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      Over 500,000 copies sold! Slots is the casinos most popular casino game and their largest source of profit. You'll learn the basics of play, how to find the machines and casinos with the most frequent and largest payoffs, the different types of machines, and the history of slots. Includes insider advice on how to avoid losing machines and how to find the most profitable machines. Includes a glossary and money management advice. 64 pages Table of Contents:   Introduction Introduction...

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        An easy-to-read book about how to find and beat the best machines, and earn points, free rooms and meals, and cash back from slots clubs. Includes the basics of play, how to find the machines and casinos with the most frequent and largest payoffs, types of machines, the history of slots, and advice on how to avoid losing machines. 256 pgs, paperback, 2003

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          You can win on a multitude of arcade machines in arcades, truck stops, private clubs etc. Strategies are included for the following machines: Fruit Bonus 96, Lucky 77 Keno, Super Cherry Master, Fruit Bonus 2000, Magical Odds, Fruit/Ocean Paradise, Dyna Penny Machines, Fruit Genie 1 & 2, Bar Bonus (Bonus Bar), Dino Dino, Queen Bee, Monkey Land, Treasure Quest, Pot O' Gold (Keno) and Pot O' Gold (Shamrock 7s) and Mystery J & B, Doggie With Diamonds, Treasure Island, New lucky 8 Lines, Funny...

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            The author is a longtime casino host who addresses customer questions with candor based on information and experience. Geller takes a realistic approach to the fact that few people will win and a lot will lose. Gives advice on money management, time allotments, and little-known facts about slot machines and their payoffs. 125 pgs, paperback, 2001

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              Legato shares his 20 years of experience researching, writing about and playing the slots. Covers how slot machines work, which machines pay back the most money, which pay most frequently, slot myths and slot facts, how to recognize phony slot systems that should be avoided and the author's strategies for increasing your winning potential. He takes you on a slot-themed road trip from Las Vegas to Atlantic City to Mississippi, from Indian casinos to riverboats to racinos, providing...

              I DID IT
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                The author, who won $11.9 million on Megabucks, discusses how the jackpot changed his life. He was hounded by the media, and people from everywhere tried to hit him up for money. He divulges what he did with the money in this expose of the whirlwind that occurs when someone comes into a lot of money and publicity, fast. 150 pgs, paperback, 2001

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                  This easy-to-follow DVD covers how computerized slots work, house percentages, how to read a slot, and what to look for. It gives extra coverage to progressive slots and your chances of hitting one.

                  JOHN PATRICKS SLOTS
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                    Subtitled 'A Pro's Guide to Beating the One Armed Bandits', this is Patrick's strategies for cashing in on the slot machines. His key is money management and self-discipline, and he analyzes the pulls and payoffs, looking for a 20% return on any given investment. His common sense systems won't make you fabulously wealthy, but they are filled with practical advice from a professional gambler. 228 Pgs. 1994

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                      Tired of losing at the slots and going home with empty pockets? Let Mike show you a process with rules and techniques for improving your slot play. A proven way to manage your money better and to make sure you leave with your winnings. Learn how to bet less and win more. In this Second Edition you will find material that covers the new multi-play and multi-game machines. The original material has been expanded to include slot machines that only let you play the maximum lines. Tips on how to...

                      MILLION DOLLAR SLOTS
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                        Learn how the world's leading slot play expert turned $500 into $Millions. Can you really make money playing slot machines? Liston, otherwise known as the Slot King, has done just that, turning $500 into millions over the past eighteen years. For the first time, he reveals the secrets that have turned him from a high school teacher into a globe-trotting professional gambler doing what is considered to be impossible - playing the slot machines as a business. Share with him as he cracks the...

                        NEW CASINO SLOTS
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                          The new slots are sophisticated and computerized machines that offer excitement, entertainment, and frequent pays-if you know what to look for and how to play these new machines when you arrive at the casino....and before you start spending your money. 172 pages Paperbound 2010   Table of Contents The Language of Casino Slots History Of Modern Video Slots Bonus Features Multi Line Games 50 & 100 Multi Line Games Reel Power Games Power Play Games Multi Game Machines Bonus GAmes...

