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    Vol 1: Small Ball and Short-handed Play. Hwang uses over 200 hand examples and walk-throughs to reinforce the advanced skills, concepts and strategies in this huge book. Covers short-handed play, 3-betting before the flop without the nuts, value betting the river, small ball, picking off bluffs, deep stack leverage, stack-to-pot ratios, check-raising, bluff raising, positional disadvantage and advantage, playing six-handed or less and other concepts. 534 pgs, paperback, 2009

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      The final volume in Hwangs three-part series, The Short-Handed Workbook gives players a diagnostic test to gauge their comprehension of pot-limit Omaha skills. Includes how to find and plug holes in your game; map out your pre-flop play approach; and apply your skills with over 160 full practice hand quizzes dedicated to short-handed online play at stakes from .25/.50 to $2/$4 blinds with .75 antes. 656 pgs, paperback, 2010

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        Volume II: LAG Play picks up where Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha Vol. I left off. Key topics include: Variable Ratio Reinforcement; C-Bet Frequency; Opening Fire on the Blinds; Attacking the Limper; 3-Betting vs. Small Ball, and more. With nearly 300 hand walk-throughs dedicated to short-handed online play, this book takes Omaha strategy one step further, opening up your game more than ever. 448 pgs, paperback, 2009

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          This updated and revised edition of the classic has been expanded and revamped to meet todays game conditions. Clearly-written strategies and powerful advice from Cloutier and McEvoy show you the best starting hands; strategies for the flop, turn, and river; how to read the board for both high and low; dangerous draws; how to win low-limit and high-stakes games; how to play against loose and tight opponents; and what danglers are and why winners don't play them. 336 pgs, paperback, 2009

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          Item #: 9781600780202 -

            Farha, considered by some to be the worlds greatest Omaha player, offers simple tips and strategies on how to beat the three most popular forms of Omahalimit, eight-or-better, and pot-limitin cash games and tournaments. He reveals secrets of how to beat the amateurs flocking to this game, as well as accomplished professionals. Gives practical advice and advanced strategy tips, discussing specific hands from his victories at the World Series of Poker and high-stakes cash games. 256 pgs,...

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              Noted player Zee has actually written two books in one, covering two different high-low games: 7-stud 8-or-better and Omaha high-low. Zee follows his expert advice on key strategies for each game with test questions to help readers reinforce the key concepts he teaches. A valuable and clearly written learning tool. 331 pgs, paperback, 1994

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                Omaha High-Low is a big action game with much to think about but some players fear it because they know little about its intricacies. Chapter titles include: How to Play Omaha High-Low, Basic Strategy and Concepts (with Hand Power Ratings and Frequency), Before the Flop, After the Flop, The Last Two Rounds, Going High (with a Point Count System for High and for Two-Card Combinations), A comparison between Hold'em and Omaha and a short section on No-Limit Omaha High-Low. 229 Pgs. 2003 ...

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                Item #: 9781580421393 -

                  Two top theorists and players team up to present power packed advice for winning money at hold'em and Omaha, the two most popular poker games played today. Over 250 sections give powerful strategies for winning money, concentrating on advice that shows how you can increase your profit potential every time you play. 320 pgs, revised, paperback, 2007

                  MASTERING OMAHA/8 POKER
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                    This book is an update to the hugely popular and successful "Winning Omaha/8". There are new chapters covering material that has never been discussed in any of the poker literature and the previous material has been made current to keep up with the game's latest developments. "Mastering Omaha/8", which is both a reference and a tutorial, is a much needed and useful tool for poker players interested in improving their Omaha/8 game. Indexed 236 Pgs. 2011

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                    Item #: 6711 -

                      Most PLO books advocate a highly conservative game-plan - this style is outdated and will get you crushed in today's games. Mastering Pot-Limit Omaha is different; it is a unique and remarkable book, outlining a whole new approach to the game: teaches you an aggressive styleprovides you with clear guidelines on how to develop your game-plan and adjust to your opponents.teaches you how to analyze board textures - the key to success in PLO.pre-flop hand selection and pre-flop hand dynamics -...

