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    It's all in here! Over 25,000 stats including individual game-by-game performance logs and statistical leaders. 2012 draft results, fantasy schedules (8-14 team leagues), player index, team-by-team 2012 schedule and week-by-week 2012 schedule. Overviews of all  player positions and team previews. Ranks 490 players, NFL team breakdowns - schedules, stats, depth charts and predictions. Also has IDP analysis, top sleepers and 2012 projections.

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      Covers basics of fantasy play, choosing a league and preparing your draft. Includes intermediate and advanced topics such as acquiring players through free agency, trades, and waivers. Also covers playoffs and postseason fantasy football. 272 pgs, paperback, 2007

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      Item #: 758 -

        Walker relates the story of his involvement in fantasy football and, ultimately, a story about the state of baseball and the odd assortment of characters who orbit around it. But its also about a guy who went from being a happily married sportswriter who wore a tie to work, to a caffeine-addled insomniac who spent tens of thousands of dollars, traveled 19,000 miles, interviewed nearly 200 major-leaguers, skipped three weddings, and ignored a fire raging in the building next doorall in the name...

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          Las Vegas is a city where fortunes are won and lost on the roll of the dice, a 24-hour-a-day, neon-lit wonderland. Stars roam the Strip and decadence is always available at a price, but never are the stakes higher in Las Vegas than inside the ring. It's here where lives are shattered, and sometimes lost, in search of the glory and riches that come in the squared circle. This is Fight Town, a place where fame is only one big punch away and the high-rolling gamblers with their fat bankrolls look...

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          Item #: 9781599210148 -

            College football has some of the most rabid fans, and lunatic emotions in sports. This book details the greatest rivalries of all time and rank them in a Top 25. Their evaluation is based on a number of criteria: historical impact, traditions, pageantry, familiarity, and intensity. The intensity generated by these rivalries remains at the highest level possible in such longtime competitions as Army and Navy, Michigan and Ohio State, Texas and Texas A&M, California and Stanford, and Florida...

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            Item #: 783 -

              How to set up power rating for both colleges and pros, keep accurate meaningful records and general advice on smart handicapping. This book is a classic on the subject and should be helpful for any beginning bettor looking to get started. 64 Pgs.1980

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              Item #: 9781608190836 -

                The history of basketball has always belonged to champions like the Celtics, the Lakers and the Bulls. Yet the game's history cuts much deeper than that. The bottom line, the record books and retired jerseys, can never fully do justice to this wild, chaotic, and energetic game. In between the championships, there's the sight of Earl Monroe, spinning and cajoling his way to every corner of the court; or Allen Iverson, driving headlong into players twice his size. The real history of the...

                GAME OF SHADOWS
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                Item #: 9781592401994 -

                  The complete inside story of the BALCO steroids scandal from the award-winning reporters who broke the news nationally. In the summer of 1998, as baseball was still struggling to regain the popularity it lost during the contentious 1994 players strike that caused the World Series to be canceled, a race to break the home-run record transfixed the nation. Over the next three seasons, baseball players across the country hit home runs at unprecedented rates. Sportswriters pointed to suspicions of...

                  GAME OF SHADOWS
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                  Item #: 9781592402687 -

                    This is the complete inside story of the BALCO steroids scandal from the award-winning reporters who broke the news nationally. In the summer of 1998, as baseball was still struggling to regain popularity lost during the contentious 1994 players strike that caused the World Series to be canceled, a race to break the home-run record transfixed the nation. Over the next three seasons, baseball players across the country hit home runs at unprecedented rates. Although sportswriters pointed to...

                    GAMING THE GAME
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                    Item #: 9781569804445 -

                      In June 2007, the FBI informed the NBA that one of its referees, Tim Donaghy, was the subject of a probe into illegal gambling. Within months, the public knew the broad outlines of a scheme involving Donaghy betting on games he officiated with a co-conspirator, longtime Donaghy acquaintance and professional gambler Jimmy "Baba" Battista. They were joined in the scandal by mutual childhood friend Tommy Martino. By November 2008, each man had pleaded guilty to charges relating to the...

