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    This is the perfect antidote if your time is scarce, your attention span is limited, and you want to be a winning Hold'em player. Take just a few minutes to review these money-making tips right before you play, and you could win five times as often and ten times as much! 128 Pgs. 2009Table of ContentsWalk-In Casino Protocol & TipsSmart Texas Hold'em TipsWinning No-Limit Hold'em TipsWinning Limit Hold'em TipsMoney-Making Cash-Game Hold'em TipsMoney-Making Tournament Hold'em TipsSmart Short Game...

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        No-Limit Hold'em is an extremely complex game that is difficult to learn and even more difficult to teach. Many authors have produced works on this topic which are either too simplistic or far too complex to be of any practical use. Hunter Cichy has a unique ability to present advanced concepts in a manner that any committed student can understand and implement. In this cutting-edge work, Hunter outlines a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to poker analysis. His philosophy is built around...

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          Wiese provides the ultimate poker book that gives you an unparalleled edge at the poker table. After the huge success of "Eat Professional Poker Players Alive!', he decided to write this book that focuses strictly on No-Limit Cash Games. If you like to build up your chip stacks considerably, destroy the other players at the No-Limit Cash Games, then this is the book for you. 239 Pgs. 2011

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            Have you ever sat against a monster bet wishing that you knew what was coming on the river? Wonder if this is even possible? Over the years, hustlers and card mechanics have developed hundreds of techniques to create a poker environment where even sharks become prey. Cheating does occur, and the serious player 's best protection against it is to understand how it works. Whether you are simply curious, an avid card player, or someone interested in dabbling on the darker side of poker, Cheating...

            DONKEY POKER
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              Donkey Poker: Crushing Low-Stakes Live NLH Volume 1: Preflop teaches you how to crush the low-stakes live no-limit hold'em games you will find in Las Vegas. These "Donkey Games" play much differently than high-stakes live games or even low-stakes online games, so the optimal strategies are often much different. Donkey Games are filled with players who make the same mistakes over and over again and who are very exploitable. Donkey Poker teaches a small-ball brand of exploitive and low-variance...

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                Donkey Poker is a soup-to-nuts description of how to crush low-stakes Vegas no-limit hold���em. Volume 2: Postflop teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about postflop strategy, from the flop to the river. It also covers other important topics, such as variance, bankroll management, GTO strategy, moving up in stakes and exploiting live reads. Many statistics are discussed, including those from online and live NLH. Statistics from Vegas $1/$2 and $2/$5 games are published for the first...

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                  The hand reading process in Volume 3 is optimized for low-stakes live no-limit holdem. It teaches you how to incorporate actual live-action stats into your hand reading skills to maximize your profit. Many examples take you through the hand reading process step-by-step using Flopzilla. 194 Pgs. 2017

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                    HOW TO CRUSH NO-LIMIT HOLDEM
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                      One of the great cash game players today shows you how to crush today's toughest no-limit hold'em cash games. Dusty Schmidt, a legendary Internet cash game player and renowned teacher, shows players how to crush today's toughest no-limit hold'em cash games. Focusing on real life examples, the authors show how to maneuver in inexact situations where players don't know opponents' ranges and strategies, and where pot odds and stack sizes aren't necessarily known quantities. They look at their own...

                      JOHN PATRICK TEXAS HOLDEM: DVD
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                        Patrick reveals his approach to playing Hold'em with over 20 lessons and strategy discussions designed to appeal to beginners through intermediate players. Focus is on how to maximize returns when playing in home games by reading tells, knowing when to bet, how and when to raise. Easy to navigate menus allow the viewer to watch exactly the areas of interest.

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                          There is much, much more to being a good live cash player than simply playing the hand ��_��_��_correctly��_ѝ. The player needs to develop a whole host of other skills. Jonathan Little, a top-ranking professional poker player, teaches these skills. Jonathan is one of the best instructors the game has ever seen and has an almost unique ability to explain difficult poker concepts in simple terms. Live No-Limit Cash Games covers when to play loose/aggressive, when to play tight/aggressive; when...

                          MY FIRST 55,000 HANDS
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                            Subtitled "How I Learned to Play Ultimate Texas Hold'Em Cheaper, Better, Longer". The six section book starts off giving the reader a simplified and interesting explanation of all the casino math built into the game. The author then explains how and why his approach to the game evolved through seven phases of refinement during his 55,000 hand field test in the casinos. Section three contains chapters on basic play and strategy. This section takes the reader, step by step, through the strategic...

