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    H. Lee Barnes, who teaches English at the Community College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, has written a most entertaining, intriguing book on the ups and downs and colorful side of casino dealing (in this case the game is blackjack). Subtitled 'Inside the Culture of Casino Dealing', it should be read by anyone planning to train for a career in dealing and by anyone who wonders about the stresses of the job, the funny side of casino life, and the oddball nature of the players themselves. Barnes calls his work 'narrative nonfiction,' and he pulls few punches about what's right and wrong with the casino industry. He asks and answers questions such as: What's it like to deal as a profession? How does one get a job, keep a job and earn enough in tokes to make a decent living? How does one handle the temptation to cheat and what does one do about customers who have perfected 'the art of cheating' with or without a dealer as an accomplice? He does all this for those who want to understand the kind of pressures the whole layer of manage 176 Pgs. 2005

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