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    Subtitled "Stories of Bootleggers, Revenge and Murder". Imagine sitting front stage at the Desert Inn’s Copa Room enjoying such great celebrities perform as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. Envision too, Elvis Presley, the soon-to-be king of rock ‘n’ roll, performing live at the New Frontier as a 21-year old teen idol. If you were lucky enough to be in Las Vegas from 1956 through the early 1970s, you had the opportunity to see these great performers live, on stage, for the mere price of a two drink minimum. These were the old days - the days when the Mob ran Las Vegas. Pairing McLean’s vivid investigative style of writing, this beautifully illustrated book reveals an authentic look at the Mob era in Vegas. Unearth the Hollywood myth behind Bugsy’s Flamingo and discover the true story about his partner Billy Wilkerson, the celebrated Hollywood nightclub owner who truly invented the Las Vegas Strip. During its heyday - 1950 to 1980 - the Mob virtually ran every sizable casino along the Fabulous Vegas Strip, stealing untold millions from casino count rooms. Those were the days when Jimmy Hoffa arranged millions in Teamster loans to build the Mob-run casinos while Frank Rosenthal provided the skim, and Anthony Spilotro made sure the millions in stolen cash made it back east to Mob coffers. Las Vegas was a treasure trove - gangster style. The Mob had it made for almost 40 years, but it all started crumbling down soon after Tony Spilotro came to Vegas in 1971. It wouldn’t be long before five Vegas loan sharks were discovered dead in the desert, each with their throat slit Mafia style. Inside 'Las Vegas The Mob Years', enjoy fascinating stories about the city’s forefathers, today’s casino operators and memorable celebrities who performed on the stages of Las Vegas showrooms during the Mob era - Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. Discover in Las Vegas the Mob Years  • The story of Jimmy Hoffa: His mysterious disappearance and how Teamster loans made Las Vegas what it is today • The fascinating crime saga of ex-Dallas Mob boss Benny Binion, featuring a murderous blood feud that left two dead bodies and another in prison • How the Kefauver Hearings uncovered the skim and a multitude of Mob-run casinos • The inside story of Steve Wynn and Kirk Kerkorian, and the intricate details of the way they virtually started from scratch and earned billions as successful casino developers • Plus the fascinating stories of the godfather of Vegas Moe Dalitz, and other gangsters including Johnny Rosselli, Tony Accardo, Sam Giancana, Tony Cornero, Frank Rosenthal, Tony Spilotro and more . . . 273 Pgs. 2013

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