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    Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso was the boss of New York’s Lucchese Mafia family. He worked himself to the top as a cold-blooded killer, responsible for more than 50 murders. He was also, for a while, the next-door neighbor of the author. Carlo’s sister babysat for Casso; his mother was best friends with Casso’s wife. That long and trusting relationship garnered Carlo, journalist and best-selling author (The Ice Man, 2006), unprecedented access to one of the most ruthless crime bosses in the history of the American Mob. Carlo portrays a man who is tender and loyal to his family but who ruthlessly killed or ordered the killing of scores of people, many of whom were former friends. Casso, who earned a handsome living selling drugs, robbing banks, and trafficking in stolen goods, became the reluctant leader of the Lucchese family as prosecutors moved in on the Mob bosses. When he, too, was finally captured, he eventually joined the ranks of the hated “rats” and gave prosecutors an earful, including the Mob’s decision to hit John Gotti after he ordered an unapproved hit on Big Paul Castellano; how the Mafia controlled the unions; the truth behind the assassination of the Kennedys; and who killed Jimmy Hoffa. Readers interested in the inner workings of the Mafia will love this chilling look at a Mob boss. 337 Pgs. 2008

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