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Craps Everything You Need to Know

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Price: $39.95

    Subtitled ' Learn to Play...Learn to Win...'. Chapters include Objective of the Course, Craps Odds, The Bets, Etiquette & Superstition and The Commandments. 197 Pgs.

    Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:

    CRAPS...Craps Everything You Need to Know. Learn to play…Learn to win

    Every now and then I’ll come across what I like to think of as hidden gems;

    a quality products that receive very little exposure. For example

    Linaway's, "All in one CD", John Boender's, "How to Play Craps", DVD,

    and most recently, "CRAPS...Craps Everything You Need to

    Know. Learn to play…Learn to win".

    I only wish there was a product like "CRAPS...Craps Everything You Need to

    Know. Learn to play…Learn to win", when I first started to play craps way back in 1979. This 199 page manual is well-written, easy to follow, understandable book/manual on craps. The manual comes in a 3 ring vinyl binder, broken down into 13 chapters, full of instructions, examples, definitions, betting methods, charts, it covers all aspects of craps including the

    math behind the game, but not the kind that will make your hair hurt, and is for the right or wrong better. It is a great package, a great value.

    The author told me he wrote this manual for the newbie player, but that is not

    to suggest there isn’t anything for the more season player, they too

    will find areas that will make them say, “Oh yeah, good stuff, forgot about thar”. That is one thing about craps, there is always another way to reach the same goal.

    If this manual would have been around back in 1979, I could have literally saved myself a ton of money, and it surly would have made me a more astute player. Sure you can easily spend more money on some other product, maybe one of those from a more notable authors, but why would you when for a very affordable $39 you’ll receive a lifetime of knowledge, and this is from a guy who actually plays craps, and not from some desktop author who just regurgitates stories about craps.

    I recently bought this book after reading the rave reviews from a craps forum and I am glad I did. The author organized the book similar to a college course--craps 101. If you have never played the game before this is one of the better books around. Even if you know how to play and have read some other craps book, there is still information to be gleaned from here. I like that the author stresses discipline and money management, but he also goes through the math and the reasoning behind "his system." I would definitely give this book a try if you are looking into buying or collecting a craps book for your library.

    Upstate NY

    Best book on craps I have ever read

    Forget about buying the vast majority of the other books and buy this one. I have read dozens of books on Craps and Nino's is the best. He makes everything clear for new comers and veterans and has some great betting strategies. Plus he exposes some myths that are highlighted in all other books----and the other books are wrong!! That alone, to me, was worth the price of this book. Read about the "best bet on the table" and you will be way ahead in your knowledge. This book is now my go-to, reference book.

    BTW---this is not a "paid" endorsement. Over time I could have saved hundreds of $$ if I just bought this book and skipped the rest.

    Craps: Everything You Need to Know

    Craps is based on math, probabilities, statistics and the “long run.” In the long run are phenomena known as streaks or trends, whereby the long run is interrupted to the delight or chagrin of players – random results become less random for short runs of play, eg, longer absenses of the 7 for the Passline players.

    These streaks and trends are called either a Cold , Hot, or a Choppy table.

    The player needs to know how to play each condition or face mounting losses.

    Overall and in the long run, casinos themselves, have designed the modern game of craps to favor the casinos. They pay the random lucky players and stay in business by letting the design keep them in business. The casinos are favored by only a slight 1-2% IF the player knows which bets to avoid that can raise that negative edge to as much as 16%.

    The average player, including even the experienced players, don't know the entire game, all of the available bets, when to use them, can and will lose despite the occasional win.

    The two ways most people learn to play craps:

    -playing whether with or without prior knowledge, ie, school of hard knocks

    -finding out before the leap

    N. Nistri's instructions fall into the latter category:

    “CRAPS – Everything you Need to Know

    Learn to Play...Learn to Win”

    It's not a book.

    It's a 180 page, 13 chapter, 3-ring program (of text, charts, graphs, craps-math, homework, pictures - and a final exam) of instruction in the do's and dont's of the what, the why, and for the how-to of playing and winning.

    It was written to teach a class , which is what he did for several years at his local community college.

    The class always filled promptly. I sat in for one of the classes.

    He has been playing craps and other casino games for decades, craps continuing to be his go-to game of choice and pure fun.

    He writes based on his experiences and points out the major problem areas for the beginning player to avoid.

    With the what, why and the “how-to”, of beginning play fully covered, the chapters 8,9,and 10 present the more advanced craps play, for the evolving player.

    I keep his folder handy for quick referencing.

    Towanda, Kansas

    Craps..Everything You Need to Know

    This book is among the finest for beginners and even advanced players to learn the game of Craps from.

    Craps is a many faceted game that requires many avenues of study. To identify these avenues, the author designed building blocks to learn from I see these blocks as a foundation to build a readers House of Craps on in a solid manner.

    As each block has been learned, on to the next creating a solid structure. As the author leads us through our new house, a pattern of specific Process and Procedures being at work becomes obvious. Along the way, a source of entertainment presents itself in the form of quotes. They’re not distracting but somehow elevates your desire to proceed onward learning what the chapter has to offer.

    Soon the dice are introduced. Your attention is drawn to what the faces represent and how you can use them to aid in governing your bets. One of the outstanding attributes of the dice is the authors pointing out only 144 roles are necessary to determine how well your shooting prowess might be. Not the thousands of rolls the math guru’s maintain you need.

    On completion of the book, I find myself many times later finding the need to gather information I need for my personal use. There the index instantly leads me to the answers.

    This book isn’t just for beginners in my opinion, it is a source of information we all need from time to time. Thank you Nino Nistri for this fine composition of Craps information. My game is better by having the book to guide me.

    R. Linaway

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