, going straight to the point on percentage play. The major sections cover how to play the odds, why you shouldn't pick an open card if it won't make a meld, when the first card should be picked up and how to avoid throwing your opponent a useful card. 64 Pgs. 1975

                    HOW TO WIN IN THE CHESS OPENINGS
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                    Item #: 9780671624262 -

                      International Master Al Horowitz goes through every major chess opening system and gives just one line of play for White, one line of play for Black and the reason for each move by White or Black. This book will not show the reader how to win every game, but it will provide an easy route which will enable the player to get a reasonable, playable position out of the opening with good winning chances, even against the strongest opponents, without having to memorize a bunch of opening lines. 192...

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                      Item #: 616043912097 -

                        Contains a history of these collectibles, defines what the redeemable premium tokens are, what display premiums are and offers a list of definitions of terms used by collectors to describe tokens, their markings and condition. Discusses how minting procedures affect tokens, types of tokens, variations, grading, condition and prices. The book is illustrated, with sections on $2, $3, $7, $28 silver strike tokens, another on $10 tokens and a final section focusing on $20, $40, $200 tokens. 315...

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                        Item #: 616043917719 -

                          Begins with a definitions, distinctions and a short history of gaming checks and chips with a chronology of development, manufacturing styles and composition. Later sections include illustrations of checks and chips. Illustrations include manufacturer's individual designs and groupings, colors and monogram styles. Information on dating and pricing chips and a list of check mold descriptions and codes. 66 Pgs. 2008

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                          Item #: 9781580420150 -

                            One of the world's foremost chess experts shows White how to substitute an entirely unconventional approach for the classical principals of opening play. 288 Pgs. 1999

                            IMPROVE YOUR BACKGAMMON
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                            Item #: 9781857443158 -

                              The ideal book for players looking to advance from the basics and build a better understanding of the intricacies of backgammon. Ex-British champion Lamford follows from his earlier book, Starting Out in Backgammon, to further develop the strategies needed to master this fascinating game. Includes numerous test positions. 128 pgs, paperback, 2003

                              INTRODUCTION TO PROBABILITY
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                              Item #: 1083 -

                                Probability theory, the basis of statistics and game theory, can be fun to learn. Multiple exercises throughout the text help you to learn and practice the ideas and methods explained in the book. A good tool for learning probability skills. 247 Pgs. 1973

                                JACKPOT NATION
                                Price: $24.95
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                                Item #: 616043917740 -

                                  Estimating that Americans bet somewhere in the neighborhood of $80 billion a year, Hoffer, a senior writer for Sports Illustrated, wandered across the U.S. showing us how we gamble, why we gamble, and why the biggest opponents of gambling are now the biggest fans. He visits trade shows, hangs around underground poker games, hustles for a side of bacon in a Minnesota bar, discusses expansion plans with a tribal chief, and looks at every angle of chance taking. 241 pgs hardcover, 2007

                                  KASPAROVS WINNING CHESS TACTICS
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                                  Item #: 9780671619855 -

                                    Russian grandmaster Gary Kasparov is the youngest world champion ever. He is renowned for his aggressive play and superior tactics, which the author, a U.S. national chess master, analyzes in this book of recapped pivotal positions. Pandolfini opens with a brief biographical sketch on Kasparov and then proceeds to discuss how Kasparov responded or might have responded to 150 or so actual and hypothetical situations. Each example is prefaced with the name of the players, where and when the game...

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                                    Item #: 9781906388263 -

                                      Chess champion Garry Kasparov wrote a best-selling series of books called My Great Predecessors, ascribing his victories to lessons learned from the games of earlier champions. Now, in a humorously titled addition to the series, Karolyi and Aplin turn Kasparovs chess wisdom on its head by analyzing 70 games he lost! Behind the good-natured humor is the idea that every strategic or tactical principle has its exceptions, and the win often comes to the player who knows when standard procedure...

