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    In this updated and revised 2000 version of Power Baccarat, Hebert includes advanced techniques, hit'em and run strategies, step-by-step instructions, and how to get the best odds at baccarat. Covers the basics, scoring, streaks, patterns, trend, betting methods; and money management. May be one of the best baccarat books in the past decade because of some fresh ideas never touched on before. 241 pgs Paperback 2000


    Table of Contents

    • Why Play Baccarat
    • How The Game Is Played
    • Card Values and Totals
    • Rules of Play
    • The 5% Commission Thing
    • The Real Casino Advantage
    • Scoring
    • The Big Table
    • Mini-Baccarat
    • Recognizing Opportunities
    • Opportunities Galore
    • The Show With Few Opportunities
    • The Power Baccarat 2 Formula
    • Bet Selection Methods
    • Money Management Systems
    • Discipline
    • Hit'em & Run
    • Putting A Game Plan Together
    • Baccarat Shoe Played-Out
    • 75-Day Practice Plan
    • Making a Living
    • Small Bankrolls
    • Luck, Intuition And ESP
    • In the Zone
    • New Twists, Or Just Nonsense
    • Baccarat Myths
    • All Shose Are Not Equal
    • Comps, Tips, Etc

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