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    At the age of 7 Robert G. Allen had his first ghost encounter when he was visited by the spirit of a family member who would sit at the foot of his bed. The deceased older man would look at young Robert and smile, then his image would dissolve. When he mentioned these sightings to his parents they wrote it off to his having an overactive imagination. However when he began revealing names and events that he could not have known they began to take notice. The older gentlemen, as it turned out, was an uncle who had passed away long before Robert was born. Throughout his teen years he continued to experience ghostly encounters and developed a keen interest in the paranormal. He began to visit the public library, checking out every book he could find on ghost sightings and paranormal activity. When he graduated high school his interest in music and his talent on the guitar prompted him to join a rock n' roll band. The band traveled across the USA during the late 1960s and in each town he would ask the local residents if there were any haunted locations were strange supernatural activity had occurred. Robert, whose musician friends had nicknamed him "Spooky", would go off on his own to check out the locations and the stories. For the next 25 years, he pursued his career in show business appearing in some of Las Vegas' most prestigious show rooms. However he never lost his interest in the paranormal. So in 2004 he created and produced the Haunted Vegas Tour, and in 2012 The Goodsprings Ghost Hunt. Both tours have enjoyed tremendous success and are rated among the top haunted tours in America. Now in his book, Robert reveals his haunted past and shares his ghostly encounters with you. 155 Pgs. Paperbound 2013

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