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    A Crapshooter’s Companion is a funny, entertaining, anecdotal account of the author’s lifetime experience with craps. The author, a retired Boston lawyer who has known quite a few “seven outs” in his day, loves his craps. He does not promote a winning system (there is no winning system). Rather, he focuses on the drama of the game, the emotional investment of the players in the game, and the essential moment in the game when the dice are in the air and all players pray like mad for a positive result. The author expounds on the premonitions and superstitions, the cowboy roots, the karma battles between “do’s” and “don'ts,” and other quirky bits of craps culture. He likes his arguments with pit bosses (the author tends to agitate). He recognizes the risk and downside of the game. He takes philosophical, historical and psychological digressions, and tells lots of jokes. 134 Pgs. 2019 Hardcover

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