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    The author looks at casino management from both the external and internal influences, and gives a close strategic view of how casinos operate and the factors that influence their success. Numerous topics including product, price, place and promotion. Includes nine vignettes that capture current issues (such as crisis planning and security). Special emphasis is placed on market planning and the connection between entertainment and industry. Chapters include Casino Management and Politics, Legal...

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      In 19 major chapters, the authors cover the Premium Player segmen, Currency Reporting, Casino Cage and Credit Collections, Slot Management, Introduction to Table Games, Table Game Operations and Casino Accounting. The section on Slot Management covers floor configuration, the floor layout and customer behavior, how to determine slot win and the importance of hit frequency. The casino marketing chapter explains slot clubs, cash mail or direct marketing promotions offering cash incentives, a...

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        Joseph, who is also a cheating and surveillance expert, presents a manual for the new supervisor. Focus begins with accepting the fact that the people who used to work with you now work for you so your attitude toward them has to change, followed with information about how to watch the games and dealers, what to look for in errors and/or cheating potential, what to do when players request cocktails and how to handle rating slips. Includes worksheets to make learning the trade easier. 127 Pgs....

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          Subtitled The Art of Managing Casino Games, this book reveals how casinos approach the games and the players in their pit. A casino consultant and former casino manager, Zender believes management is an art and argues against excessive concern about card counters and shuffle trackers, believing the casino manager is better off if he concentrates on increasing profits. He also believes controlled dice rollers are no threat, addresses player tracking systems, the 6-5 blackjack payout, marketing...

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            Based on the author's 30 years of experience dealing and managing poker rooms. Sections include general rules for poker room management, and specific rules in question-answer format keyed to stud, hold'em, Omaha and draw games. The step-by-step for opening a room, including furniture, equipment, specific charts, paperwork; dealer training; proper procedures for tournaments; house rules. 96 pgs, paperback, 1998   Table of Contents Rules Starting A Poker Room Dealer Training Games...

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              Subtitled "(For the Layperson) to AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Policy and Procedures" this is an excellent reference book packed full with essential data and information to assist the Compliance Officer and his her committee to assure a complete and comprehensive written program as required by US Federal regulations. This is an much needed tool and reference book which should be at arm’s reach. It consists of a combination of useful everyday ideology and direction with excerpts...

              CONRADS CORNER
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                An expert on marketing, customer service, and promotion, Conrad offers ideas and examples on how to innovate, solve problems, and train personnel. Mid-management or publicity directors can find money-making and money-saving ideas here. 190 Pgs. 2000

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                  Offers job seekers essential information about a variety of careers within the hotel and motel management field and includes training and education requirements, salary statistics, and professional and Internet resources. Chapters focus on an overview of the field, education and training, searching for a job, the 'front' of the house and 'the back' of the house. 152 pgs, paperback, 2004

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                    Guide to help you to understand how to operate a poker room. It explains in detail the employee’s that are needed to operate a poker room, explains their duties in detail including how to deal each game. It explains all of the rules for the various poker games. It provides a complete explanation and guide for setting up and managing promotional jackpots. Gives the rules for operating poker tournaments as recommended by the Tournament Directors Association. Forms are provided to help you to...

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                      If you play poker in various casinos, you know that each one seems to have unique rules and procedures. This book tries to create a standardized set of rules for the benefit of the house and the player. Divided into 17 chapters, it covers general rules, dealing procedure, ranking of suits, betting terms, button procedures, stud-type games, draw-games, kill games, Chinese poker. 74 Pgs. 1998

                      OVER THE TOP
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                        In classical literature, Sisyphus, a minor league trickster who played around a little too much in the big leagues, got his just desserts by eternally having to push rocks uphill only to watch them fall back down again. Can we achieve another result, or are we condemned to never achieving our goals? This book examines the Sisyphus dilemma as a metaphor for modern organizational life, and suggests ways of coping with our duties, acquiring contentment, and achieving resultsseeing the rock go...

                        RACE AND SPORTS HANDBOOK 2ND EDITION
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                          UNLV graduate Helmbold spent 16 years in the gaming industry and has compiled a handbook for people who want to work in the casino's race and sports book or for those who want to know exactly how these departments put up their numbers/odds/payoffs, etc. Starting with racing and wagering on thoroughbreds, he moves to quarter horses, harness and greyhounds before crossing over to basketball, football, baseball and hockey. One part is devoted to the futures, to back of the house operations,...

                          RAVING CASINO HANDBOOK SERIES (5 BOOK SET)
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                            A series of handbooks on the subjects of leadership, service, hosting, and player development, this work was compiled from articles written by Raving Consultants two senior strategists. Designed to provoke strategic thought around the areas of casino management and leadership. Focus is uniquely on the customer. Compilation, paperback, 2006

                            TABLE GAMES MANAGEMENT
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                              Whose responsibility is it to order more chips when a table game is running short? Who should check the dice when they return to make sure they have not been changed or altered? What are the factors that affect hold, including service issues and casino climate? This book answers these and many more questions and discusses the various Nevada Revised Statutes regarding asset protection (avoiding cheaters), with examples of laws that reference card switching, bet switching, bet capping, bet...

                              THE CASINO INDUSTRY LEXICON
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                                'The Casino Industry Lexicon' has over three hundred and seventy-five words every casino guest should know. Learn the insider language of the casino world and be in command of your gaming experience. Each word is concisely defined and expanded with valuable insightful information. The knowledge one will gain can be used to save money, settle disputes and give you the upper hand against the casinos. The authors have close to sixty years of combined experience on the casino gaming floor...

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                                  An excellent guide in five solid chapters that cover: Understanding Important Formulas and Definitions in Gaming (including The Drop, House Advantage, Expected Win from Individual Players, Win or Loss, The Hold, Long-Term Hold and Expected Hold, Expected Win. He follows with Management Strategies for Casino Craps; Understanding Key Concepts in Gambling (Significance of the House Advantage; Accounting for Irregularities in the Hold; Adjusting the House Advantage to Maximize Profitability); and...

                                  THE GAMING INDUSTRY INTRODUCTION & PERSPECTIVE
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                                    For anyone interested in pursuing or advancing a career in the gaming industry this is an ideal reference. It covers historical background and regulatory aspects of gaming; explores all facets of casino operations and examines the math and technology of casino operations. 270 Pgs. 1996 hardcover

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                                      While trading is a difficult endeavor, it's still possible to make money doing so in today's markets. The real question is: How can you achieve this goal? What is required is adapting a successful existing business model to this speculative arena. The model that makes most sense is the "casino paradigm" and nobody understands it better than author Richard Weissman - a professional trader with over fifteen years of experience consulting and training traders and risk managers. And now, with...