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    Parker extends the concept of 'inspection handicapping' for the serious player who knows the importance of paddock and post parade inspections, which are signposts to longshots. First thought to be a silly notion by seasoned handicappers, body language is now a big part of their arsenal. And this is an excellent starting point for those who wish to understand how it works. 195 Pages Paperbound 1989

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      Here's a book for the exotics bettor who wants a big payoff. Focus is on marking your program properly, what to do when you spot 'shippers', why maidens are treacherous, identifying class dog and running styles, importance of recent form and the 'best box' dog. This is a handicapping style book and not a book about combining numbers or watching toteboards. 48 Pgs.

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        Mitchell contends that the skill you need to beat the exacta and quinella comes from knowing how to pick the horse that will finish second, though the second-best horse rarely comes in second. Subsequently, the public puts money into a proposition at which they are least proficient. Shows how to spot the four basic paradigms of the place horse and how to put the potential second-place finisher in your exacta/quinella 80% of the time. 44 Pgs. Spiral-bound 2002

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          This booklet details two winning Pick-3 strategies that will allow you to make sizeable profits from this complicated bet. Learn how to optimize this wager and calculate the fair price for any Pick-3 combination. According to Mitchell, "The way most handicappers play the Pick-3 is scandalous. They literally give their money away and it's yours for the taking, if you'll take the time to master this wonderful investment opportunity". 41 Pgs 2011

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          Item #: 616043913209 -

            'How to Play the Trifecta' provides a winning trifecta strategy. "I used to think the exacta was the most misplayed bet at the track," says Dick Mitchell.  "I was wrong. The trifecta dwarfs the exacta when it comes to betting blunders." Hit the trifecta much more often than you think possible. Make it one of your most productive equine investments. In this booklet, Mitchell shows you how to both handicap a trifecta race and bet it in an optimal manner. Learn...

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              Video Outline: First Hour: 1) Passing a Race 2) Conditions -     A) Track to Track     B) Within the same track     C) Does the horse fit class wise? 3) Know the 3 basic fundamentals -      A) Speed      B) Pace      C) Class 4) Betting Examples -       A)  How to properly structure tickets       B)  How to decide what type of...

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              Item #: 616043913216 -

                This is a combination book and DVD. The book is designed to teach you everything you need to know about handicapping horse racing, from learning to properly spot wagers with solid betting strategies to properly managing your bankroll so that you can succeed. A total of 15 chapters include information on how to read the past performances, how to analyze the race, how to make your final decisions and how to bet and manage your money. 193 Pgs. 2005  Video Outline: First Hour: 1) Passing a...

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                Item #: 9781411652705 -

                  This book is designed to teach you everything you need to know about handicapping horse racing, from learning to properly spot wagers with solid betting strategies to properly managing your bankroll so that you can succeed. Its 15 chapters include information on how to read past performances, how to analyze the race, how to make your final decisions and how to bet and manage your money. Indexed 187 Pgs. 2005

                  HOW TO WIN AT HORSERACING
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                  Item #: 9781580420709 -

                    Handicapping legend Rowe shows how to play and beat the track, spot hot and cold horses from betting trends, analyze and play winning favorites, bet-downs and profitable exactas, evaluate trainers, jockeys, stable entries, make your own odds-line and more. His selection method is both simple and sensible. Glossary 228 Pgs. 2003

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                    Item #: 616043920290 -

                      Commentator and host Morty Mittenthal gives a one-of-a-kind interview with one of the world's best jockeys of all time. With over four hours of inside handicapping information, Hall-of-Fame jockey Jerry Bailey offers handicapping tidbits and insight into some of horse racing's major handicapping components. Discusses the riding and training styles of many jockeys and trainers, the ins and outs of favorite racecourses, and how to determine live horses from workouts or the post parade.