                          POWERFUL PROFITS FROM SLOTS
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                            Royer covers a lot of territory in this book starting with the answer to what appears to be (but isn't) an easily answered question: What is a Slot Machine? His detailed chapters include Reel Slots: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; Reel Spinners; Progressives; and Video Slots. Half the book is devoted to How to be A Winner, which includes keys to winning, odds and ends, Vegas stories and tales. A final section discusses the pseudo-RGN, slot strategies, questions and answers and a slot quiz....

                            REEL HISTORY
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                              If you collect antique slot machines and wonder at the technological changes made from Bugsy Siegel's days (1946) to today, youre in for a treat with this book, a super source for collectors. In the works for more than 20 years, this books answers the need for a picture book, answering the question of who manufactured what machine and what each machine's correct name is. Each machine listed and photographed contains the original manufacturer's name, date of introduction, nickname and machine...

                              SLOT CHEATS II: DVD
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                                More attempts at theft probably occur in the biggest money-producing segment of the gaming floorslotsthan any other area. This DVD shows how to spot suspicious behavior that often indicates cheating, what kind of devices to look for, how to maintain equipment to prevent cheating, how to train staff, and how and when to watch employees who might be cheating. 100 minutes.

                                SLOT MACHINE MANIA
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                                  Informative, entertaining, well-written update of everything worth knowing about slot machines in Nevada (although much of the book could be applied to playing in Atlantic City.) Covers percentages; special machines, jackpots; cheating; safeguards; superstitions; how the machines work. 243 pages, paperbound. 1988.   Table of Contents Machines And How They Work Percentages Specialty Machines Jackpots Common Misconceptions Money Management Where To Play Cheating: Methods And Consequences...

                                  SLOT MACHINE STRATEGY
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                                  Item #: 9781592283729 -

                                    This book is a concise and easy-to-follow guide to the exciting world of casino slots. It offers tips for choosing the best machines from the thousands on the floor, how to decide whether to stick with the machine you're playing or choose another, how slot strategy is affected by progressives, and multiple-coin play. There's a brief history of the slot machine, a quick course in how to manage your money, and some crazy things you can expect should you win a big jackpot. 141 Pages...

                                    SLOTS CONQUEST: HOW TO BEAT THE SLOT MACHINES!
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                                    Item #: 9781600783357 -

                                      Scoblete gives tips and tricks aimed at giving you the winning edge on any slot machine. Written by one of the most experienced and respected gamblers in the profession, this book opens up the secret world of the slots and explains how to identify the best machines to play, spot which machines give the best odds, and understand how and why various machines play differently. 166 pgs, paperback, 2010   Table of Contents Those Wonderful One-Armed Bandits The RNG, the Paybacks, and the Hit...

                                      SO YOU WANNA BE A GAMBLER! SLOTS/ROULETTE
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                                      Item #: 1816 -

                                        Patrick's book contains money management systems and theories on discipline. Also covers knowledge of the game along with odds and ends such as tipping and 'Does luck come into play?'. 234 Pgs.1983

                                        THE BIG BOOK OF SLOTS & VIDEO POKER
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                                        Item #: 9781580422390 -

                                          This easy-to-read winning guide teaches players everything they need to know about the world of slots and video poker, games that have grown so exponentially that they often account for more than 50% of a casino’s income! Covers everything about the game including the inside skinny on 200 popular machines and 21 actual winning strategies. Readers learn pro tips on finding machines with frequent and large payoffs, the history of slots, and a massive section on joining slots clubs and...

                                          THE SLOT EXPERTS GUIDE TO PLAYING SLOTS
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                                          Item #: 3182 -

                                            The casino floors are jammed with new and different kinds of slot machines. In The Slot Expert��_��s Guide to Playing Slots, Robison tells you what they are, how they work, and how you should play them. Formerly sold in bulky report format, this new pocket-sized book can be carried along easily to be used as a reference in the casinos. Contains graphics of slot and video poker pay schedules you��_��ll encounter, along with representative return percentages.Learn how to:Tell the difference...