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                      Item #: 9781602390720 -

                        Over 3,000 quotes from players, managers, writers and commentators spanning a century's history on the diamond. 690 page Hardbound 2007

                        GOLF GAMBLING AND GAMESMANSHIP
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                        Item #: 616043917689 -

                          A guide to betting in golf, including chapters on Preparation, Handicapping, Mental Exercises, Physical Exercises, Creative Betting and the 19th Hole. Designed to help establish a winning system for gambling on golf or understand how others hustle. 150 Pgs. 1986

                          GOLF LAS VEGAS: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE
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                          Item #: 9780929712529 -

                            When it comes to golf, what stays in Vegas might be too much of your money. With its bevy of ultra-exclusive courses, Las Vegas is the most expensive golf market in the United States. But your cash doesn t have to be wasted. For every Shadow Creek (though worth every penny, it's still $500 a round), you have numerous less-expensive options from which to choose. Golf Las Vegas - The Ultimate Guide is written by a Las Vegas golfer and golf writer, not a PR spin doctor, a corporate bean counter,...

                            GOOD WOOD: THE STORY OF THE BASEBALL BAT
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                            Item #: 9780879464776 -

                              In 'Good Wood,' New York Times contributor Stuart Miller takes readers on a journey through the rich and storied - and occasionally nefarious- story of the baseball bat and those who have made them and swung them. With over 50 photos, he reveals the creation, history, and development of the bat, brings readers up to date on modern methods and materials for making bats, and explores the folklore surrounding bats.Indexed 188 Pages Paper bound 2011

                              GREATEST TEAM EVER: DALLAS COWBOYS DYNASTY OF THE 1990S
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                              Item #: 9781401603403 -

                                The Dallas Cowboys unveiled the NFL's newest and finest stadium in the autumn of 1971. With its distinctive outer ring of giant concrete buttresses and trademark hole in the roof "so that God could watch his team play," Dallas fans rightly had something to be proud of. Texas Stadium's been home to five Super Bowl winning teams, a feat no other venue since the AFL-NFL merger can boast. Now, after thirty-seven amazing seasons, this beloved stadium will fall silent after the last game...

                                HAL CHASE: LIFE & TIMES OF BASEBALLS BIGGEST CROOK
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                                Item #: 9780786410675 -

                                  Chase was one of the best first basemen ever to play the game of baseball. He made both the routine look spectacular and the astonishing look easy. But he will never have a plaque in Cooperstown. Chase was the biggest crook in baseball history. Repeatedly accused of throwing games, bribing players, betting against his own team, and other nefarious acts, he always managed to get off the hook somehow. His major league career lasted from 1905 to 1919 but by the mid-30s, he was a destitute...

                                  HITTER: THE LIFE AND TURMOILS OF TED WILLIAMS
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                                  Item #: 9780156000918 -

                                    This definitive biography of Ted Williams provides a balanced portrait of the man, the ballplayer, the war veteran and the hitter. This last side of Williams - the man in the batter's box, the last player to hit .400, the Splendid Splinter - is the most widely and fondly remembered. But Linn also gets beneath the varnish on the bat, examining the Williams known by teammates and sportswriters as difficult and moody. Finally, this is an assessment of a ballplayer who was frequently ignored by...

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                                    Item #: 9780974616803 -

                                      A step-by-step guide to full time sports betting. How the business of sports betting 'works', pointspreads, 'vigs and bookmakers, how pros pencil-in a predicted score, how to recognize key pointspreads, how to account for injuries, how to spot motivations, how to beat over/unders, correct money management, how to profit from parlays, how to deal with abstractual factors, how to spot sucker plays, how to beat exhibition season, how to spot motivations, how to form power ratings, how...

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                                      SKYHORSE PUBLISHING Item #: 994 -

                                        In this second edition that takes into consideration the perpetually evolving NFL rules, How to Beat the Pro Football Pointspread continues to set bettors on a confidence-building path lined with high-priority realities that for decades have flown under the typical football bettor’s radar. Smith emphasizes that pure football knowledge must be absorbed and then applied to the world of point spreads. He teaches his readers to look at the game with the bettor’s eye instead of the fan’s, and...

