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A SEASON IN THE ABYSS football, brian tuohy, nfl, sports gambling, a season in the abyss, books,
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Item #: 6923 -

    Subtitled ' Sports Gambling VS. The NFL'S Integrity'. Tuohy's A Season In The Abyss discusses football and gambling. The two activities are inseparable. Yet the National Football League states it does not want fans to bet on its games. The league even fought against the state of New Jersey to keep sports gambling illegal. If wagering threatens the league��_��s integrity as it claims, then why does the NFL openly embrace the gambling taking place in fantasy football, and why does it allow teams...

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      Information includes point spread betting, the vigorish, parlays, and sports betting services and publications. Credit card sized, laminated.

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        Do you dominate your fantasy football league? Now is the time to raise the level of your game. "Conquering Fantasy Football: Drafting and Trading to Victory" explains advanced strategies for evaluating players and for making the moves that give your team the edge it needs to consistently win. You need not be the first person in your league to read this book, but you certainly don't want to be the last! 134 Pages Paperbound 2011

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          Carneiro captures the day by day and week by week excitement and tension of one fall season as he tries to beat the college pointspread. Covers his struggles against the almighty number, with detailed insights into the sportsbooks in Nevada: how they make the spread, who makes the spread, how line moves and why, the role of money, and how sportsbooks operate. 496 pgs, paperback, 2006

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            It's all in here! Over 25,000 stats including individual game-by-game performance logs and statistical leaders. 2012 draft results, fantasy schedules (8-14 team leagues), player index, team-by-team 2012 schedule and week-by-week 2012 schedule. Overviews of all  player positions and team previews. Ranks 490 players, NFL team breakdowns - schedules, stats, depth charts and predictions. Also has IDP analysis, top sleepers and 2012 projections.

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            Item #: 9780470125076 -

              Covers basics of fantasy play, choosing a league and preparing your draft. Includes intermediate and advanced topics such as acquiring players through free agency, trades, and waivers. Also covers playoffs and postseason fantasy football. 272 pgs, paperback, 2007

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              Item #: 783 -

                How to set up power rating for both colleges and pros, keep accurate meaningful records and general advice on smart handicapping. This book is a classic on the subject and should be helpful for any beginning bettor looking to get started. 64 Pgs.1980

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                Item #: 9781401603403 -

                  The Dallas Cowboys unveiled the NFL's newest and finest stadium in the autumn of 1971. With its distinctive outer ring of giant concrete buttresses and trademark hole in the roof "so that God could watch his team play," Dallas fans rightly had something to be proud of. Texas Stadium's been home to five Super Bowl winning teams, a feat no other venue since the AFL-NFL merger can boast. Now, after thirty-seven amazing seasons, this beloved stadium will fall silent after the last game...

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                  Item #: 9780071413190 -

                    The outrageous and unpredictable McMahon, leader of the 1985 Super Bowl-winning Chicago Bears, is known as the most entertaining quarterback of all time. The Punk QB delivers a new kind of sports quiz book filled with hundreds of engaging pro football facts and figures, hilarious anecdotes from his playing days, tests of knowledge from basic to expert, questions in the form of Who am I? multiple choice, amusing observations of colleagues and friends, plus in-your-face commentary. 211 pgs,...

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                    Item #: 9781401308841 -

                      In 1976, Vince Papale was a down-on-his-luck substitute teacher, part-time bartender, and season ticket holder for the Philadelphia Eagles, the team he'd grown up rooting for. He had always loved football, but the closet he'd ever come to playing on Sunday was in local rough touch leagues. Until fate stepped in. Vince was thirty years old and wondering what he would do with his life, when he heard that Coach Dick Vermeil was holding open tryouts for the Eagles. He had nothing to lose, and with...

                      KILLERSPORTS 2020 NFL ANNUAL
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                      KILLERSPORTS.COM Item #: 1930 -

                        Killersports 2020 NFL Annual contains information that you can use to become a confident, informed and successful football bettor. Full selections from MTi Sports and SportsBook Breakers, teaser trend plays from MTi, NFL and NCAA trend and system breakdowns, NFL and NCAA trends of the week with the SDQL, 420+ Perfect NFL trends for both sides and totals, and NFL player based trends. All New: Weekly annotated NFL schedule chart with key handicapping information along with games pages for every...

