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    Sure, the Mafia takes its vow of Omerta - the code of silence - seriously, but that doesn't mean this book can't spill the beans. From what it means to become a made man, to why an unfortunate fellow could find himself saddled with cement shoes, '101 Things You Didn't Know about the Mafia' dishes the dirt! From the modern Mafia's precursors to crime fighting in the twenty-first century and beyond, you'll find plenty of entertaining tidbits in this book, including:
    Italian Dictator Mussolini's run in with the Sicilian Mafia,
    The Mafia's very own Oddfather, Cheapfather, and Canadian Godfather,
    The DeCavalcante clan - real-life Sopranos in New Jersey, The world's smallest crime family - party of two in Wisconsin, Squealer Henry Hill's penchant for radio and Internet appearances, The unlikeliest of Mafia witnesses - Grandpa Munster. Whether you're looking for little-known Mafia legend and lore or you're dying to sneak a peek at some offbeat personalities and events, '101 Things You Didn't Know about the Mafia' proves that truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction. 256 Pgs. 2005

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