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    Subtitled "Mathematical Progressions For Even-Money Wagers". The casino always makes a profit. This doesn’t, however, mean that individuals can’t win. The secret, as fourth annual Binion’s Poker Classic final table competitor T.M. Stocks reveals, is understanding how to use mathematical progressions to vary your even-money wagers so that you will make a profit even when you win less than half your bets. That understanding is crucial because even at the supposedly even chance bet of red or black on the roulette wheel, you’ll lose 64 percent of the time. T.M. Stocks approaches gambling from the technical perspective of an experienced commodities trader. Many of the mathematical progressions in Gambling with a Commodities Trader Volume One are familiar, but T.M. Stocks has modified and improved upon them with an eye for efficiency and profitability.

    This succinct and powerful book shows you

    • how to use plug and play formulas for betting,
    • how to profit even if you win less than half your wagers,
    • how casino “even bets” aren’t really even,
    • how to avoid falling for the gambler’s fallacy,
    • how to make the most out of a winning streak,
    • the time stream concept,
    • and much more.

    Give Lady Luck the brush-off. Logic and math are the companions you want at your side when you enter the casino—and when you leave. The house always wins—except when you do. 53 Pgs. 2017

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