                        LAS VEGAS LINEMAKERS 2020 PRO FOOTBALL HANDICAPPING BOOK SPECIAL EDITION Football,Sports betting, handicapping
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                        MICHAEL HILLIN Item #: 43 -

                          Professionally designed starting power ratings with weekly team update pages. Last season’s playoff teams, division games, and prime time games are highlighted. Early starts back east for west coast teams and 3rd road game in 4 weeks are noted on the schedule. Columns for power rating plays, spread range plays, and system or situational plays. 2019 NFL power rating results above each team’s estimated line chart. 77 Pgs.

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                          PLAYBOOK ENTERPRISES Item #: 1273 -

                            Marc Lawrence's 2020 Playbook Football Preview magazine is the nation's best-selling football publication, combining College and NFL into one periodical. Loaded with stats, logs, trends, winning systems, College and NFL previews, and ATS Top 10 Teams. Plus exclusive charts including Monday Night results, coaches records, college overtime results, and many more, along with weekly Playbook Power Play picks on every team for the entire season. 256 Pgs. Magazine Format ...

                            MARC LAWRENCES BLACK BOOK: A GUIDE TO PICKING COLLEGE AND PRO FOOTBALL WINNERS sports betting , football, handicapping, sports betting
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                            PLAYBOOK ENTERPRISES Item #: 1272 -

                              Learn inside tips and winning theories that only the pros know. Contains 10 All New 'BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW' Super Systems from Marc Lawrence's personal library, plus all-new 100% trends and key game number results on every weekly college and pro-match-up throughout the entire season. Also contains 72 situational results (home, away, favorite, dog, off a win, off a loss, with revenge, vs. revenge, etc.) on every College and NFL team since 1991. 118 Pgs. Spiral-bound

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                              Item #: 616043917955 -

                                This publication includes information on money management, buying a half point (never-before-published info), playing streaks, teasers and propositions. There are sections on key numbers in the NFL, how to manage a bankroll, optimizing your return on risk, buying a half point on sides and totals, parlays, teasers and middles, playing the NFL moneyline, NFL proposition plays and 12 keys to winning NFL handicapping. Features the SDQL (Sports Data Query Language) which allows anyone with internet...

                                POSITIVELY FALSE
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                                  THE SERIES OF EVENTS surrounding Floyd Landis's 2006 Tour de France was as improbable as anything in the history of sports: He showed up nine seconds late for the race's opening prologue, donned the leader's yellow jersey twelve days later, and lost his lead only to regain it in remarkable fashion just before the Tour's final stage into Paris. Winning the Tour should have been the culmination of a life's dream, but a mere three days later, Landis was accused of using banned performance-enhancin...

                                  STAT ATTACK COLLEGE FOOTBALL SOFTWARE
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                                  STAT ATTACK SPORTS Item #: 1844 -

                                    Databases include every regular and post season game going back through the 1985-1986 season and are designed to allow the user to research almost any combination of variables and instantly find the accurate, statistical trend for the variables chosen by the user. The usable variables include date of game, location of game, teams playing in game, point spread, over/under number, location of game, month of game, surface of game, altitude of game, game day temperature, game day adverse weather,...

                                    THE BETTING BLACK BOOK
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                                    Item #: 7568 -

                                      This #1 best-seller, The Betting Black Book: Winning Sports Betting Data on All FBS Coaches, 2016-2017 College Football Edition, details the betting history of all 128 active FBS college football coaches. Ten years of college football betting data are synthesized and made simple for both the professional and amateur sports bettor to access every coach��_��s against-the-spread tendencies. Know how each coach��_��s team has performed against-the-spread: As big and small favorites and underdogs...

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                                      Item #: 9780973889802 -

                                        A Canadian physician who bets sports and writes about it, Hogben covers football, baseball and basketball handicapping. Strong sections on money management, shopping for prices, understanding value, and looking for a positive expectation. Covers betting the colleges and evaluating team personnel; defining offenses and defenses; categorizing teams by tiers and evaluating team goals. Discusses power ratings; why smart teams cover; the importance of defense; the role of offensive rebounding;...