                                        HOW TO WIN AT POCKET BILLIARDS
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                                        Item #: 9780879800697 -

                                          A clear and informative book based on 35 years of active research by master pool player Knuchell. A great handbook for those who want to learn pocket billiards. All the details of play are illustrated in 88 diagrams and 40 photographs. 256 Pgs.  1970

                                          HUSTLE: THE MYTH, LIFE, AND LIES OF PETE ROSE
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                                          Item #: 9780743284448 -

                                            Who is Pete Rose? Is he Charlie Hustle, the all-American kid who never grew up, who pushed and stretched himself to get the most out of his limited talent, who would do anything in his power to win and be a part of the game he loved? Or is he the bloated ex-athlete who broke baseball's one absolute taboo and who was willing to drag down the whole structure of the sport to save himself? In January 2004, Pete Rose publicly admitted to betting on baseball and began his controversial campaign...

                                            IN-YOUR-FACE BOOK OF PRO FOOTBALL TRIVIA
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                                            Item #: 9780071413190 -

                                              The outrageous and unpredictable McMahon, leader of the 1985 Super Bowl-winning Chicago Bears, is known as the most entertaining quarterback of all time. The Punk QB delivers a new kind of sports quiz book filled with hundreds of engaging pro football facts and figures, hilarious anecdotes from his playing days, tests of knowledge from basic to expert, questions in the form of Who am I? multiple choice, amusing observations of colleagues and friends, plus in-your-face commentary. 211 pgs,...

                                              INSIDE THE ROPES
                                              Price: $15.95
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                                              Item #: 97815900000001 -

                                                Inside stories of some of the greatest prizefights of all time, including Floyd Patterson-Ingemar Johansson II, Joe Frazier-George Foreman I, and The Fight of the Century: Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier I. Referee and elder statesman of boxing Mercante gives behind-the-scenes glimpses into his world and the lives and careers of the greatest boxers of all time. His blow-by-blow accounts are peppered with grit and telling details. 230 pgs, paperback, 2007

                                                INSIGHTS INTO SPORTS BETTING
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                                                Item #: 9780963650047 -

                                                  Twelve chunky sections focus on the needs of the thinking-man sports bettor who is looking for new ideas. Subjects include fundamentals, sports services, handicapping techniques, oddsmakers and bookmakers, plus handicapping football, basketball, baseball and boxing. 295 pgs, paperback, 1993

                                                  INVESTING IN COLLEGE BASKETBALL
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                                                  Item #: 9781418481391 -

                                                    A comprehensive book on college basketball wagering. Seidel addresses how the market and the many sports books work, various types of wagering opportunities, how to select a conference to specialize in, how to identify advantageous investment opportunities and make investments, key factors in assessing teams and match-ups in a specific game, money management and needed info and technology infrastructure. 368 Pgs. 2004 hardcover

                                                    INVINCIBLE: MY JOURNEY FROM FAN TO NFL TEAM CAPTAIN
                                                    Availability: Available
                                                    Item #: 9781401308841 -

                                                      In 1976, Vince Papale was a down-on-his-luck substitute teacher, part-time bartender, and season ticket holder for the Philadelphia Eagles, the team he'd grown up rooting for. He had always loved football, but the closet he'd ever come to playing on Sunday was in local rough touch leagues. Until fate stepped in. Vince was thirty years old and wondering what he would do with his life, when he heard that Coach Dick Vermeil was holding open tryouts for the Eagles. He had nothing to lose, and with...

                                                      JAI ALAI: PUT YOUR MONEY ON THE SWINGING BASKETS
                                                      Availability: Available
                                                      Item #: 616043917122 -

                                                        ORIGINALLY $2.95 REDUCED TO $1.00. Though the sport is losing ground rapidly in the United States, jai alai and handicapping it are still popular in other parts of the world. In this book the author recounts the history of this legendary game, how it's played, the equipment used, the men who play it and the wagering angle. It's a basic book that can be used by someone who is about to attend a Jai Alai game and wants to know what's in store and needs some quick information about how to bet. 50...