                                      KILLER CHESS TACTICS
                                      Price: $24.95
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                                      Item #: 9781580421119 -

                                        This book teaches you how to learn from the incredible combinations and sacrifices of 14 World Champions, how the champions used these brilliant stratagems to bring opponents to their knees, and how they themselves fell prey to these deadly surprise attacks. Packed with ideas, 200 fully annotated games, 1,000 diagrams, and practical advice. Learn how to use these powerful weapons from the champions themselves. 640 pgs, paperback, 2003

                                        LAS VEGAS LEGENDS: WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGAS...
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                                        Item #: 9780932653987 -

                                          Las Vegas Legends' tells the stories behind the headlines and history of The Entertainment Capital of the World aka Sin City - Vegas! From the first explorers and early founders to the famed entrepreneurs and entertainers who continue to shape this unique city. Indexed 303 Pages Paperbound 2011

                                          LAS VEGAS THE FABULOUS FIRST CENTURY
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                                          Item #: 9780738524160 -

                                            A part of the Making of America series. Whether it's the Entertainment Capital of the World or Sin City or Glitter Gulch or Lost Wages, the city of Las Vegas has undergone incredible transformationfrom ancient watering hole to Mormon fort, whistle stop to mob-run profit centerto become the fastest growing urban community in the nation. A melting pot of races and cultures, Las Vegas boasts a history of vices and virtues. Striking photos of people, places and events. 160 pgs, paperback, 2003

                                            LAS VEGAS: A CENTENNIAL HISTORY
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                                            Item #: 9780874176155 -

                                              The meteoric rise of Las Vegas from a remote Mormon outpost to an international entertainment center and metropolitan area of over a million people was never a sure thing. In its first decades, the town languished but when Nevada legalized casino gambling (1931), the city met its destiny. This book celebrates the city's unparalleled growth, examining the development of its industry and the creation of an urban complex. Here are the colorful characters who shaped the growth, chronologically...

                                              LEARN FROM BOBBY FISCHERS GREATEST GAMES
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                                              Item #: 9781580422352 -

                                                The first book about the great American chess champion Bobby Fischer written for the average player (90% of the chess playing audience), Schiller focuses on the lessons you can learn from his games. Packed with diagrams and easy-to-understand pointers showing what Fischer was thinking and how you can apply these concepts and strategies to your games, this learning tool borrows from the wisdom and beauty of Fischer's greatest games and passes it on to new generations. 224 pgs, paperback, 2009

                                                LESTER "BENNY" BINION: RECOLLECTIONS
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                                                Item #: 616043917818 -

                                                  In 1972, Benny Binion, patriarch of the Binion Family and founder of the world famous Binion's Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas, agreed to participate in the Oral History Project conducted by the University of Nevada at Reno. Glass spent two days taping interviews with Binion, who reviewed the transcripts and made no changes. In typewritten question-and-answer format, the book covers myriad stories and opinions, including thoughts about crooked politicians, gamblers and memories of early Las...

                                                  LIBERAL CONSCIENCE, A
                                                  Price: $25.95
                                                  Availability: Available
                                                  Item #: 616043917825 -

                                                    In this memoir, Denton, one of Nevada's modern pioneers, chronicles his career. Born in Nevada in 1925, he was befriended by Pat McCarran, the powerful U.S. Senator, and began working with him. After earning a law degree, he became one of the influential young Nevadans widely known as McCarran's Boys. Denton was a liberal while McCarran was often an extreme conservative. Though he wasnt elected to high office, Denton masterminded the careers of other politicians, including Grant Sawyer (3-time...

                                                    LOSING YOUR SHIRT: 2ND EDITION
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                                                    Item #: 9781568387338 -

                                                      Heineman focuses on recovery techniques for problem gamblers and their families. He presents a non-threatening approach in six major sections including: Dynamics in the Compulsive Gambler's Marriage, Fighting a Losing Battle, The Affected and Recovery, On the Steps and Beyond the Steps. Bibliography for researchers and sources to write for help. Takes into account the spread of Internet gambling, day trading, the growing numbers of women, seniors and young people who are becoming addicted....

                                                      Price: $16.99
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                                                      SKYHORSE PUBLISHING Item #: 9394 -

                                                        Have you ever noticed the big part luck seems to play in your life? From early man to today, luck has been prayed for, played with, and courted. It sometimes brings awesome parking spots, a chance meeting with a new love interest, even the winning hand in poker. Where does luck come from? Does one need to be “born lucky” to actually be lucky? Can anything be done to improve on one’s luck? Actually, there is! Authors Dolnick and Davidson investigate both ancient and modern scientific approaches...

