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    As Simon & Schuster celebrates seventy-five years of publishing crossword puzzles, it is pleased to add a new line to its most famous series. The Savage Crosswords series offers truly fearless cruciverbalists the ultimate challenge: all-new brainteasers guaranteed to leave them begging for more. With a spiral binding and stiff cardboard back, Simon & Schuster's Savage Crosswords #1 will delight puzzle fans with some of the toughest crosswords ever published. 64 pgs, paperback, 2000

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    Item #: 1997 -

      Since its 1913 debut, the crossword puzzle has grown into one of mankind's most enduring and popular pastimes. This lively, detailed history of the crossword puzzle not only gives you a few clues about how and why these puzzles became so popular, but also introduces the people behind the story and the surprising role that crosswords have played in our world. Behind-the-scenes insights from competition champs; opinions from prominent puzzlemakers; tips on cluing and construction for the Will...