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    This manual discusses 34 key areas of responsibility for the beginning dealer including customer courtesy, dress and personal appearances, general conduct, opening the table and counting the bankroll, the shuffle and dealing, making change, cheque cutting, game protection, minimum and maximum bets, hitting the dealer's hand, and peeking at aces. 64 Pages Paperbound 1993

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      Originally titled Techniques of Casino Games: Blackjack, this training tool for blackjack dealers explains rules and procedures, equipment, cheques, handling cards, card delivery, take and pay procedure. In the advanced chapters, the authors teach payoff methods, insurance, doubling down, splitting pairs, and surrender. A key section focuses on protection, including cheating from the inside or the outside. 117 pgs, paperback, 1993

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      HUNTINGTON PRESS Item #: 425 -

        This well-respected casino executive and former player explains to both management and players how to understand true count conversion, how a player may deviate from basic strategy, what bet spread and bankroll requirements really amount to, and the legalities of barring players. Also explains cheating techniques like front-loading, spooking, first-basing and warps. 138 Pgs. 1990

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          Russell has designed a book to train the novice in more than 40 important areas of responsibility: chain of command, bankroll, craps layout, dealer and working stacks, stickperson duties, layout, the various bets, handling the stick, delivering dice to the shooter, the dice bowl, high dice, dice calls, and more. 94 Pages Paperbound 1993

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            A total craps package that takes that extra step to make it worth the price. Teaches about craps from the very beginning, including the layout, the bets, the odds, etc., so that the surveillance expert will know exactly what is supposed to be going on at the table. It then moves into areas where things dont happen the way they should and shows the viewer what to look for, both on the table and around it.

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              The authors teach the proper techniques of dealing and supervising craps. Many illustrations, charts and layouts. Covers the basics: the layout; working stacks; duties of the stickperson; Counting Cheques and Change; Sizing Cheques; Bottom Cutting and Picking. Describes all the bets, plus credit, security and game protection. 246 pgs, paperback, 1983

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                Planning to attend a dealer's school? Want to learn what makes a good dealer? Or, if you just want to know what training a dealer must undergo, this book's for you. More than 40 illustrations, indexed with glossary. 78 Pgs.1982

                DUMMY UP & DEAL
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                UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA PRESS Item #: 686 -

                  H. Lee Barnes, who teaches English at the Community College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, has written a most entertaining, intriguing book on the ups and downs and colorful side of casino dealing (in this case the game is blackjack). Subtitled 'Inside the Culture of Casino Dealing', it should be read by anyone planning to train for a career in dealing and by anyone who wonders about the stresses of the job, the funny side of casino life, and the oddball nature of the players themselves....

                  DUMMY UP AND DEAL
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                    Dealers in Las Vegas have their own special language in the casino and in the dealer's room. A must for anyone planning to deal. Written in 1980, it is geared to the newcomer or break-in dealer. Lots of inside stuff, including 'survival techniques.' 123 pages, paperbound. 1980.

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                      Russell focuses on more than two dozen areas of responsibility, including customer courtesy, general conduct, opening the table and counting the bankroll, making change, cheque cutting, marking cheque values, spinning the ball, when the ball drops, after the ball drops, payoff procedures, minimum and maximum bets, cheque rackers responsibilities, currency bets, game protection, conversions, closing games, fills, credits, markers, courtesy call bets, marker redemption and tokes. 49 pgs,...

                      ROULETTE DEALING & SUPERVISING
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                      Item #: 616043911786 -

                        Thirty sections cover basic play, equipment, game terminology, wagers, general rules and procedures. Handling checks; buy-in procedure; cashing out; dealing and payoffs. On the intermediate level, he instructs pushing anywhere from one to nine stacks, payoffs. On an advanced level, he shows how to properly handle straight up keys; split payoffs, converting wheel checks, casino credit rules, fills and credits. 163 pgs, paperback, 1994

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                        TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 2116 -

                          Dealing poker is one of those occupations that looks easy when it is performed by a top-quality employee, and with effort, you or your staff can achieve this status. This text should help build and reinforce the skills necessary to perform the job well and to help establish a standard throughout the industry. 288 Pgs. 2009