                                                        JAI ALAI: WALLS AND BALLS
                                                        Availability: Available
                                                        Item #: 616043917139 -

                                                          In this hard-to-find book, published by GBC, are chapters that include" Walls and Balls, The Game/The Court, The Cesta, The Ball, Uniforms,, Officials, The Game, Betting Propositions, Handicapping, Exotic Wagering, and Maggie. 61 pages Paperbound 1978

                                                          JEFF GORDON: RACING BACK TO THE FRONT: MY MEMOIR
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                                                          Item #: 9780743499774 -

                                                            The New York Times bestselling autobiography of one of auto racing's greatest drivers-and a pedal-to-metal look at the life of a NASCAR champion. 239 pages Paperbound 2003

                                                            JOLTIN JOE DIMAGGIO
                                                            Price: $14.95
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                                                            Item #: 9780786706860 -

                                                              Combines the best of new writing about this great sports legend with rarely seen classic essays from newspapers, magazines and books into a comprehensive view of one of the twentieth century's most fascinating celebrities. 412 pgs, paperback, 1999

                                                              Price: $15.00
                                                              Availability: Available
                                                              Item #: 9780060746407 -

                                                                Subtitled "Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big". When Jose Canseco burst into the Major Leagues in the 1980s, he changed the sport - in more ways than one. No player before him possessed his mixture of speed and power, which allowed him to become the first man in history to belt more than forty home runs and swipe more than forty bases in the same season. He won Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, and a World Series ring. Canseco shattered the...

                                                                LARCENY GAMES
                                                                Price: $18.95
                                                                Availability: Available
                                                                Item #: 9781936239771 -

                                                                  Subtitled "Sports Gambling, Game Fixing, and the FBI". Major League Baseball claims it hasn't had a game fixed by gamblers since 1919. Point shaving hasn't admittedly occurred in the NBA since 1954. And the NFL publicly states not one of its games has come under outside influence - ever. This league-sponsored history, however, is wrong. When sports and gambling are mixed, they create a volatile cocktail of corruption, greed, and the very real potential for game fixing....

                                                                  LAS VEGAS LINEMAKERS 2018 PRO FOOTBALL HANDICAPPING BOOK Football,Sports betting, handicapping
                                                                  Availability: Available
                                                                  MICHAEL HILLIN Item #: 43 -

                                                                    The 2018 Las Vegas Linemaker Pro Football is chalk full of information such as professional power ratings set up for all 32 teams, weekly adjustment charts to make the book quick to update, depth charts to track injuries or see where a team might be thin at a position, grass and turf stats, records vs. last season’s playoff teams, how a team fares after a rout win or rout loss, schedule strengths, teams are highlighted for Thursday and Monday night games, opening odds for each team to make the...

                                                                    LEM BANKERS BOOK OF SPORTS BETTING
                                                                    Availability: Available
                                                                    Item #: 616043917801 -

                                                                      This legendary book was out of print for more than 15 years. Banker, a veteran of over 40 years in sports betting, focuses on betting football, basketball, baseball and boxing. He discusses what it was like in the pre-computer days and how information was gathered, evaluated and bet on. He gives his insights on why it's important to know how to watch a game on television, his views on handicapping services, his reasoning for when to be early or late and his insight into fixed games. Both a...

                                                                      LINDYS 2018 COLLEGE FOOTBALL PREVIEW Football, handicapping
                                                                      Availability: Available
                                                                      LINDY'S SPORTS Item #: 1217 -

                                                                        This issue highlights NCAA football as a whole and contains recruiting, depth charts, schedules and team/player information. It's rounded out with great feature stories, photos, Lindy's National Picks and lots more. 232 Pgs. Magazine format. 2013

                                                                        LINDYS 2018 PRO FOOTBALL PREVIEW
                                                                        Availability: Available
                                                                        LINDY'S SPORTS Item #: 1220 -

                                                                          Lindy's 2018 Pro Football Preview contains rosters, schedules and team/player information. It's rounded out with great feature stories, action photos, individual and team stats for NFC and AFC, draft analysis, rating the teams and lots more. Photo is for illustrative purposes only. 240 Pgs. Magazine format.