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    No-Limit Hold'em is an extremely complex game that is difficult to learn and even more difficult to teach. Many authors have produced works on this topic which are either too simplistic or far too complex to be of any practical use. Hunter Cichy has a unique ability to present advanced concepts in a manner that any committed student can understand and implement. In this cutting-edge work, Hunter outlines a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to poker analysis. His philosophy is built around...

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      Bakker writes how poker has changed immensely in the last few years. While once played only in casinos and home-games, it's now exceedingly popular on the Internet and has taken on a completely different aspect in terms of winning strategy. 'Analytical No Limit Hold 'em' provides the tools and theory needed for tough mid-stakes short-handed games, specifically those played online. It examines the latest techniques and strategies used by many of today's top players, and explains what strategic...

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      TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 3198 -

        Subtitled "A Guide to Understanding Theoretical Sound Poker". One of the most daunting moments in a poker player's career occurs when he realizes his knowledge of how to play a specific hand well is incomplete without the additional understanding of how to play every other hand in his range well. This task would be impossible if a player had to actually think about every other hand in his range, but by understanding theoretical sound poker, he can quickly design balanced ranges using the...

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        Steve Selbrede Item #: 3212 -

          Subtitled " The Biggest Mistakes Made by Low-Stakes, Live-Action No-Limit Hold'em Players", “Beat the Donks” is a book about the lowest stakes No-Limit Hold’em cash games played in Las Vegas. These games are filled with “Donks” that are easy to beat as long as you can recognize and exploit their mistakes. This book defines a Donk as an experienced player who makes the same mistakes over and over again, unwilling to adapt. This stubbornness makes the Donk very predictable and, therefore, easy...

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          Item #: 320 -

            Wiese provides the ultimate poker book that gives you an unparalleled edge at the poker table. After the huge success of "Eat Professional Poker Players Alive!', he decided to write this book that focuses strictly on No-Limit Cash Games. If you like to build up your chip stacks considerably, destroy the other players at the No-Limit Cash Games, then this is the book for you. 239 Pgs. 2011

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            MIKE CARO MCU Item #: 452 -

              One of casino poker's pioneers, Mike Caro, The Mad Genius of Poker, has been teaching people his brand of winning since the 1970s. He was a major contributor to Doyle Brunson's Super System, and is the creator of the first videos on poker tells. In this title he continues with his lessons on Hold'em by revealing some previously unpublished, secret strategies, including rankings and anatomies of all 169 categories of holdem starting hands. Chapters cover the concepts of bluffing, image,...

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              HUNTINGTON PRESS Item #: 640 -

                Ask any great poker player how they'd play a hand and the answer is always 'It depends.' That answer can be infuriating. But guess what? It really does depend. The key to becoming a great poker player is in knowing exactly what it depends on. At last there's a book that gives you that answer. Poker is a game of so many variables: table position, flop texture, bet sizing, pocket holdings, players in a hand, personalities of the players, and so much more. 'Decide to Play Great Poker' teaches you...

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                NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK Item #: 662 -

                  No-Limit Hold’em is a tough game to play well which is why it is the game of choice for the high-stakes pros. At every moment every player’s entire stack is vulnerable. The key to NLHE is understanding and exploiting this fact. 'Dominate No-Limit Hold’em' will reveal the key plays that will enable you to take advantage of this opportunity. Ashman is a highly successful NLHE high-stakes player. In this book he reveals how the very best players think about the game and discusses many advanced...

                  DONKEY POKER
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                  Item #: 2842 -

                    Donkey Poker: Crushing Low-Stakes Live NLH Volume 1: Preflop teaches you how to crush the low-stakes live no-limit hold'em games you will find in Las Vegas. These "Donkey Games" play much differently than high-stakes live games or even low-stakes online games, so the optimal strategies are often much different. Donkey Games are filled with players who make the same mistakes over and over again and who are very exploitable. Donkey Poker teaches a small-ball brand of exploitive and low-variance...

