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    '100 Most Infamous Criminals' is an astounding compendium of crimes and their perpetrators. The book includes some of history’s most notorious criminals and tells in vivid detail the story of the lives they led, the crimes they committed and the destruction and sorrow they left in their wake. '100 Most Infamous Criminals' is a gripping and compelling portrait of the darker side of life, and reveals the strange and grisly stories behind the world’s most shocking...

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      A Cop��_��s Tale focuses on New York City��_��s most violent and corrupt years, the 1960s to early 1980s. Jim O��_��Neil, a former NYPD cop, delivers a rare look at the brand of law enforcement that ended Frank Lucas��_�� grip on the Harlem drug trade, his cracking open of the Black Liberation Army case, and his experience as the first copy on the scene at the ��_��_��_Dog Day Afternoon��_ѝ bank robbery. A Cop��_��s Tale delivers a rare look into the bare-bones brand of law enforcement that...

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        Prepare to go back in time to some of New York City's most violent and corrupt years, the 1960s through the early 1980s. O'Neil, a highly decorated detective, is your guide for this descent into the Big Apple's most hellish days. His career spanned the NYPD's transformation from a corrupt, inefficient force floundering in a city full of murder and mayhem to one of the cleanest, most efficient police departments in existence. He describes the thrill of putting Harlem drug lord...

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          Based on a true story about a genius inventor and his son: One would change the telecommunication world, the other turned to the underworld. Walter L. Shaw had an astonishing 39 patents to his credit including the first burglar alarm that automatically calls the police; and the hands free speaker phone. Amazingly, Shaw never got credit for these inventions nor was he compensated for them until four years after his death. The son of this genius, Walter T. Shaw Jr., a celebrated jewel thief...

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            Subtitled "The Criminal Activities of the Depression Era Bank Robbers, Mafia, FBI, Politicians, & Cops". Here for the first time is the complete story of the careers and lives of the four successive Public Enemies Number One who were the most dangerous machinegun toting Midwestern bank robbers of the early Depression years - John Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd and Alvin Karpis with the Barker brothers. Besides being complete this presentation is wholly different...

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              This is a book that explains the world of ‘hot money’ in the international banking arena. It promises to be one of the most important books on international organized crime, money laundering, and the complicity between legitimate and illegitimate businesses in both the United States and the former Soviet Union, among other places, during the last decade of the 20th century. In a series of intrigues that involved crooked Geneva banker Bruce Rappaport and high-level members of the...

              AMERICAN COIN
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                Subtitled "A True Story of Betrayal, Gambling, and Murder in Las Vegas". As Judge Robert Clive Jones enters the courtroom, plaintiff Frank Romano takes a deep breath. Finally, after all this time, his opportunity to seek justice has arrived. As Judge Jones bangs his gavel, a trial to determine the responsibility for the largest cheating scandal in Nevada Gaming History begins. Several years earlier, beneath the neon lights of Las Vegas, Romano became a partner in the American Coin...

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                  Like the gunslinger, the gangster is a classic American characterand the gangster movie, like the Western, is one of the American cinema's enduring film genres. From Scarface to White Heat, from The Godfather to The Usual Suspects, gangland on the screen remains as popular as ever. Film scholar John McCarty traces the history of mob flicks and reveals why the films are so beloved by Americans. Packed with fascinating behind-the-scenes anecdotes, info about real-life hoods and their cinematic...

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                    If you have an interest or need for information about the cops, crooks and criminologists who shaped crime and law enforcement throughout history, this is the book for you. From bank robbers and godfathers to ballistics experts and courtroom crusaders, the authors present the bold and cunning, the righteous and resourceful, all in one volume. Biographies (and some photos) of 600 people covering a period from 2100 B.C. to the present Hammurabi, who came up with the 'eye for an eye'...

