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    The late Mike Lee was the premier basketball handicapper between the 1970's and 2003. He was a columnist, a theorist and a bettor. He condensed his line-making theory and handicapping theories into this technical paper which has been the foundation of many players, and which was presented at a seminar to a sold-out crowd of novice players. 16 Pgs. 1979

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      A unique tool that is valuable to fans and coaches alike. Illustrates how strategy changes whether you have a good team or a bad team. Oliver investigates, dissects and sometimes debunks a number of important basketball theories and myths while examining the differences between team leaders and role players, studying the best and most unique players in NBA history and offering new ways of looking at the game from both a coach and fan point of view. 375 Pgs.2006

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        Fields explains how odds-making has changed over the last 20 years because of the Computer Group, a group of bettors who were able to make a killing with NCAA betting. Fields explores fundamental handicapping that is effective today and reveals why statistical-based power rating is not as effective as a blind handicapping tool. Gives a behind-the-scenes look at modern odds-making and power ratings such as Sagarin's USA Today ratings. 150 Pgs. Spiral-bound 1999 Table of Contents Chapter 1:...

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          A how-to book for bettors who are willing to spend some time handicapping to apply the author's systematic handicapping and wagering process. Explains how college basketball wagering works, the key ways to gain an wagering advantage, a step-by-step approach for handicapping games and tips for determining how much to wager. 145 Pgs. 2005

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            Don Best Rotation Schedules provide detailed game information for all games, including: game-by-game match-ups, start times, locations, television coverage and, most importantly, rotation numbers. Rotation numbers are specific numbers assigned to each team/participant in a sporting match-up. They are used throughout the North American sports betting industry. Book One October 2 - November 4 Book Two November 5 - December 7 Book Three December 8 - January 11 Book Four January 12 - February 8...

            FOREVER MAMBA
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              Forever Mamba - A Kobe Bryant Tribute Special. Order your copy today of this special tribute magazine reflecting on the life of Kobe Bryant, who suddenly passed away in a horrific helicopter crash. Color Photographs 81 Pgs. 2020

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                A comprehensive book on college basketball wagering. Seidel addresses how the market and the many sports books work, various types of wagering opportunities, how to select a conference to specialize in, how to identify advantageous investment opportunities and make investments, key factors in assessing teams and match-ups in a specific game, money management and needed info and technology infrastructure. 368 Pgs. 2004 hardcover

                RUNNIN REBEL
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                  No matter where his basketball travels took him during his 31 seasons in NCAA Division I college basketball, controversy was never far behind Jerry Tarkanian. The legendary former coach of the UNLV Runnin' Rebels proved himself to be one of the greatest coaches in the game's history, amassing an incredible overall record of 778-202, more wins than all but a handful of other coaches. He also had 29  20-win seasons, second all-time only to fellow legend Dean Smith of North Carolina,...

                  THE BOOK OF BASKETBALL
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                    Bill Simmons, the wildly opinionated and thoroughly entertaining basketball addict known to millions as ESPN’s The Sports Guy, has written the definitive book on the past, present, and future of the NBA. From the age-old question of who actually won the rivalry between Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain to the one about which team was truly the best of all time, Simmons opens—and then closes, once and for all—every major pro basketball debate. Then he takes it further by completely reevaluating...

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                      When the NBA released its supposedly authoritative list of the top 50 players, basketball fans everywhere begged to differ. In Who's Better, Who's Best? Elliot Kalb, known to TV viewers as ABC's 'Mr. Stats,' interweaves numbers, facts and anecdotes to flesh out the central question in every basketball fan's mind: Who's the best? His choices are provocative (Michael Jordan isn't #1; he's not even #2), framed by discussions with unorthodox sources and...