                    DONKEY POKER VOL. II POSTFLOP
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                    Item #: 7803 -

                      Donkey Poker is a soup-to-nuts description of how to crush low-stakes Vegas no-limit hold���em. Volume 2: Postflop teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about postflop strategy, from the flop to the river. It also covers other important topics, such as variance, bankroll management, GTO strategy, moving up in stakes and exploiting live reads. Many statistics are discussed, including those from online and live NLH. Statistics from Vegas $1/$2 and $2/$5 games are published for the first...

                      DONKEY POKER VOL. III HAND-READING
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                      Item #: 7804 -

                        The hand reading process in Volume 3 is optimized for low-stakes live no-limit holdem. It teaches you how to incorporate actual live-action stats into your hand reading skills to maximize your profit. Many examples take you through the hand reading process step-by-step using Flopzilla. 194 Pgs. 2017

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                        NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK Item #: 10982 -

                          Excelling at Tough No-Limit Hold'em Games is a must-have if you have ambitions to move up the stakes. Renowned poker player and leading coach Jonathan Little brings together ten No-Limit experts to provide cutting-edge information for the keen student. All the authors are established coaches for pocarr.com, the prominent backing company. Pocarr has helped numerous players to climb the poker ladder and succeed at the highest levels in events such as the WCOOP (World Championship of Online...

                          EXPERT HEADS UP NO LIMIT HOLDEM VOL. 2
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                            TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 930 -

                              World champion Harrington begins sharing his insight into success at cash games with chapters that look at basic ideas such as the four principles expectation, odds and outs, and bet types before moving on to the Elements of No-Limit Holdem, covering stack size in relation to hand selection, bet count tables, pot size and pot commitment. The third major section includes tight-aggressive play before the flop, followed by the same concept on the flop, heads-up, and against multiple opponents....

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                              TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 931 -

                                World champion Harrington continues his insight into success at cash games with chapters that look at tight aggressive play on the turn, tight aggressive play on the river, tells and observations, playing a style that's loose-aggressive and beating the weak games, and bankroll management. Each chapter covers myriad topics such as reasons for betting, balancing bet size, bluffing, leverage, understanding where you stand, playing live games, disguising your play, picking up blinds, applying...

                                HARRINGTON ON HOLDEM 1: STRATEGIC PLAY
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                                TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 932 -

                                  The seven segments in this work focus on the beginning and middle stages of no-limit tournament play. A vital tutorial involving reshaping and remaking the way you think about the game in regard to other players, bankroll, position and pot odds among other factors. Discusses the role luck plays; when to show hands and why; various types of tournaments, including multi-table online; which tells are most important; pot odds and hand analysis. The heart of the book is the problem-question-answer...

                                  HARRINGTON ON HOLDEM II: THE ENDGAME
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                                  TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 933 -

                                    In volume one of this series, the author explained how to play the early phases of tournaments when people have plenty of chips and the blinds and antes are small. Here, the focus is on the endgame, how to play the later phases of a tournament when you have a shot at getting into the money, and when the blinds and antes are growing. Information on how to make moves, handle tricky inflection point plays, and maneuver when the tourney is down to its last few players. Includes a chapter on...

                                    HARRINGTON ON HOLDEM III: THE WORKBOOK
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                                    TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 934 -

                                      You are presented with decisions faced by one of the people in the hand and you have to pick the play you would make in the specific situations. The incorrect play often is the focus followed by analysis, criticism and a look at errors. The goal overall is to improve post-flop play. Examines areas like betting for value; aggression meeting aggression; facing an early limper; avoiding the negative free-roll; calling with good odds; maneuvering with nothing; pot odds dictate; playing aces;...

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                                      TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 937 -

                                        The first strategy book devoted exclusively to no-limit heads-up play. Using extensive hand examples and accompanying theory, chapters include: master expected value, equity, value betting, and the mathematics of heads-up strategy; play and exploit each of the most common playing styles; manipulate the pot size based on your hand and your opponent; attack button limps, bluff multiple streets, and aggress in the most profitable manner; exploit your opponents tendencies and perceptions through...

