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    When a gambler is confident of a winning hand, he or she moves "all in," pushing all their chips into the pot. If their hunch is right, the move reaps huge rewards. If wrong, the gambler has lost it all and is out of the game. "All In" delivers a provocative and unique spiritual message about long shots and sure things from someone who has lived both ways. It uses stories of risk takers from the Bible and world history plus real-life anecdotes from Michael DiMarco's life as a former compulsive gambler to show how we can win in life, love, and faith. All In confronts those paralyzed by fear, those with careless regard for consequences, and everyone in between with the truth that, like poker, life is a game of incomplete information. It shows readers that true faith in life involves risking on things unseen. 224 pages Hardbound 2006

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