                                                        MASTER CHECKMATE STRATEGY
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                                                        Item #: 9781580420969 -

                                                          Robertie all the essential mates, including the scholar's mate, mate with two bishops, the corridor mate, the smothered mate, five patterns of diagonal mates, king hunts, and the key strategies needed to set up future mates. 160 pgs, paperback, 2003

                                                          Price: $19.95
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                                                          Item #: 9780691154589 -

                                                            Subtitled " How Gamblers, Managers, and Sports Enthusiasts Use Mathematics in Baseball, Basketball, and Football", 'Mathletics' is a remarkably entertaining book that shows readers how to use simple mathematics to analyze a range of statistical and probability-related questions in professional baseball, basketball, football and in sports gambling. How does professional baseball evaluate hitters? Is a singles hitter like Wade Boggs more valuable than a power hitter like David...

                                                            MILLS BELL MACHINE SERVICE PARTS PRICE LIST
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                                                            Item #: 616043917948 -

                                                              MILLS BELL: 1946 CATALOG
                                                              Availability: Available
                                                              Item #: 616043916002 -

                                                                This is a reprint of a catalog issued by the Mills Slot Machine Company. Contains some history of the company and its machines, plus photos of the company's products: ice-cream, Coca Cola, and change machines; coin counter; and coin machine tool kit. 33 pgs.

                                                                MORE CHESSERCIZES: CHECKMATE!
                                                                Availability: Available
                                                                Item #: 9780671701857 -

                                                                  This book offers chess players the ultimate challenge: Find the move or sequence of moves that will finish off the imaginary opponent in a checkmate situation. Allows readers to practice traps and winning opening moves without using a chess board. With 300 problems arranged by degree of difficulty, this book is ideal for players of all skill levels and should help develop tactical, analytical and combinative skills. 208 pgs, paperback, 1991

                                                                  MORE THAN PETICOATS
                                                                  Price: $10.95
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                                                                  Item #: 9780762727391 -

                                                                    This book presents the compelling histories of fourteen pioneer women, all born before 1900, who traveled Nevada Territory in unstable wagons, on temperamental mules, and in early Motel Ts to leave a legacy of courage and celebration as they broke records, hearts, and rules while conquering uncharted ground.

                                                                    MY WEEK AT THE BLUE ANGEL & OTHER STORIES FROM... LAS VEGAS
                                                                    Availability: Available
                                                                    Item #: 9781935396413 -

                                                                      A savage journey to the heart of Hunter S. Thompson's Las Vegas, with the Good Doctor as tour guide. A Lord of the Rings-like adventure in the city's underground flood channels. A seven-day stay at a seedy motel on East Fremont Street. The stories in My Week at the Blue Angel aren't about Steve Wynn, Cirque du Soleil, or how to play poker and they aren't set in Caesar's Palace, XS Nightclub, or a 2,000-seat showroom. They're about prostitutes, ex-cons, and the homeless and they're set under...

                                                                      NEVADA TOWNS & TALES: VOL I NORTH
                                                                      Availability: Available
                                                                      Item #: 9780913814413 -

                                                                        Richly illustrated with photos, maps, drawings, and copies of documents and clippings, these two volumes trace the history of the state. Vol. 1 includes Reno, Elko, Carson City, and its mining, politics, ranching, and gaming. Vol. 2 highlights Tonopah, Las Vegas, and Ely and includes entertainment history. 222 pgs, paperback, 1981

                                                                        NEVADA TOWNS & TALES: VOL II SOUTH
                                                                        Availability: Available
                                                                        Item #: 780913814451 -

                                                                          Richly illustrated with photos, maps, drawings, and copies of documents and clippings, these two volumes trace the history of the state. Vol. 1 includes Reno, Elko, Carson City, and its mining, politics, ranching, and gaming. Vol. 2 highlights Tonopah, Las Vegas, and Ely and includes entertainment history. 244 pgs, paperback, 1982