                                        HOW GOOD IS YOUR POT-LIMIT HOLDEM
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                                        Item #: 983 -

                                          HOW TO DOMINATE $1 AND $2 NO LIMIT HOLDEM
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                                          CONTENT DISTRIBUTORS INC. Item #: 1006 -

                                            Many of today's poker players learned about the game by watching tournament play on television. However, No-Limit cash games differ from tournaments in strategy. O'Connor discusses the importance of domination and power, dedicating the first half to new players while the second half goes into advanced concepts. 406 Pgs. 2007

                                            JOHN PATRICK TEXAS HOLDEM: DVD
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                                            Item #: 1127 -

                                              Patrick reveals his approach to playing Hold'em with over 20 lessons and strategy discussions designed to appeal to beginners through intermediate players. Focus is on how to maximize returns when playing in home games by reading tells, knowing when to bet, how and when to raise. Easy to navigate menus allow the viewer to watch exactly the areas of interest.

                                              JONATHAN LITTLE ON LIVE NO-LIMIT CASH GAMES 2: THE PRACTICE
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                                              NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK Item #: 3672 -

                                                Leading professional Jonathan Little excels live No-Limit cash game play. In this book he teaches readers how to master the intricacies of this fascinating game. Jonathan’s first book in this series, Jonathan Little on Live No-Limit Cash Games, Volume 1:The Theory outlined how the modern professional plays the game. Now Jonathan has produced a second volume, allowing players to test their understanding of the nuances of playing NL live. The question and answer format allows the reader to...

                                                JONATHAN LITTLE ON LIVE NO-LIMIT CASH GAMES: VOL.1 THE THEORY
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                                                NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK Item #: 2822 -

                                                  There is much, much more to being a good live cash player than simply playing the hand ��_��_��_correctly��_ѝ. The player needs to develop a whole host of other skills. Jonathan Little, a top-ranking professional poker player, teaches these skills. Jonathan is one of the best instructors the game has ever seen and has an almost unique ability to explain difficult poker concepts in simple terms. Live No-Limit Cash Games covers when to play loose/aggressive, when to play tight/aggressive; when...

                                                  JONATHAN LITTLES EXCELLING AT NO-LIMIT HOLDEM
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                                                  NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK Item #: 6549 -

                                                    Excelling at No-Limit Hold'em is a sensation in poker publishing. Renowned poker professional and author Jonathan Little brings together 17 of the greatest no-limit experts in the world to discuss all aspects of the game. These experts include superstars such as Phil Hellmuth, Chris Moneymaker, Mike Sexton and Jared Tendler. In Part 1 strategies are analyzed for topics such as understanding the fundamentals, satellite play, lower-buy in events, analyzing tells and moving up in stakes. Part 2...

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                                                    HUNTINGTON PRESS Item #: 3066 -

                                                      In this follow-up to the best-selling 'Kill Phil', the authors blend real-time experience, poker math and computational horsepower to create new concepts and advanced strategies for multi-table tournaments, sit-n-go's and satellites. Aussie Millions champ Lee includes hand illustrations and commentary by Internet player Bertrand Elky Grospellier, WPT 2009 Poker Player of the Year. Focuses on early-stage play and the endgame and covers online short-handed no-limit cash games. Indexed 373 Pgs....

                                                      KILL PHIL: FAST TRACK TO SUCCESS IN HOLDEM TOURNAMENTS
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                                                      HUNTINGTON PRESS Item #: 1153 -

                                                        This revision of the 2005 book includes refinements to the strategy to help players overcome the ongoing style changes of the pros. Strategy is designed to take advantage of weaknesses in no-limit hold'em tournaments, the over-emphasis on the all-in move in the later stages. Analyzing players and their styles, this book covers the chip-status index and how to calculate CPR (the cost per round). 284 Pgs. 2009

                                                        MAKING THE FINAL TABLE
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                                                        Item #: 2433 -

                                                          Lindgren asserts that the poker strategies of conservative slow play are no longer effective for dominating the tables, winning tournaments takes strong, aggressive play. He demonstrates how to make the money with a step-by-step strategy from winning a satellite to taking advantage of hesitant players in the early rounds to managing your stack, playing the bubble, and successfully handling heads-up. Also includes sections on living the life of a pro, poker math, and successful bluffing. 208...

