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    Author Jean Scott made a name for herself in the gambling circles when she revealed what she knew about taking advantage of the casino promotions, comps, clubs, coupons, etc. Her first book was a rousing success and this time around she gives much the same type of information but with new and expanded material. Covers slot clubs, casino hosts, cash back, bounce back, beating promotions and tournaments, using mail offers, and heretofore secrets that most people dont know are available. 406 pgs,...

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      Everything You Need to Know About Gambling and Taxes. The complete tax implications of winning and losing at gambling are pretty much a mystery to accountants, gamblers, and even the Internal Revenue Service itself. The IRS offers surprisingly few details to guide gamblers through the tax maze. Furthermore, what the IRS does say is often general, vague, open to individual interpretation, and contradictory; IRS publications and personnel often leave you with more questions than answers. Tax...

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        You don't have to be a high roller to earn all the special treatment at a casino. Learn how to stay free at hotel-casinos, how to eat and drink on the house, how to play video poker for profit, even how to get bumped from airlines and fly free. 240 Pgs.1998