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    Alcamo's book is designed to make casino players aware of what they're really up against.. This book will better prepare beginners for their first adventures in a casino or riverboat, explaining how gambling establishments entice, sometimes mislead, often confuse the rules regarding playing the slots, video poker machines or when players are at the blackjack tables. Alcamo, based in Atlantic City, dissects and explains what the player can expect in the way of freebies, extras, comps how casino promise one thing, often giving something else and how the smart player, using logic and clear thinking can overcome this fog of deception spewed by casino promotions people. This book gets to the nitty-gritty of it all, what's the real truth about your chances, and what do casinos really promise and eventually deliver. It should be a must-read by beginners in particular and may well straighten out the experienced player who's been fooling him or herself too long about how much has been won or lost. 143 pages, paperbound, 2002.

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