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Item #: 9781843307709 -

    Players hoping to become winners will welcome this goldmine of information on the inner world of casinos, the culture of gambling and the way to improve their luck on games of chance. Packed with expert text and a full-color photo of each game's rules, this comprehensive guide covers roulette, blackjack, punto banco, craps and poker. Newcomers will learn the lingo of the casino and gain confidence in their play; those with more experience will enhance their knowledge of the strategies that...

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    Item #: 9781566252164 -

      Legato shares his 20 years of experience researching, writing about and playing the slots. Covers how slot machines work, which machines pay back the most money, which pay most frequently, slot myths and slot facts, how to recognize phony slot systems that should be avoided and the author's strategies for increasing your winning potential. He takes you on a slot-themed road trip from Las Vegas to Atlantic City to Mississippi, from Indian casinos to riverboats to racinos, providing...

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      PENGUIN GROUP USA INC. Item #: 1056 -

        This definitive book on games offers rules, strategies and odds for more than 250 games.Third Revised Edition. Glossary 362 Pgs. 2001

        I DID IT
        Price: $16.95
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        Item #: 616043917726 -

          The author, who won $11.9 million on Megabucks, discusses how the jackpot changed his life. He was hounded by the media, and people from everywhere tried to hit him up for money. He divulges what he did with the money in this expose of the whirlwind that occurs when someone comes into a lot of money and publicity, fast. 150 pgs, paperback, 2001

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          Item #: 616043917733 -

            Presents rules and strategies for the popular home game of Red Dog. 10 pgs, paperback, 1991

            Price: $14.95
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            Item #: 9781579125516 -

              Cash in with the only insider’s guide to Internet gambling that teaches players what they need to know to master a wide variety of online games of chance. Internet gambling is fast becoming the most popular form of online entertainment and respected gaming columnist J. Phillip Vogel is its foremost expert. In this essential book, he provides insider instruction and advice on how to play - and how to win - all kinds of online casino games. Vogel demystifies and dissects all topics related...

              Price: $19.95
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              Item #: 1081 -

                Hilger takes readers slowly through important concepts: probability and odds, bluffing, raising, check-raising, slow playing, free cards and starting hands. His advice is geared first for beginners and intermediate players, but he moves quickly to advanced concepts. A major section on the flop examines nut hands; set/trips; two pair/overpair; middle/bottom pair; flush and straight draws; overcards and trash hands. Covers the turn and river card in great depth. The book offers a multitude of...

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                Item #: 616043910574 -

                  Covers Caribbean Stud, Super Pan 9, Red Dog, Faro, Pai Gow Poker, and Let It Ride. Approx. one hour

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                  Item #: 616043910581 -

                    After reviewing tips beginning blackjack player (from his first DVD), a longtime casino games instructor focuses on advanced information such as multi-deck play and strategy, card counting, money management and tips on winning plays. A good foundation for the casual player.

                    JIMMY JORDAN BACCARAT: DVD
                    Availability: Available
                    Item #: 616043910604 -

                      A long-time casino host and games instructor teaches his method of play, including all-important money management systems. He shows how the game is played with hand examples and gives advice on picking a table, which seat to take, when to leave the game. Approx. 50 minutes

                      Availability: Available
                      Item #: 616043910611 -

                        For the beginning blackjack player, a longtime casino games instructor teaches such key subjects as hitting, splitting, doubling, how to watch the cards for indications of how the deck is running, when to take insurance. Also includes a proven basic betting strategy.

                        JIMMY JORDAN BEGINNERS CRAPS: DVD
                        Availability: Available
                        Item #: 616043910628 -

                          A long-time casino host and games instructor teaches the game of craps for the low-limit player (up to $10). Includes how to read the numbers on the dice, how to play the pass line and when to take odds, explains the playing the don't and laying odds. He also shows you how to play at home.

                          JIMMY JORDAN KENO: DVD
                          Price: $17.95
                          Availability: Available
                          Item #: 616043910512 -

                            In a thoroughly entertaining way, the longtime casino games instructor explains the game that lets you take a shot at winning up to $100,000. He explains payoffs, all odds, all ways, all combinations, plus all his favorite tickets.