                      JIMMY JORDAN HORSE BETTING: DVD
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                      Item #: 616043913247 -

                        A long-time casino host and games instructor teaches his method of handicapping and betting the horses, including how to bet in a casino. Approx. 50 minutes

                        KENTUCKY DREAMING
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                        Item #: 9780967599977 -

                          'Kentucky Dreaming' is the story of a fourteen-year-old girl who flees the Eastern Kentucky coal mine wars in 1932 and establishes a Bluegrass dynasty. Set against the backdrop of the Thoroughbred racing and breeding industry, 'Kentucky Dreaming' spans nearly six decades of love and heartbreak, failure and triumph, tragedy and the fulfillment of a lifetime dream. Maripat Albright - a dynamic little redhead, literally goes from rags to riches as she struggles against...

                          LAS VEGAS PARLAY & BETTING LINE TABLES
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                            ORIGINALLY $2.00 REDUCED TO $.50. The significant tabular and computational data used in obtaining payoffs in horse and sporting events betting, includes 'Odds Percentage Tables,' the four major sports lines, parlay calculations for all common situations -- or in layman's terms, how to bet combinations of exotics and what to expect in the payoff. 32 pages, paperbound. 1975.

                            LIGHTNING IN A JAR: CATCHING RACING FEVER
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                            Item #: 9781581500530 -

                              This book is essentially a thoroughbred owner's guide aimed at those who are thinking of getting involved in the horse business, and those who are already involved in it. It's about how and where to start, who to turn to for advice, how much it will cost, ownership options, the need for a business plan, risks and rewards, and the language of the game. Racing fans who choose this book will be intrigued by the background of racing plus get some insight into how and why people choose a particular...

                              LONG SHOTS AND EXACTAS
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                              Item #: 9781930859838 -

                                A dozen classic racing systems, including the tote board action. For a low price, this marvelous pocket-sized volume offers solid advice on speed, variants, handicapping factors, systems and adopting a wagering plan. An excellent starting point for the beginner or for the casual player who just needs something short, consice and meaningful. 36 Pgs. 1970

                                LONGSHOTS: THE LONG-RANGE LOOK
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                                Item #: 616043913285 -

                                  What's more exciting or rewarding than hitting a big-priced horse the public turns its nose up at? It's not just the bulge in your bankroll, it's the bragging rights. The pleasure of going against the grain and being able to say "nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah!" Get ready to gain some brand-new methods to your longshot madness. This just-published book is based on solid, comprehensive research stemming from the characteristics and trends displayed by virtually every longshot...

                                  MAKING MONEY WITH QUINIELAS/EXACTAS
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                                  Item #: 616043912486 -

                                    For those who concentrate on exotic wagers, the author explains how to properly mark your program; how to use old programs to make money; why boxing is better than keying; strong dogs; finding weak dogs and how to handicap a race from start to finish. 47 pages, paperbound. No date.

                                    MASTER HANDICAPPING COURSE
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                                    Item #: 616043913292 -

                                      Master Handicapping Course is a comprehensive program designed to improve all facets of your handicapping skills. This ten-part series is based upon the ten-week course Dick Mitchell teaches in our classroom. Students learn handicapping "The Dick Mitchell Way." It will give you the knowledge needed to handicap horses and realize consistent thoroughbred wagering profits. Successful graduates place themselves among the top five percent of all horseplayers. Mitchell's most important credential is...

                                      MASTERING MAIDENS: THE MODERN WAY
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                                      Item #: 616043913308 -

                                        The authors tackle the unique racing particulars of maiden races with their emphasis on early speed, pace, and position. The attempt is to illustrate the fact that while favorites win their share of maiden races, if a maiden isn't in contention early, it isn't going to win. This is done first with facts and figures then with capsule reports on various trainers and their success/failure with maidens. 56 Pages Paperbound 2003

                                        MAY THE HORSE BE WITH YOU: PACK AT THE TRACK
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                                        Item #: 1293 -

                                          This memoir includes Pack's earliest experiences at the track. It begins with the story of his childhood when his father used to pay him to take the first train out to Belmont from New York City to hold seats for him and a friend, to his experiences in the army when a certain Colonel made him his personal handicapper at Atlantic City racecourse after discovering Harvey's interest in horses. It describe his experiences as a fan in the 1950's and 60's, and the genesis of his radio show, Pack at...

