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    Video Outline: First Hour:
    1) Passing a Race
    2) Conditions -
        A) Track to Track
        B) Within the same track
        C) Does the horse fit class wise?
    3) Know the 3 basic fundamentals -
         A) Speed
         B) Pace
         C) Class
    4) Betting Examples -
          A)  How to properly structure tickets
          B)  How to decide what type of wager to make and when
          C)  How to spot overlays/underlays
    5) How to Grade Horses -
          A) Positive modifiers
          B) Negative Modifiers
    6) Predictability -
           A) Pace/Lone speed
           B) Interpreting workouts
           C) Maiden Claimers
    7) Class -
           A) Difference between handicapping stakes horses and claimers class wise
           B) How Class can affect the pace of a race
    8) Trainers -
           A) Tactics
           B) Trends
           C) Workouts
           D) Selection of jockey
           E) Win percentage
    9) Focus -
            A) Your track
            B) Other tracks to potentially look at
    10) Practice -
            A) How to know when you're ready
            B) Difference between practice and the REAL thing
    11) Jockeys -
            A) High percentage riders
            B) Low percentage riders
            C) Selection of mount criteria
            D) How much real effect do they have?
    12) Wrap-up
            A) Tie it together
            B) Watch for newsletters and updates
    Last 15 minutes: Panel discussion by Greg "Boomer" Wry, Craig Lanham, and Don Stevens (Track Announcer and Handicapper) on the 2005 Breeder's Cup. Running time 1 hour 15 minutes.

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