                            JIMMY JORDAN ROULETTE: DVD
                            Availability: Available
                            Item #: 616043911083 -

                              A long-time casino host and games instructor teaches all the basics of roulette: inside and outside strategies plus money management, the best ways to play 1 number, 2 numbers, 3 numbers, 4 numbers, 5 numbers, 6 numbers, 9 numbers, 12 numbers and 18 numbers. Jordan also includes various betting systems people have used over the years.

                              JIMMY JORDAN SLOT MACHINES: DVD
                              Availability: Available
                              Item #: 616043910635 -

                                This easy-to-follow DVD covers how computerized slots work, house percentages, how to read a slot, and what to look for. It gives extra coverage to progressive slots and your chances of hitting one.

                                JOHN PATRICK ADVANCED CRAPS: DVD
                                Availability: Available
                                Item #: 1119 -

                                  Not for the beginner, this tape assumes the viewer already knows how to play craps. Includes some of Patrick's personal systems, from the 41 no 10 to the famous Patrick System. Also covers approaches like hedging and buying numbers, methods that help minimize the house edge.

                                  JOHN PATRICK ADVANCED ROULETTE: DVD
                                  Availability: Available
                                  Item #: 1120 -

                                    In this DVD, Patrick covers the game of roulette from beginning to end, from layout, wagers, styles, money management, discipline, theory, betting, and more. Excellent advice for the beginning and somewhat experienced player.

                                    JOHN PATRICK BASIC BLACKJACK
                                    Availability: Available
                                    Item #: 1121 -

                                      The basic thrust of this DVD is to learn Patrick's personal money management approach to betting blackjack along with his version of basic strategy.

                                      JOHN PATRICK BASIC ROULETTE: DVD
                                      Availability: Available
                                      Item #: 1122 -

                                        This tape shows the table layout, explains the various bets, the role of the dealer, the chip values and colors, and introduces proper table etiquette.

                                        BEGINNER CRAPS LESSONS WITH JOHN PATRICK
                                        Availability: Available
                                        Item #: 292 -

                                          After explaining the table layout and various bets, Patrick goes into some basic playing systems and money management strategies to help take the fear out of playing the game. An excellent starting point for the novice.

                                          JOHN PATRICKS CARD COUNTING
                                          Availability: Available
                                          Item #: 1129 -

                                            This introduction to card counting uses a basic high-low count that can take you beyond simple playing and help you take back some of the house edge.

                                            JOHN PATRICK INTERMEDIATE CRAPS: DVD
                                            Availability: Available
                                            Item #: 1123 -

                                              The basic theories of right bettors and wrongs bettors and how and when to play the odds.

                                              JOHN PATRICK LEARN BACCARAT
                                              Availability: Available
                                              Item #: 1124 -

                                                How to play the game (rules), how to concentrate on your bankroll; how to deal with a choppy table and how to ride the streaks when they arise.

                                                JOHN PATRICK PAI GOW POKER
                                                Availability: Available
                                                Item #: 1125 -

                                                  Patrick shows you the rules, different procedures and variations, and gives an in-depth analysis of playing strategy. The strategy was developed with Bill Zender, one of the foremost experts in the game. Together, the two examine over 20 types of hands.

                                                  JOHN PATRICK SUPER CRAPS: DVD
                                                  Availability: Available
                                                  Item #: 1126 -

                                                    The author calls this video Super Craps because it delves more deeply into some of his most powerful betting and hedging systems, including his Advanced Patrick System. This could be considered a grad school course for those who know how to play and want more powerful information.

                                                    JOHN PATRICKS CHARTING THE TABLE
                                                    Availability: Available
                                                    Item #: 3273 -

                                                      Charting is, without question, one of the most important disciplines to learn if you're going to be successful at casino gambling. In this DVD, Patrick takes you from roulette to blackjack to craps and shows you how to to chart the table at each game. He shows you the key things to look for in isolating a favorable trend and illustrates his methods with actual playing situations. If you're serious about winning at the casino, this DVD is indispensable.

                                                      JOHN PATRICKS INTERNET GAMBLING
                                                      Availability: Available
                                                      Item #: 9780818406263 -

                                                        In six major sections, Patrick gives you the lowdown on everything you need to know to start playing on the Internet. Topics include setting up an account with an on-line casino; choosing a secure site; protecting your bankroll; setting limits; how to tell the gimmicks and scams from the legitimate games; keeping your risk low. Includes insight on how to play all games, from table games to sports betting to slots and video games. Other major topics include money management, discipline and the...

