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    Theft attempts are made more in the slot department than in any other gaming area in a casino. Consider the fact that the slot department is the largest revenue generating area. Are you protecting your assets from slot cheats and employee theft? This DVD will alert you to the current behaviors exhibited by cheats. It will also bring to light technological advances that have made some cheating methods a thing of the past. It will also introduce new cheating methods that have been identified and...

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      Learn 300 things security officers must constantly be prepared for while patrolling hotel and casino properties. 197 Pgs. 2010

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        The original Slot Cheats video! When this video came out it was the staple for all slot departments and surveillance rooms to catch slot cheating. Although most of the scams have been eliminated by ticket machines, every slot department person and surveillance agent should view this video just for the history of knowing why the slot machine evolved to a ticket paying system instead of the older coin machines.