                                        THE BLUEPRINT: NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS, THE LAST NFL SUPERPOWER
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                                        Item #: 9780312368388 -

                                          When Bill Belichick took over as coach of the famously inconsistent New England Patriots in 2000 and quickly turned them into what Boston Globe sportswriter Price terms the unlikeliest dynasty in the history of the NFL, the coach's low-key recipe for success was bound to be anatomized within an inch of its life. Fortunately, Price's account of the team's elegantly simple transformation from league laughingstock (his stories of their 1970s foibles are legion and hilarious, to nonfans at least)...

                                          THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL HANDICAPPER: HOW TO BEAT THE SPREAD
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                                          Item #: 1987 -

                                            A statistical guru, Bravenec has been picking college football winners since 1994. He explains in plain English how he uncovers statistical mismatches that lead to high-percentage point spread winners. He teaches how to use published statistics to pick teams to bet on each week; what games to avoid entirely; and which types of bets to make and which to avoid. He gives his views on money management and betting units, and his analysis behind every pick made last season with a recap of the...

                                            THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FOOTBALL BETTING
                                            Retail: $29.95
                                            Price: $5.00
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                                            Item #: 1992 -

                                              Two well-known handicappers share their insights and strategies into football handicapping. Moves from the basics (The Basic Elements of Football Betting; Can Football Bettors Really Win?) and proceeds to the factors that lead to picking a winner against the spread (A Checklist for Handicappers; The Grudge Game; A Look at Key Numbers). Details the Super Bowl and finishes with 10 Commandments of Football Handicapping and 10 Biggest Mistakes Football Bettors Make. Indexed 306 Pgs.1997

                                              THE PHYSICS OF FOOTBALL
                                              Price: $13.95
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                                              Item #: 9780060826345 -

                                                Physicist and football fan Gay breaks down the fundamental laws of physics that govern America's most exciting spectator sport. To illustrate the science behind football, he highlights some of football's memorable moments, along with legendary feats from the likes of Franco Harris and Joe Montana. Did you know that Newton's Second Law of Physics proves that Dick Butkus hit running backs with the force of a small killer whale? Or, the average force with which a football must be kicked during...

                                                THE UNEMOTIONAL FOOTBALL BETTOR
                                                Availability: Available
                                                Item #: 616043918815 -

                                                  Kellen presents 27 strategies for football wagering that stand the test of time, having shown a 62.3% winning figure over 20 seasons. He explains how and why he worked on developing these strategies, including his mistakes along the way. The book is divided into college and pro with stats, revenge, bounce backs, letdowns, momentum and negative momentum, totals, rivalries, bowls, playoffs. 182 pgs, spiralbound, 2003   Table of Contents Money Management Flat Betting vs. Percent of Bankroll...

                                                  WIN MORE LOSE LESS: MAXIMIZING PROFITS ON NFL WAGERING
                                                  Availability: Available
                                                  Item #: 616043919058 -

                                                    The author, concentrating on the NFL, gives step-by-step in-depth analyses unseen in any gambling book.  Half points, futures, parlays, synthetics, round robins, hedging, middles, the secret that no teaser tout will tell you, the best teaser to play (6,6-1/2 or 7), the stat that determines the pointspread outcome (and how to use it to your advantage), and how to track a sport service live - all designed to pad your wallet.  With equal parts of insight, logic and experience, Peszynski...

                                                    WINNING FANTASY FOOTBALL
                                                    Price: $14.95
                                                    Availability: Available
                                                    Item #: 9781580421805 -

                                                      One of Americas foremost fantasy football experts shows, step-by-step, everything you need to know to play and win at fantasy football. Includes the basic rules of play; when to draft players how to get value deep down in the rounds; tricks to finding sleepers and avoiding busts, and more. Includes the 10 basics of fantasy football, head-to-head, rotisserie, salary cap, keeper leagues, and draft/auction strategies. 275 pgs, paperback, 2005

                                                      WINNING STRATEGIES OF FOOTBALL HANDICAPPING
                                                      Availability: Available
                                                      Item #: 616043919089 -

                                                        The Gold Sheet, founded by publisher Mort Olshan in 1957, has guided many a player to the thinking-man side of handicapping by providing ideas, examining trends, and debunking or supporting theories. The publication's Power Ratings are among the industry's most respected. A collection of articles previously published in this prestigious weekly, the book covers general handicapping ideas and philosophies; the handicapper's checklist; the value of the number; tips for totals betting; and...