                            NO-LIMIT HOLDEM FOR ADVANCED PLAYERS
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                              In 2003 poker was put on television and no-limit hold'em quickly became the most popular form of poker played in casinos, public cardrooms, and on the Internet. At first, because of the newness of the game to most participants, they could be easily be beaten by players with only a moderate knowledge of sophisticated strategy. But today, this is no longer the case. Even though no-limit hold'em is not, from a game theory perspective, a solved game, many ideas and concepts which come from this...

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                                This is not your traditional poker book. This is a workbook that helps you test and improve your hand reading skills. Hand reading is one of the most necessarily skillsets for all NLHE players - so spending the time to get the process down pat is 100% worthwhile. Once you can assign correct ranges for your opponent on every street - it becomes a breeze to figure out when to find a big fold, when to value bet thinner, and when to fire that big bluff.Poker Workbook: Hand Reading For Live Players...

                                SECRETS OF PROFESSIONAL TOURNAMENT POKER VOL. 1
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                                  Jonathan Little, a highly successful poker professional who has won over $4 million in tournament play in just four years, explains exactly how to succeed in the highly competitive field of tournament poker. Tournament poker is a tough game to play but the rewards for success can be huge. Even regular online tournaments offer substantial prizes running to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Playing technically sound poker is crucial but this is far from the only skill necessary. It teaches the...

                                  TEXAS HOLDEM: A GUIDE TO TEXAS HOLDEM FOR BEGINNERS
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                                    If you enjoy playing standard poker but are looking for something with a bit more strategy and a much higher potential, then Texas Hold��_��em may be just the thing for you. Texas Hold��_��em is currently more popular than ever and the detailed analysis available in Texas Hold��_��em: A Guide to Texas Hold��_��em for Beginners will provide you with everything you need to know to be backdooring a case card off the river in no time flat. The book discusses the history of Texas Hold��_��em and...

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                                      This book is different from other poker books you may have read. It��_��s certainly different from any book I��_��ve written. It��_��s written for players who are smart and who know that to succeed, you have to be different. Because in poker, if you play and think like everyone else, you��_��ll also get results just like everyone else. There��_��s a saying in the golf world that you don��_��t worry about the other players. You just play the course. It doesn��_��t matter if you��_��re playing...

                                      THE FULL TILT POKER STRATEGY GUIDE: TOURNAMENT EDITION
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                                        Craig interviewed a golden dozen players: Big-time competitors Huck Seed, Chris Ferguson, Howard Lederer, Phil Gordon, Gavin Smith, Ted Forrest, David Grey, Mike Matusow, Andy Bloch, Rafe Furst, Richard Brodie and Keith Sexton for special insight into the world of high-stakes tournament poker. Chapters include No-limit play with topics such as the Theory of Leverage; Play Before the Flop; Play After the Flop; Big Stack Play; Short-Stack Play and Online Tournament Strategy. Also features...

                                        THE MYTH OF POKER TALENT
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                                          "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. ��_��_��_ Thomas EdisoThe Myth of Poker Talent is a unique book and is the culmination of renowned poker trainer Alex Fitzgerald's work with over 1000 students over a 10 year period. Alex has discovered what makes a winning poker player and here's the good news. It has nothing to do with poker talent. If you want to excel at the game you'll need to buy this book, study Alex's method and work hard ��_��_��_ but you don't...

                                          THE NO-LIMIT HOLDEM WORKBOOK
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                                            Subtitled 'Exploiting Regulars". Self-made poker millionaires Tri "SlowHabit" Nguyen and Tom "kingsofcards" Marchese will show you how to crush the regulars at your table with The NL Workbook. They will teach you advanced no-limit strategies that they used to win million of dollars from poker. Whether it is Heads-Up, Short-Handed, or Full-Ring, The NL Workbook has helped many professional poker players improve their winrate and swollen their bankrolls. Many readers can attest to this fact.You...

                                            THE THEORY OF POKER APPLIED TO NO-LIMIT
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                                              The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky has long been recognized as the foundational book for all of poker no matter what the game, and at the time of this writing is still the best selling book in poker. But that book, while applicable to many aspects of no limit and pot limit poker was originally written mainly with limit games in mind. Now, the most popular form of poker is no-limit hold em. As a result, David felt it was time to write a new book that would methodically address each of the...

                                              WINNING POKER TOURNAMENT STRATEGIES
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                                                All of the secrets exposed! This book illustrates the strategies used to win the Aussie Millions Poker Tournament in 2007. It is like a treasure map to the final table. Look at what's inside: 39 graphs or tables that illustrate the strategies used to win the Aussie Millions Poker Tournament in 2007; precise analysis of the illustrations presented; explanation of playing position; choosing your starting hands; pot odds and implied pot odds; why you should defend your blinds and why you should...

                                                POKER WIZARDS: WIZDOM FROM WORLDS TOP NO-LIMIT PLAYERS
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