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    This fascinating book covers every era of baseball, position by position, and answers the question: Which players really belong in the Hall of Fame? Using eight simple criteria to determine the level of dominance each player exhibited during his career, baseball superexpert Robert Cohen defines the qualities a true Hall of Fame player should possess. Cohen solves or fuels the debate on who belongs in the Hall of Fame, and who doesn't. He also discusses the careers of the best players not elected to the Hall of Fame and the circumstances surrounding the greatest injustices in the selection process very great player is examined, not only in relation to the era in which he played, but against all the Hall-worthy stars who ever manned the position. 416 pages

    Table of Contents:


    • Baseball's Hall of Fame or Hall of Shame?
      • The Early Years and the First Signs of Favoritism
      • Selection Process and Eligibility
      • Special Selection Committees
      • Definition of a Hall of Famer
      • First Basemen (21)
      • Second Basemen (20)
      • Third Basemen (13)
      • Shortstops (22)
      • Catchers (16)
      • Change in Voting Philosophy, or Lowering of the standards?
      • Leftfielders (22)
      • Centerfielders (22)
      • Rightfielders (24)
      • Shoeless Joe Jackson and Pete Rose
      • Pitchers (68)
      • Future Hall of Famers
      • Summary
      • GLOSSARY
      • INDEX

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