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    This offbeat, dark comedy follows John and Ludo, two hapless vacationers in Las Vegas, through a series of misadventures as their world collapses around them and their lives spiral downward into the seedy and treacherous underbelly of Sin City. As the result of a dangerous infatuation with a mysterious woman, this bad-luck and no-luck duo—in just twenty-four hours—find themselves hunted by the mob, FBI, six ferocious killers, police, and the Rat, a psychopathic ex-husband, in a world where nothing is as it seems. And from there, things go downhill—they’re broke, homeless, and wander the streets with no way to get out of town. Bickering every step of the way, they cross paths with eccentric and colorful characters inhabiting the shadows of Las Vegas casinos, strip clubs, and downtown streets. John and Ludo don’t quite know who is who and what is what as they desperately try to keep one step ahead of their pursuers and fulfill one very simple dream—get the hell out of Vegas. 413 Pages Hardbound 2011
    “A fantastic, fast and funny read! The Vegas underbelly as if presented by the Coen Brothers. Bravo!”
    Kevin Pollak, Casino, The Usual Suspects; one of the top 100 comedians of all time (Comedy Central)
    “The funniest, truest account of Vegas life I’ve ever read. The verbal exchanges between John and Ludo are priceless. It’s Pulp Fiction meets Pulp Vegas.”
    Jim Mauro, former editor of Spy magazine.

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