                                          MODERN PACE HANDICAPPING
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                                          Item #: 9780964849372 -

                                            The original publication of this book almost two decades ago caused quite a stir among thoroughbred handicappers. It gave them an exciting and effective way to look at fractional times, running styles, turn times, track variants, and final times as a unit rather than independent factors. In this, the updated version, Brohamer maintains the integrity of the original work but adds much new material including a new chapter on Quirin-style pace and speed figures (including how to construct them)....

                                            MONEY SECRETS AT THE RACETRACK
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                                            Item #: 9780945322023 -

                                              Covers every aspect of money management, showing you how to make the best bet for the odds - every time. It goes into every type of bet available at the racetrack and shows you exactly how to properly play each of them. Best of all, you don't need a computer, or any special mathematical knowledge to use these powerful winning techniques. All of the advice is easy to use at the track. At the heart of this book is a series of charts that show you exactly how to make the best plays in each...

                                              MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK
                                              Price: $19.95
                                              Availability: Available
                                              Item #: 9780977812400 -

                                                Good handicapping isn't enough to win at the races, you also need smart money management. This book provides you with more than 30 wagering techniques - tools that will help the good handicapper bet multi-race wagers like Daily Doubles, Pick-3s, Pick-4s, Pick-6s, etc. The strategies in the book can be used for thoroughbred racing as well as harness, quarter horse and greyhound racing. Since the focus is on multi-race wagers, all that's needed is a decent pool and the betting can begin....

                                                MOZANS RACING NUMEROLOGY
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                                                Item #: 616043916958 -

                                                  A how-to-pick winners book using what is called the science of numbers. No consideration of form, breeding, conditions, distance, speed, jockey, or any of the many factors weighed by the researching handicapper. 102 pgs, paperback, 1925

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                                                  Availability: Available
                                                  Item #: 9781580423281 -

                                                    A classic bestseller��_��_��_available to the general public for the first time��_��_��_that uses the science of numerology to pick winning horses and make money for bettors! For racing fans frustrated with standard systems and handicapping, this legendary book, already reprinted 15 times, is based on ancient Indian wisdom and allows players to pick winning horses without a system. Updated and redesigned, this timeless classic uses numerology, the science of numbers, to sidestep all the...

                                                    MULTIPLY YOUR WINNINGS AT THE GREYHOUND TRACK!
                                                    Availability: Available
                                                    Item #: 616043913339 -

                                                      McBride assumes that you have prior knowledge of how to handicap greyhounds, and therefore proceeds to cover the important aspect of wagering to get the most profits possible from every winning selection. He starts by showing you how to measure your handicapping skills, then moves into the various wagers: win, place, show, daily double, pick 3 or 4, quiniela, double quiniela, perfecta or exacta, tri and superfecta, twin-tri, tri-super and other pools. He stresses the importance of keeping...

                                                      MY RACING HEART
                                                      Price: $12.95
                                                      Availability: Available
                                                      Item #: 616043913346 -

                                                        Subtitled The Passionate World of Thoroughbreds and the Track, this is part memoir, part journey into the compelling world of thoroughbred horse racing. Mooney's grandmother, May-May, an adventurer, racing connoisseur and woman of courage and compassion fostered in Nan a love of thoroughbreds and the track, ushering her into a rare corner of the world where risk-taking is daily currency. The book offers readers an intimate look at the wild culture and fabulous creatures that rise up around the...

                                                        MYTHS THAT CONTINUE TO DESTROY A HORSEPLAYERS BANKROLL
                                                        Availability: Available
                                                        Item #: 616043913360 -

                                                          This is "The Best of Dick Mitchell on Betting Strategy & Money Management" Got the bankroll blues? Or maybe you want to accelerate how fast your racetrack profits grow? Either way, this book can help. It's a modern, revised edition of the late, great Dick Mitchell's 1985 classic Myths That Destroy a Horseplayer's Bankroll. It features 10 pulsating, straight-to-the-point chapters guaranteed to disabuse you of the most pervasive myths contributing to the typical horseplayer's...

