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    More a quick guide to some funny tricks that don't require slight of hand. These would be good ice breakers or pauses for a performer. 11 pgs, 1954

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      A famous card expert demonstrates tricks that have left theater audiences amazed, and that card-playing professionals have used profitably. It is not a book for beginners. But these shifts, palms, glides, false shuffles, cuts, fans, steals, and spectacular deceptions will help those with basic card expertise reach new levels of performance. Over 300 photos. 219 pages Paperbound 1993

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        Eleven card tricks (plus a few variations), including Quad Reverse; Eight Card Transposition; Surprise Monte; Quick Theft; Card Case Conjuration; Sandwich Deal and more. 24 pgs, paperback, 1970

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        Item #: 431 -

          Combines the five booklets originally published in the 1930s. Contains palms, shuffles, an especially good chapter on peeking, set-ups and flourishes. 163 pgs, paperback, 1974

          EARLY MARLO
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            More than 100 Marlo card tricks explained, some with illustrations. Indexed 132 pages  Spiralbound 1979

            EARLY VERNON
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            Item #: 695 -

              Early Vernon: The Magic of Dai Vernon in 1932.  Readers of the original Vernon Twenty Dollar Manuscript probably wondered who F.W.R was and what he looked like. The identity of Fawcett W. Ross has slowly come to light, as no subsequent book of Dai's has been published without credit lines. In the first two manuscripts, it definitely was F.W.R.'s guiding hand that lead trick to paper. Included in this publication is a picture of F.W.R. In 1961, Vernon and Ross got together and the results...

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              DOVER PUBLICATIONS INC. Item #: 2008 -

                Considered by many magicians and card sharps to be the one essential guidebook to attaining the highest level of card mastery. Includes author's own systems of false shuffling, false riffling and cutting, dealing from the bottom, palming cards, "skinning the hand" even three-card monte, plus 14 dazzling card tricks. 130 Pgs.1995

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                DOVER PUBLICATIONS INC. Item #: 732 -

                  Hundreds of close-up card tricks with more than 318 illustrations. Of use to the amateur as well as the pro who wants to add more tricks to his routine. 448 Pgs. 1974

                  FINGER TIP CONTROL
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                  Item #: 770 -

                    Finger Tip Control; Revolutionary Control, Chapter Three describes all the methods of control with a few exceptions. 23 pages, paper bound. 3rd printing, 1956, 1987.

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                      A balance of illustrations and analysis of moves like The Gambler's Palm; The classic Palm; Switching Palms; Pinch Palm; One Card Blackjack Muck; Two Card Muck; One Card Stud Poker Muck; One Card Pick Up; A Pair for Poker. Designed to help protect players against cheats. 50 pgs, spiralbound, 1982

                      JUMBO QUICK MONTE
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                      Item #: 616043914503 -

                        The "Three Card Monte" has long been a popular scam game played on the streets of most major cities and featured in movies and on television. It has also become a staple in most magicians' acts. There have been thousands of variations published through the years, as it is one of the few gambling themed routines that can be followed by all audiences. The most popular of all Monte routines is "Color Monte" which was originally published by Bill Elliott as "3 Card...

                        LEARN HOW TO STACK A DECK
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                        Item #: 616043916798 -

                          A sleight of hand and casino surveillance expert shows step-by-step methods for various card-sharp moves often used in private and home games but also sometimes attempted by casino dealers. Some of the deck-stacking moves he shows are the cold deck set-up, the hay maker, and the four card stack. 2008

                          LETS SEE THE DECK
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                          Item #: 1206 -

                            Fourteen card tricks from Marlo: Count Down Flourish; Age-Old Card Control; Imitation of Scarne; One Hand Reverse; Handling Improved; Third Rosini; Aces in Reverse; Hotel Mystery; Aces Disregarded; Nu Presentation; Flying Reverse; Psychological Out; Blindfold Poker Deal; and Gardner Marlo Poker Routine. 32 pgs, paperback, 1942

                            MASTER KEY & RUN-UP SYSTEMS
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                            Item #: 1281 -

                              Two systems for card manipulation. Master Key deals with various card- marking schemes. Run-Up Systems is about cutting, shuffling, stacking. 56 pages Paperbound 1951 Reprinted

                              MAX MAVENS JUMBO BWAVE
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                              GAMBLING INCORPRATED Item #: 2434 -

                                Max Maven created a sensation when he released his original "B'Wave." Practically every magician on the planet owns one, carries it and uses it. Since that time many have created variations but this classic version has stood the test of time and is still the best. You display four Jumbo blue-backed cards (said to be four queens). A spectator selects one of the queens. The named queen is shown to be the only one that is face up. It is also the only one with a red back. To...

                                MEIR YEDIDS CARD ANIMATIONS
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                                GAMBLING INCORPRATED Item #: 2435 -

                                  Meir Yedid was the first person to win the Society Of American Magician’s Close-Up Magic Championship more than once. He was also awarded the Society’s rarely presented Originality Medal. Meir has spent the last 30 years touring throughout the world performing and teaching his brand of creative magic. This book features Meir's offbeat magic where he uses ordinary playing cards in extraordinary ways. All of these routines are visual, quirky and very memorable. Routines Include: Demolition: A...

