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    She's a God. He's a gambler. It's a match made in Heaven....or Hell. They conned the casinos. They killed a cop. They're on the run. "Risk of Ruin" is a love story unlike any you've ever read - dark, disturbing, irreverent - some might say sacrilegious. Bart and Stacy may be the most compelling misfits to go on the lam since Bonnie and Clyde. "Risk of Ruin" is about Bart Black, a professional gambler-biker-tattoo-artist who becomes obsessed with an underage stripper who believes she's God. It's a story of rebellion, crime and passion that attempts to answer a question that has tormented gambling men since Adam placed an all-in bet on Eve: Is she worth the risk? 253 Pgs. Paperbound 2012

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