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    This is the only book that mathematically shows you how to take advantage of the cycles and patterns common at craps - and walk away with profits! Everything you'll learn in this book has been tested in real games with live players. Midgley painstakingly recorded 7,500 rolls of the dice under actual Las Vegas conditions to formulate this powerful winning approach to craps. He shows you what should have happened during 40 hours at the Crap table and compares it with what actually occurred - and then how the game should be approached to produce the best opportunities for winning. With no knowledge of the inner workings of the game, most players lose - even experts find it difficult to overcome the built-in house advantage. However, by taking advantage of the mathematically proven dice cycles the Midgley uncovers through his work, and combining it with his winning strategies, you will have the weapons to beat the casino at craps. 176 pages Paperbound 2011

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