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    Why is 'The Last Roulette Secret' the cheapest and the best roulette book available? Because it could pay itself off multiple times in only one spin!!! This claim is detailed in the book, and the illustrated examples show step-by-step how to save tens of dollars in one spin and hundreds of dollars in a few spins. 'The Last Roulette Secret' is not a regular roulette book that relies on luck, statistics and biased wheels. This is a practical and to the point summary of a roulette research project: ROULETTErwx. It follows the steps of big research projects like 'Beat the Dealer' by Edward O. Thorp and explores a variety of takes on a unique and refreshing betting strategy that focuses on minimum bets. It explains a strategy that works 100% of the time, and which can be used for American, European, Electronic and even Online roulette. This is a practical lesson in risk management guaranteed to improve any of the existing strategies and a must-have reference book for anybody who is serious about roulette. There are no exceptions and nothing is left to probabilities. The convenient format and concise content will allow you to read and understand all covered methods before your next casino visit. This is really as close as you can get to beating the dealer; the end of roulette betting as we know it. Read it before casinos do something about it. 58 pgs. Paperbound 2011


    Table of Contents

    • A Dream Alive
    • Some Basics
    • The Ugly Chance
    • The Base-Case
    • The 0-00 Strategy
    • The Spread Strategy
    • The Question
    • the European Connection
    • Gamblmethics
    • The Outsider
    • Possible Use
    • New Generation

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