                                                          MASTERING NO-LIMIT HOLDEM
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                                                          CONJELCO Item #: 1285 -

                                                            This book is helps players understand the differences between limit and no-limit by covering all aspects of the small, fixed buy-in, no-limit game. Covers topics not usually touched on, including the authors Matrix Theory, a tool for understanding which hands you should play and how you should play them, depending on the matrix considerations. If you're looking for strategies for the new holdem, you'll find them here. 211 Pgs. 2005

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                                                            NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK Item #: 8264 -

                                                              Chris Moorman is known as the most successful online poker player of all time. His focused determination and ferocious will to win have led him to achieve record-breaking accomplishments in the poker world including:* $17 million in online and live tournament winnings* 27 World Series of Poker cashes* 25 Pocket Fives Triple Crowns* Winner of British Poker Awards best online player 2010-2015Following on from his best-selling first book, Moorman's Book of Poker, Chris decided to mix it up for...

                                                              NO LIMIT HOLDEM: THEORY AND PRACTICE
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                                                              TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 1371 -

                                                                This theoretical approach to high-stakes holdem covers critical concepts such as manipulating pot size, adjusting correctly to stack sizes, winning the battle of mistakes, reading hands, and manipulating opponents into playing badly. Breaks this complex game down to bare bones with thorough and easy to follow analysis. 310 Pgs. 2006

                                                                NO-LIMIT HOLDEM FOR ADVANCED PLAYERS
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                                                                LEFCO VIDEO SERVICES Item #: 8077 -

                                                                  In 2003 poker was put on television and no-limit hold'em quickly became the most popular form of poker played in casinos, public cardrooms, and on the Internet. At first, because of the newness of the game to most participants, they could be easily be beaten by players with only a moderate knowledge of sophisticated strategy. But today, this is no longer the case. Even though no-limit hold'em is not, from a game theory perspective, a solved game, many ideas and concepts which come from this...

                                                                  POKER WORKBOOK: HAND READING FOR LIVE PLAYERS
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                                                                  Item #: 7524 -

                                                                    This is not your traditional poker book. This is a workbook that helps you test and improve your hand reading skills. Hand reading is one of the most necessarily skillsets for all NLHE players - so spending the time to get the process down pat is 100% worthwhile. Once you can assign correct ranges for your opponent on every street - it becomes a breeze to figure out when to find a big fold, when to value bet thinner, and when to fire that big bluff.Poker Workbook: Hand Reading For Live Players...

                                                                    PROFESSIONAL NO-LIMIT HOLDEM: VOLUME 1
                                                                    Availability: Available
                                                                    TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 1626 -

                                                                      Three no-limit hold'em cash game wizards present a book aimed at educating players about the most popular version of poker today. Clearly explains concepts such as the REM process, the commitment threshold, and stack-to-pot ratios, showing how to play and think like a pro. Covers sizing your bets properly, managing the pot, manipulating opponents, knowing when to go all in, and avoiding big mistakes. 314 Pgs. 2007

                                                                      SECRETS OF PROFESSIONAL TOURNAMENT POKER VOL. 1
                                                                      Availability: Available
                                                                      NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK Item #: 1744 -

                                                                        Jonathan Little, a highly successful poker professional who has won over $4 million in tournament play in just four years, explains exactly how to succeed in the highly competitive field of tournament poker. Tournament poker is a tough game to play but the rewards for success can be huge. Even regular online tournaments offer substantial prizes running to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Playing technically sound poker is crucial but this is far from the only skill necessary. It teaches the...

                                                                        SECRETS OF PROFESSIONAL TOURNAMENT POKER VOL. 3
                                                                        Availability: Available
                                                                        NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK Item #: 3195 -