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                      Item #: 9780976687658 -

                        Three major sections include ring games, tournaments, and pot-limit games. Chapters include: A Game that Can be Beaten, Position Is the Name of the Game, All Those Starts, Tournament Strategy, Pot Limit Thoughts, and Reality Principles, which contains a chart showing a profit and loss curve and its relation to the number of hands played in an average session. Answers the question, how tight is right? 128 pgs, paperback, 2006

                        OMAHA HIGH-LOW
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                          Omaha high-low split is driven by hand value. Computer-generated results of all 5,278 possible hand combinations with their win percentages are presented in 111 pages of statistical charts, including the 49 best hands to play; 49 worst hands to avoid; 30 ace-less hands you can play for profit. In 52 pgs of commentary, Boston discusses reading other players, table position, the flush factor, connectors, and playing the flop, turn and river. Geared to $10/$20 games and higher. 242 pgs,...

                          OMAHA HIGH-LOW FOR LOW-LIMIT PLAYERS
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                          Item #: 9781580422550 -

                            Boston teaches new players how to win at Omaha high-low with lessons on how one unrelated card can devalue your hand; why chasing is for losers; how to recognize trap hands and avoid them; how to adjust when the board changes your hands value; and how to play marginal hands. Practice hands are pictured to help you learn the game. Includes all 5,278 possible Omaha high-low hands and their win percentages. 330 pgs, paperback, 2008

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                            Item #: 9781580422222 -

                              Long the only book devoted entirely to Omaha high-low, this classic has been updated and expanded. For beginners and intermediate low-limit players with a basic knowledge of the game. Smith covers starting hands; playing the flop, turn and river; identifying opponents styles; winning strategies for loose games; eight costly errors players make; how to win tournaments; and seven top tips to improve your game. 140 pgs, paperback, 2008

                              OMAHA POKER
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                              Item #: 9780966100754 -

                                In one of the most complete books on Omaha high, Ciaffone has rewritten and revised his original classic to include 20 additional pages of quality advice. He includes some info on Omaha high-low, but his main focus is Omaha high with sections on limit strategies, pot-limit Omaha, tournaments, and an inside look at the future of the game. 126 pgs, paperback, 2006

                                POT LIMIT OMAHA 8 REVEALED (EXPANDED EDITION)
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                                Item #: 9781453770832 -

                                  Pot-limit Omaha high-low might look like holdem but it plays much differently. Deppen reveals the secrets that top players use to win money at the game, teaching the skills needed to crush game. 190 pgs, paperback, 2009

                                  POT-LIMIT OMAHA: UNDERSTANDING WINNING PLAY
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                                  Item #: 9781880685464 -

                                    The author covers the fundamentals of hand valuation, focusing on the thinking process. Covers preflop hand strength, short-stack play, wrap hands, blind stealing, marking aces, playing on the flop, pot size manipulation, blockers and other concepts. Illustrated with sample hands. 320 Pgs. 2009

                                    SECRETS OF PROFESSIONAL POT-LIMIT OMAHA
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                                    Item #: 9781904468301 -

                                      Slotboom analyzes medium- and high-stakes pot-limit Omaha. He covers topics such as a revolutionary short-stack approach; adjustments for big-stack play; study on the proper bet size; correct seating position; blocker play; the bare ace bluff; exploiting your opponents specific weaknesses. Includes practice hands and a chapter on hand match-ups with theoretical and practical advice. 240 pgs, paperback, 2006

                                      SECRETS OF SHORT-HANDED POT-LIMIT OMAHA
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                                      Item #: 9781904468448 -

                                        Among the cogent aspects of pot-limit Omaha the authors cover in this book are: how to gauge the optimum size of buy-in; how to decide whether to check-raise or bet into the raiser; represent big hands; misrepresent hands to get paid off; move your opponents off good, but non-nut hands; and judge when to raise with drawing hands. 232 pgs, paperback, 2009

                                        STRATEGIES TO BEAT SMALL STAKES POT-LIMIT OMAHA
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                                        Item #: 7549 -

                                          Subtitled "from beginner to winner in 28 lessons". Welcome to the Pot-Limit Omaha boot camp!Are you ready to work hard and study hard? If the answer is ��_��_��_yes��_ѝ, then this book will teach you all you need to know to start playing PLO, establish your game at the low-stakes and then move up to the higher limits. You will learn all the key concepts in step-by-step fashion. The material is split into 28 chapters and each chapter topic is discussed in four sections:The IntroductionThe...