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    This book introduces and develops some of the important and beautiful elementary mathematics needed for rational analysis of various gambling and game activities. Most of the standard casino games (roulette, blackjack, keno), some social games (backgammon, poker, bridge) and various other activities (state lotteries, horse racing, etc.) are treated in ways that bring out their mathematical aspects. The mathematics developed range from the predictable concepts of probability, expectation and binomial coefficients to some less well-known ideas of elementary game theory. The Second Edition includes new material on: Sports Betting and the mathematics behind it; Game Theory applied to bluffing in poker and related to the ���Texas Hold'em Phenomenon��� ; The Nash equilibrium concept and its emergence in the popular culture and Internet links to games and to Java applets for practice and classroom use. The only formal mathematics background the reader needs is some facility with high school algebra. Game-related exercises are included at the end of most chapters for readers interested in working with and expanding ideas treated in the text. Solutions to some of the exercises appear at the end of the book. Indexed 174 Pgs. 2006 Hardcover

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