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    This is both a thrilling tribute to the Triple Crown and an indispensable compendium of thoroughbred history. Indexed 355 Pgs. Hardcover

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      A guide to finding profitable trainer maneuvers, this book shows you how to decipher trainer patterns and produce the most profits by analyzing trainer/jockey combinations, success after claiming a horse, distance and surface changes, first time starters, and movements up and down class. Chapter titles include Trainer Form, Formulator, Claim to Fame, Last Racing Date, Grass, Equipment Changes and Medication, First time Starters, 2-year-olds and Maidens, and the Go-to Guy/Gal. 176 pgs,...

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        Originally published in 1953, this book teaches how horses are conditioned individually and how they are placed where it can win, on dirt, turf, in the mud  and with the right jockey. 122Pgs. Hardbound 1992

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          Noted handicapper Illman takes you through all the hurdles of watching race replays to uncover potential big prices when horses run next time. Covers bad trips and why they might be good bets; changing leads; trouble makers such as tail flashing; early whips; and spotting a star in the making. Also, the good and bad gallop outs. 105 minute DVD, 2008

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            Subtitled "The Earl Sande Saga - Tragedy to Triumph", this book is the story of a skinny, too-tall youngster who learned his craft on the leaky roof circuit and rose to the top ranks of American jockeys. Sande was unique in how he rode, using the whip sparingly, preferring to coax supreme efforts from his mounts while singing to them. A well-written story about one of the sports winningest riders. Illustrated Indexed 372 Pgs. 2010

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              Subtitled "The Earl Sande Saga: Tragedy to Triumph," this is the story of a skinny, too-tall youngster who learned his craft on the leaky roof circuit and rose to the top ranks of American jockeys. Sande was unique in how he rode: He used the whip sparingly and coaxed supreme efforts from his mounts while singing to them. 356 Pages 2005 Hardcover

              TURF OVERLAYS
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                Finally, a no-nonsense book with tons of valuable handicapping information. The statistics on grass racing alone give you an edge for years to come.

                TURF TRAINER GUIDE 2018
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                PROGESSIVE HANDICAPPING Item #: 2502 -

                  Allows players to quickly look up each trainer and see what his record with grass winners has been over the past two years. Covers 40 tracks on the top circuits. Each winner is listed along with class, track, distance, jockey, owner, sire, odds and important karma move changes. Photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

                  WAGERING TO WIN!
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                    Subtitled " Best Bets For Fun at the Track". Covers bets ranging from mutuels to exotics, betting for all types of budgets, wagering tables and North American tracks. Glossary 182 Pgs. 1995

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                      The subtitle of the book tells the story: An Introduction to the Thrill of Thoroughbred Racing. Berns covers the basics including how to place a bet, how to read the Daily Racing Form, spending a day at the races, how to follow the Triple Crown; and includes jockey, trainer and owner interviews. 219 pgs, paperback, 2002

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                        After 22-year-old Jimmy Winkfield won his second consecutive Kentucky Derby in 1902, black jockeys were banned from American racing. Sick at heart, Winkfield began an odyssey that historian Ed Hotaling brings to life in this captivating biography. Finding success in Europe, Wink was a fabulously wealthy member of the Russian aristocracy until the Bolsheviks overthrew the czar in 1917. Leaving Moscow for Odessa with his Russian wife, Winkfield and others continued to race, and then, with the...

                        WINNERS GUIDE GREYHOUND RACING
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                        Item #: 9781580420860 -

                          For beginners and somewhat experienced players. Good material on grades and their importance; shippers; recent form; speed; and running style. The running style chapter could be the most important chapter in the book. 88 pages, paperbound. 1993.

                          WINNING COLOURS
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                            WINNING DAILY DOUBLES & PICK 3S
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                              Two different exotic bets, popular at the greyhound tracks are profiled here. Perry looks at the importance of keeping records; noting when favorites hit; making multiple bets rather than focusing on a single dog each race. Through analysis, past performance and bits of logic, the author steers the bettor to a more positive method of wagering. The final five pages of this booklet discuss Pick 3 with emphasis on the cost and how well this bet pays if you hit one. 42 pages, paperbound. No date.

                              WINNING SIMULCAST RACES
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                              Item #: 616043909905 -

                                Shows you which tracks offer the lowest take outs, which bets are best for your own way of handicapping, and how you can specialize in one type of bet that suits your personal way of analyzing dog races. Smith takes you step-by-step through the planning needed to avoid the confusion and the changes you need to make to do much better than the average fan. 32 pages paperbound. No date.