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    Written by the world's most prolific chess-writing team, this book shows how the greatest players in the history of chess have displayed their tactical prowess at the chessboard. Readers will see how the most brilliant minds of all time employ all of the weapons in the grandmaster arsenal to reduce their opponents to rubble, 200 diagrams. 264 pgs, paperback, 1998

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      The long-awaited revision is updated to include the latest world champions. Concentrates on a much simpler presentation, more targeted to the average chess player. Divided into key opening groups where readers learn how the world champions would play them. Reading much like an encyclopedia of the must-know openings crucial to every chess players knowledge, this powerful tool shows the insights, concepts and secrets used by the greatest players of all time. Covers 100 variations of crucial...

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        One of the worlds best pros teaches how to play no-limit holdem. Features tips for every situation with video suggestions from Cloutier. Tips are geared to your position relative to the dealer button, your chip stack, and how many players are in the hand. You can set an option to estimate the probability that you will win the hand; see your current hand rank and the probability of improvement after flop; show your pot odds and number of outs. Over 2,000 avatars, each with its own artificial...

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          Isaac takes a new approach to compulsion, arguing that gambling is not a simple impulse control disorder and that not all gamblers want to lose. Using case histories, examples from television and movies, he shows how gambling can be abused and misunderstood, and how people who gamble can be abused and misunderstood. As a lifelong gambler and a licensed therapist specializing in treating pathological gambling, Isaacs presents a view that may be helpful to those who live with compulsion as well...

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            A collection of 303 two-, three- and four-move checkmates for all levels of chess players. Mates are presented in order of difficulty, from simple to very complex, and challenges are provided from both the black's and the white's point of view so players learn to see both sides of the board. 192 Pgs. 2002