                                                        JOHN PATRICKS LEARN VIDEO POKER
                                                        Availability: Available
                                                        Item #: 1132 -

                                                          Patrick explains strategies, percentages and different pay schedules.

                                                          JOHN PATRICKS SLOTS
                                                          Price: $12.95
                                                          Availability: Available
                                                          Item #: 1133 -

                                                            Subtitled 'A Pro's Guide to Beating the One Armed Bandits', this is Patrick's strategies for cashing in on the slot machines. His key is money management and self-discipline, and he analyzes the pulls and payoffs, looking for a 20% return on any given investment. His common sense systems won't make you fabulously wealthy, but they are filled with practical advice from a professional gambler. 228 Pgs. 1994

                                                            JOHN PATRICKS VIDEO POKER: STRATEGIES AC & NV
                                                            Availability: Available
                                                            Item #: 1134 -

                                                              Patrick looks at video poker as a challenge to the gambler. Meeting that challenge requires money management, knowledge of facts and fallacies, secrets to progressive play, and competitions. He warns about the dangers of too much play and gives specific advice on the most advantageous plays. 321 Pgs. 2001

                                                              JONNY MAGIC AND THE CARD SHARK KIDS
                                                              Availability: Available
                                                              Item #: 9781400064076 -

                                                                The true story of an ordinary group of geeks, including Jon Finkel, an overweight, friendless kid from Jersey who turned an edge in a game of cards to a fortune. Heckled and hazed, he became ultracool because of his trading cards. Once transformed, the ugly duckling stormed poker rooms from New York to the Internet, became part of the world's largest card-counting blackjack team, and helped take Vegas for $3.5 million. 218 pgs, hardcover, 2005

                                                                JONNY MAGIC AND THE CARD SHARK KIDS (PB)
                                                                Availability: Available
                                                                Item #: 9780099502227 -

                                                                  The true story of an ordinary group of geeks, including Jon Finkel, an overweight, friendless kid from Jersey who turned an edge in a game of cards to a fortune. Heckled and hazed, he became ultracool because of his trading cards. Once transformed, the ugly duckling stormed poker rooms from New York to the Internet, became part of the world's largest card-counting blackjack team, and helped take Vegas for $3.5 million. 218 pgs, Paperbock 2005

                                                                  JULIANS GUIDE TO WINNING BLACKJACK
                                                                  Availability: Available
                                                                  Item #: 9781882173006 -

                                                                    This book explains the basics, moves on to strategies; card counting; face up or double exposure blackjack; triple or multiple action blackjack; his scan techniques for single deck play and a 100-question and answer test reinforce the concepts presented. 112 pages, paperbound. 1992.   Table of Contents The Truth About Blackjack How Blackjack is Played Basic Blackjack Strategies Card Counting Face Up or Double Exposure Triple or Multiple Action Blackjack The Sprint Strategies Scan...

                                                                    KENO WINNER: A GUIDE TO WINNING AT VIDEO KENO
                                                                    Availability: Available
                                                                    Item #: 9780595315741 -

                                                                      Tom Collins known as "The King of Video Keno" has authored a quick and easy guide to winning at Video Keno. Collins, a 15 year author of technical and "how-to" manuals, has written an easy to understand guide that is short and to the point. This is a one of a kind source of knowledge you should read before you drop one more coin into a Video Keno machine. "Keno Winner: A Guide to Winning at Video Keno" covers essential winning topics such as: Identifying trends...

                                                                      KILL PHIL POKER STRATEGY CARDS
                                                                      Availability: Available
                                                                      Item #: 616043898841 -

                                                                        KNOCK-OUT BLACKJACK
                                                                        Price: $17.95
                                                                        Availability: Available
                                                                        Item #: 9780929712314 -

                                                                          Vancura offers an unbalanced system, relates an outstanding history of card counting, and emphasizes the card counter's adversarial struggle with the casino. His K-O system uses an unbalanced count, (cards 2 through 7 are counted as plus 1 and tens and aces as minus 1 with no number count for 8s and 9s). Six major chapters cover strategy, card counting, the K-O system, and a comparison of systems, including Red Seven, UZ2, Hi-Opt 1, High-Low, and Omega 2. An excellent resource for any level...