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    Poker has witnessed a phenomenal rise in popularity. While there are numerous instructional poker books available for sale, there is still little in the way of well-written poker fiction. 'A Girl in the Game' is the first of its kind in a new genre of poker fiction. Written by poker-playing physician, Dr. Mark Burtman, it is the story of a physician turned tournament poker legend who encounters his estranged daughter in a poker game. They rebuild their relationship through the game of...

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      Acclaimed novelist, Pete Hautman, a poker fan himself, has put together this anthology of poker stories. Stories include a contest that pits a teen against his girlfriend's family, a midnight game with the devil, an internet poker scheme gone wrong, and more. Hardbound, 2007.

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        A kidnapper just named the ransom - the most famous pot in the poker world! 240 Pgs. 2008

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          Part novel, part fact, this is a story that takes place in one of California's oldest card clubs. The title comes from the poker term that allows for high stakes play at a low stakes table by pushing the limits if a person wins two pots in a row. The people, though fictional, and what happens to them, are drawn from life. 183 Pages Paperback 2004< p>  < p> Table of Contents< h3> Preface: kill Pot< li> Roy's Story< li> Harvey's Story< li>...

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            The underlying theme of this novel is the interests that have equal potential to complete or destroy us. Whether it's another person, a hobby or a faith, each of us has consuming passions that, if left unexplored, would leave us unfulfilled; if explored too thoroughly, though, they could jeopardize everything else we hold dear. It's a delicate balance. Poker is the telescope used here to explore this universal tension, and the game is used throughout the novel as a catalyst for change,...

            PICASSO FLOP
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            Item #: 9780892960701 -

              Just out of prison after ten years, professional poker player Jimmy Spain visits his wealthy former cell mate, a rich man who wants the ex-con to mentor his only child in the game of poker. In return, he'll set Jimmy up and pay all of his buy-ins on the poker tour. The kid is a cocky and abrasive young girl named Kat who has some good, yet raw, poker skills. The pair enters a World Poker Tour tournament where things are coming up aces until a player is found brutally slain with three picture...

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                This poker fiction focuses on Joe Crest, a street-savvy Hollywood freelance writer and his close buddy from the Vietnam era, Hobby Newton, who is an indulgent wealthy loner with a black belt. The two love poker but theyr are often caught up in intrigue and duplicity when they meet up with unscrupulous players. Author Valley has combined his short stories about the two into this entertaining, readable work that most gamblers are sure to enjoy. 305 pages, paperbound, 2007.

                THE HAND YOURE DEALT
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                Item #: 9781416939894 -

                  A coming-of-age story set at a card table. Huck Porter's dad suddenly dies and he feels like nothing will ever make sense again. The girl he loves won't give him the time of day, and his mom works at a roadside diner to make ends meet. Worst of all is Huck's math teacher, a hungry card shark who wears the local poker tournament's first prize, a silver watch that Huck's dad wore proudly for three years. So Huck hatches a plan to win back the watch. Volponi's novel about grief, family and poker...

                  THE PROP
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                  Item #: 9780743284653 -

                    National Book Award winner pens a fast-paced mystery featuring a professional poker player who ups the ante in a deadly game of winner-take-all. 2006.

                    VEGAS KID
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                    Item #: 9780929712154 -

                      Sam Durango is riding high. He's the star of a TV western and he's married to a glamorous actress. Then everything goes to hell: His show is cancelled and his wife leaves him (taking most of his money and the house) alone in the cold cruel world. With a ragtag cast of charactershis archrival, a couple of escaped cons, a mystery woman, a good-old-boy casino owner, and the world's top poker playersSam heads to Blackie's Casino on Halloween looking to hit the jackpot. 197 pgs, paperback, 2003

                      WORLD SERIES OF ZOMBIES COMIC
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                      Item #: 3102 -

                        See what happens when a zombie outbreak sweeps through the World Series of Poker. Who will thrive, and who will fail to survive? Playing in the WSOP Main Event for the first time, Dalton is suddenly faced with the zombie apocalypse! Not only must he fight against hordes of the undead, he must also survive his fellow pokers players such as Phil Hellmuth, Phil "Unabomber" Laak, and Antonio Esfandiari, just to name a few. Approx. 24 Pgs. Summer 2015