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    Scoblete has unleashed his most secret-filled book to date. Discover everything you need to know about the game of craps to turn yourself from novice to expert in a flash. Includes the secrets behind the revolutionary Golden Touch dice control technique. Comes with a free DVD featuring unedited footage of controlled shots from four of the world's best players, featuring unedited controlled shots by four of the world's greatest dice controllers: Dominator, Stickman, Bill Burton and Frank Scoblete. 256 Pgs. 2010

    Table of Contents

    1. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Craps
    2. Pushing the House in Betting: How to Lower the House Edge Even More
    3. Best Bets for Savvy Players
    4. Dippy, Dopey, Dumb Bets
    5. Paying Off the Bets, or, the Moron Factor
    6. The Captain's 5-Count
    7. The Question of Credit
    8. Some Frequently Asked Questions
    9. The Greatest Random Roll in History
    10. Dice Control: The Only Way to Bet Craps
    11. What You Need to Know Before You Throw
    12. Physical Elements: Where to Stand, How to Stand, When to Scan
    13. Physical Elements: Dice Sets
    14. Physical Elements: Grabs, Pickups, and Grips
    15. Physical Elements: The Throw, Backspin, the Bounce, and the Back Wall
    16. Odds and Angles
    17. Betting Your Edge
    18. Money Management: the 1/2 and 1 Percent Solutions
    19. Getting the Monetary Edge Over The Casino
    20. Money Matters
    21. the P.O.W.E.R Plan
    22. When That Happens, This is What You Do
    23. Camouflage
    24. Team Play
    25. Frequently Asked Questions by Dice Controllers
    26. Five Days with the Five Horseman
    27. A Final Word from the Captain

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