                                  MIRACLE CARD CHANGES
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                                  Item #: 616043914541 -

                                    Step by step instruction on hw to make one card appear, disappear, and seem to be another card. 24 pgs, paperback, 1954

                                    MULTIPLE SHIFT
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                                    Item #: 616043914558 -

                                      Practical methods of shifting cards. 59 pgs, paperback, 1961

                                      ODD TRICKS
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                                      Item #: 616043914565 -

                                        This classic, first published in 1934, was ahead of its time. It's a book about card sense, written for people who play an average or better game of bridge. The hands (each illustrated) are practical problems in situations that actually occurred, somewhat like a law student's casebook. 141 Pgs. 1978

                                        OFF THE TOP
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                                        MAGIC, INC. Item #: 1389 -

                                          Contains ten sleights action palm, action bottom palm, ripple speller replacement, one hand palm, Marlo's false shuffle and cut, the cook's sleight, one hand double turnover, drop sleight, secret reverse, card adding. Also 15 effects three card monte addition, between discovery, card to pocket surprise, rub away, rub away magazine, triple routine, night club routine, quickie transpo, surprise reverse, surprise again, what to do, four ace reverse, perplexo aces, lightning aces, and ace...

                                          ROUGH STUFF
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                                          Item #: 616043914589 -

                                            Uncovers the techniques for performing: Card Matchum; Rasputin Deck; Mentaldini; Aldini's Deck Press; Socrates Deck; Deckmaster; Nostradamus Deck; How to Use Roughing Fluid; List of Rough and Smooth Decks. 23 pgs, paperback, 1956

                                            SIDE STEAL
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                                            Item #: 616043914596 -

                                              With 100 illustrations, Marlo explains 36 possibilities and variations of the side steal sleight. 61 pgs, paperback, 1957

                                              STACK ATTACK
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                                              Item #: 616043914602 -

                                                One of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of an experienced card worker is the pre-arranged or stacked deck. Some of the most amazing feats in card magic make use of some form of deck pre-arrangement. This book shows different aspects of the handling of stacked decks. 43 pgs, paperback, 1998

                                                THE EXPERT AT THE CARD TABLE
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                                                MUNARI AUCTIONS Item #: 9410 -

                                                  This, The Expert at the Card Table is a classic treatise on card manipulation and magic was published in 1902 by S.W Erdnase, a pseudonymous author, whose true identity has been a long, much discussed mystery. For over a century, The Expert At The Card Table has been regarded by many magicians and card enthusiast as a 'how to' for performing sleights tricks, such as false riffling and cutting, dealing from the bottom, "skinning the hand" and more. The booklets, consisting of 218 pages and...

                                                  THE MASTER PALM
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                                                  Item #: 616043914633 -

                                                    Covers subjects such as Cup Shuffle, The Master Palm, Close Up and Stand Up. Illustrations 75 Pgs. 1975

                                                    THE OFFICIAL POKER CARD STUNTS VOL. 2
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                                                    Item #: 616043914640 -

                                                      Master card throwing, spinning cards on your fingers, switching cards and a huge variety of techniques with those pocket cards you'll muck or need to turn over in Texas Hold'em, Blackjack, etc. Also, a fantastic collection of stunts for any card magician. You will learn the best 40 card techniques to ever hit the table! Top Turnover...Under Turnover...Deck Turnover...Barndoors...Why Flip...Snap Change...Pocket Turn...Explosion...Single Hand Whirl...Two Hand Whirl...Air Whirl...Psych...

                                                      THE OFFICIAL POKER CARD STUNTS: VOL. I
                                                      Availability: Available
                                                      Item #: 880074022739 -

                                                        World class magician and poker player Rich Ferguson teaches a wide range of card techniques that includes utility moves, flashy stunts such as card spinning and throwing, card switches and changes, visual methods to present chosen cards, and ways to deal cards using only one hand. These 40 stunts were designed with poker players in mind. 2005

                                                        THE OFFICIAL POKER CHIP TRICKS: VOL. I
                                                        Availability: Available
                                                        Item #: 730475761006 -

                                                          Learn how to show off, toss, spin, shuffle, bounce, play and impress with your poker chips! This 'Chip Tricks' DVD comes with over 70 tricks! Shuffle... Pullover... Push Down Shuffle ...Short Shuffle ...Un-shuffle ...Butterfly ...Fat Butterfly ...Roll Down ...Butterfly Balance ...Butterfly Collapse ...Rebound Stack ...Peacock ...Double Butterfly ...S-Fan ...Galaxy ...Vertical Chip Roll ...Anti-Gravity ...Muscle Pass ...Finger Catch ...Ricochet ...Reverse Twirl ...Twirl ...Two Chip...

                                                          THE OFFICIAL POKER FLOURISHES: VOL. 1
                                                          Availability: Available
                                                          Item #: 880074014239 -

                                                            With this DVD as your guide, you will master many of the most visual and practical card flourishes possible. Step by step instruction from multiple angles makes learning fun and easy. Instant access to each technique using interactive menu. 2005

                                                            THE OFFICIAL POKER SHUFFLES & CUTS: VOL. I
                                                            Availability: Available
                                                            Item #: 880074014338 -

                                                              This DVD explains in detail 50 of the hottest stunts and tricks you have seen on television or at a poker game. 22 shuffling skills and 28 cutting skills. Instant access with each trick using the interactive menu. 2005

                                                              THE TABLED PALM
                                                              Price: $7.79
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                                                              Item #: 616043912035 -

                                                                Explains 26 possibilities and variations of palming while the deck is on the table. Includes 57 illustrations. 38 pgs, paperback, 1957

                                                                TRICKS WITH DAUB
                                                                Price: $9.98
                                                                Availability: Available
                                                                Item #: 616043914664 -

                                                                  Daubs are special inks used by card manipulators. This booklet explains the types of daubs used, how to get and use them to baffle an audience. Useful for the person who wants to know what to look for in a marked deck. 11 pages, softbound. No Date.