                    HAVANA NOCTURNE
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                      Subtitled " How the Mob Owned Cuba...and Then Lost it to the Revolution". To underworld kingpins Meyer Lansky and Charles "Lucky" Luciano, Cuba was the greatest hope for the future of American organized crime in the post-Prohibition years. In the 1950s, the Mob - with the corrupt, repressive government of brutal Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista in its pocket - owned Havana's biggest luxury hotels and casinos, launching an unprecedented tourism boom complete with the...

                      LUCKY "325"
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                        Subtitled "Everything is Predetermined Nothing is by Chance". Josephine Alvarez moved freely among the famous and the infamous, always protected by powerful men who wouldn't blink an eye while ordering the execution of others. It is February 1965, and the author is at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. Her hosts: Frank Sinatra and Joe E. Lewis. The twenty-three-year-old burlesque queen was regularly escorted by members of Murder Incorporated: Joseph "Possum"...

                        MOB COP
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                          Subtitled "My Life of Crime in the Chicago Police Department", Mob Cop tells about former Chicago police officer and Outfit associate Fred Pascente as the man who links Tony Spilotro, a central character in Nicholas Pileggi��_��s Casino and one of Chicago��_��s most notori��__ous mob figures, to William Hanhardt, chief of detectives of the Chicago Police Department. Pascente and Spilotro grew up together on Chicago��_��s Near West Side, and as young toughs they were rousted and shaken down by...

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                            From perverse acts of cannibalism and dark sexual fantasies to vicious acts motivated by greed and a simple lust for blood, this book reveals the methods and motivations of some of the world's most notorious serial killers, including Juan Corona, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, Pee Wee Gaskins and Ivan Milat. Fully illustrated. 125 Pages Paperbound 2012

                            THE CRIME MUSEUM UNCOVERED
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                              Subtitled "Inside Scotland Yard's Special Collection". This October��_��for the first time ever��_��never-before-seen-objects from the London Metropolitan Police��_��s Crime Museum will go on public display in a major new exhibition opening at the Museum of London. Since its establishment by serving officers in 1875, the Crime Museum has previously only been open to police professionals and invited guests.Using original evidence from this extraordinary collection, The Crime Museum Uncovered...

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                                The Las Vegas Chronicles' assembles the true stories of the city’s most conniving mobsters and how they ran Sin City during its heyday. Pairing McLean’s personal experience working in Las Vegas with his vivid investigative style of writing, this beautifully illustrated book gives you a unique look into the history of this extraordinary city. Uncover the Hollywood myth behind Bugsy Siegel and his wacko schemes for the Flamingo Hotel, and witness the real evolution of the fabulous...

                                THE LIFE AND TIMES OF LEPKE BUCHALTER
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                                  Subtitled 'America's Most Ruthless Labor Racketeer'. The Life and Times of Lepke Buchalter is the first biography of the only organized crime boss to be executed in the United States. As a labor racketeer who controlled New York��_��s Lower East Side garment industry, Louis "Lepke" Buchalter became the overseer of the notorious killing-on-assignment machine know as "Murder Inc." Impeccably researched by organized crime historian Paul R. Kavieff, this book traces his story from childhood,...

                                  THE WORLDS WORST CRIMES: AN A-Z OF EVIL DEEDS
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                                  Item #: 9781841938554 -

                                    Some kill for money, some for sexual kicks. Some kill out of boredom, others because theyve developed a taste for death. The motives that drive people to perpetrate the most terrible acts are many and various, and so are the crimes they commit. From the Acid Bath Murders and the Birmingham Church Bombing to the Voodoo Killings and the Woman in a Box, every category of crime is covered as our intrepid author sifts through the evidence to present a grisly but compelling history of the worst...

                                    THE WORLDS WORST CRIMINALS: AN A-Z OF EVIL MEN AND WOMEN
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                                    Item #: 9781841938547 -

                                      Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a crime will know that all criminals are bad. But there are some evil doers who are in a whole different league. They are the world's worst criminals. This stylish book is packed full of over one hundred of the most extreme. Includes: Bonnie & Clyde, Gary Ridgeway, Dr. Marcel Petiot, Pedro Lopez, Harold Shipman and many more. Indexed 304 Pages Hardbound 2012