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    Doc's 2016-2017 Sports Journal is a 162-page football schedule that includes every NCAA and Pro football game from pre-season in the beginning of August through the Super Bowl. Their schedule also includes: Exclusive information and articles Complete College and NFL team information College and NFL statistics Odds, Trends, Historical Angles Individual Game information Including: (kick off time, artificial turf vs. grass, match-up information, last years final score, next weeks opponent.) An...

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      Don Best Rotation Schedules provide detailed game information for all games, including: game-by-game match-ups, start times, locations, television coverage and, most importantly, rotation numbers. Rotation numbers are specific numbers assigned to each team/participant in a sporting match-up. They are used throughout the North American sports betting industry. Book One October 12 through November 9 Book Two November 10 through December 12 Book Three December 13 through January 9 Book Four...

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        Now in! 2013 College Football Preview. Selections on all 40 Opening Week Games! Contents vary weekly. GBC does NOT guarantee delivery for weekend games. Photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

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          Now In! Inside you'll find NBA season trends, NBA season, best bets and key plays, 2016-2017 NBA season schedule and much more. Print or PDF format (please specify in message box).

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            Score your copy of the Playbook Newsletter. It��_��s jam-packed with Pre-season Best Bets, Tremendous Trends, Over/Under Best Bets, The Complete 2017 Pre-season Schedule, plus much more. Photograph for illustrative purposes only. Single issue available in PDF or printed format (please specify)

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            PLAYBOOK ENTERPRISES Item #: 3306 -

              This information source is complete with stats and logs, 10 years of scores, head-to-head match-up results and weekly work schedules on every college and pro team. Features two full pages on every team, including complete 10-year history records versus every opponent, 10-year situational records for every team, 10-year game-by-game chronology results of every team plus much, much more. It's the top selling football reference stat book used by the pros, designed for the true handicapper! It's...

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                Covers the divisional games. Available in pdf format or print.

                POINTWISE - WEEKLY
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                  Chock full of stats and predictions for NCAA football and basketball and the NFL. GBC does NOT guarantee delivery for weekend games. Photograph is illustrative purposes only.

                  POWER SWEEP BOWL REPORT 2015-2016
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                    40 Game Double Bowl Issue! All the games Dec. 19, 2015 through January 2, 2016. Northcoast is 149-116 for the last 8 years and on the * basis 326-235 with the 4 *'s the last 5 years going 22-13-63%. With the date of the Bowl and the National Championship game on Jan. 11th they are not including the 2 weeks of NFL selections as they have done in the past. Look next week (Dec. 22) for a special edition of the NFL week 17. Photo is for illustrative purposes only. ...

                    SPORTS REPORTER
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                      NFL and NCAA  sports stats and predictions. GBC does NOT guarantee delivery for weekend games. Photograph is for illustrative purposes only.  

                      THE GOLD SHEET
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                        Every week, the prestigious Gold Sheet prepares this weekly that previews games for the upcoming week. Includes predicted scores based on power ratings and the sheet's projected line. Also features at least one and usually four key releases. Second section includes analysis of spread results by team (NBA, NFL, and NCAA) and other stats. GBC does NOT guarantee delivery for weekend games. Photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

                        WINNING POINTS WEEKLY
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                        Item #: 2350 -

                          This weekly covers Baseball and NFL games. Stats, schedules, NFL pre-season records, starting pitchers and more. GBC does NOT guarantee delivery for weekend games. Photograph is for illustrative purposes only.