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    Subtitled "A Professional Gambler's Journey of How to Survive and Thrive in the Casino". After reading a book about a guy who gave up everything, moved to Las Vegas to become a professional gambler with only $6,000 to his name and went on to become a millionaire, Greg Elder's mission was set. For the next year, he decided to support his wife and daughter as a professional gambler. He wasn't exactly sure HOW he was going to do this, but he couldn't wait to get started.

    The odds moved slowly in Greg's favor as he discovered the method to making professional gambling a career. Over the course of 12 months, he became an expert on the world of casinos. He investigated everything from the most beneficial tactics to the psychological warfare that is used to deter unsuspecting gamblers. In the midst of this, he discovered a new purpose for himself, one that allowed him to do what he loved without losing himself along the way. Be prepared to have your eyes opened and your perspectives broadened as you follow Greg's journey through the busts, folds and jackpots of being a professional gambler.

    This book will show you the methods used to defeat the casinos. You will learn the step-by-step practical techniques Elder used to put the odds in his favor over the casino. Also, you will be exposed to all the tactics used by the casino industry to get people to spend more money than they intend. Decide for yourself if these methods are simply good business practices to maximize profits or dirty attempts to manipulate people into uncontrollable emotional choices.

    Here are some chapters in the book:

    • How Did I Get Here and and Where Am I Going?
    • The Truth About Casino's Dirty Tactics
    • Characteristics of a Winning Gambler
    • The Proper Mental Approach to Gambling
    • How to Play Video Poker Professionally
    • How to Play Blackjack Professionally
    • How to Gamble on Sports Professionally
    • Casino Atmosphere/ Casino Interactions
    • Final Analysis


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