                                                          OFF THE CHARTS
                                                          Price: $14.95
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                                                          Item #: 9780970014757 -

                                                            Analyzing and applying information found in the Daily Racing Form charts has been, according to Borg, an area too many handicappers including himself, have not fully appreciated or studied enough. In sixteen key sections, Borg discusses the differences between grass and dirt races and how to properly interpret race results to determine a horse's state of conditioning, and also how important it is to comprehend the different riding styles of jockeys and various conditioning maneuvers. He...

                                                            OFF TO A FLYING START
                                                            Price: $14.95
                                                            Availability: Available
                                                            Item #: 616043913377 -

                                                              Subtitled Horsing Around the Language, this little book is a collection of popular horse racing expressions. Not only does it give the reader insight into the verbiage, but also, it shows how much the sport has influenced everyday language. 85 pages, paperbound, 2009.

                                                              OMH WORKSHEET SOFTWARE
                                                              Price: $177.00
                                                              Availability: Available
                                                              Item #: 616043913384 -

                                                                Scrupulously designed and programmed this uniquely innovative OMH (One Minute Handicapping) Worksheet Software Program is to the best of our knowledge the only handicapping program of its kind and a technological masterpiece. Automating the completion of the invaluable OMH Worksheet, this truly user friendly program was carefully designed to eliminate overlooking any valuable OMH Betting Situations and save time by acting like a handicapping GPS to create a "Betting Situation"...

                                                                OUT OF THE RED INTO THE BLACK: AT THE HORSE RACES
                                                                Availability: Available
                                                                Item #: 616043918051 -

                                                                  Directed at experienced players who have trouble managing their thoroughbred racing bankroll and understanding bankroll theory, the author suggests no less than 2% of your bankroll and no more than 8% be bet at a time, and explains why, with rationale and examples. 41 pages Paperbound 1993

                                                                  OVERLAY HANDICAPPING
                                                                  Price: $40.00
                                                                  Availability: Available
                                                                  Item #: 616043918075 -

                                                                    Maas subtitled this book 'The 9-to-5'er's Approach to Betting and Winning Like A Pro'. He includes "One of the most accurate wagering strategies ever developed".  He dedicates the text to all the players whose bodies are at the workplace but whose minds are at the racetrack. Using examples and thorough explanations, Maas presents a formula for finding overlays and enhances it by recommending a particular money-management arrangement that should optimize wins. The hard-core info...

                                                                    PARI MUTUEL BETTING
                                                                    Price: $4.95
                                                                    Availability: Available
                                                                    Item #: 616043916934 -

                                                                      Basic introductory material for the beginner who seeks information on what to look for in a winning horse, based on past performance; negative signs in a horse. 69 pages,paperbound. 1976.

                                                                      PEDIGREE HANDICAPPING: ELEMENTS OF HANDICAPPING
                                                                      Availability: Available
                                                                      Item #: 9780972640138 -

                                                                        Pedigree is one of the newest (and widely misunderstood) handicapping factors in  racing. Stitch, who began her career in horse racing in 1964, here helps the reader learn how to integrate the dynamics of breeding into the handicapping process for improved results. Pedigree handicapping is an essential part of the game, whether the player utilizes the information when betting exotics: The Pick Three, Pick Four and Pick Six - or in lucrative handicapping tournaments. Knowledge of pedigrees...

                                                                        PROFESSIONAL HARNESS BETTING
                                                                        Availability: Available
                                                                        Item #: 616043912653 -

                                                                          Thirty-some years ago, Meadow wrote a book called 'Success at the Harness Races', back when the game was vastly different. Now, he takes a more precise look at how the additions, deletions, and major changes to the game have altered the handicapper's edge significantly and how he can get it back.  He covers six major sections, each with at least eight chapters that unravel such mysteries as trip handicapping, how to watch a race, how to use statistics and systems, how to eliminate losers,...