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    Packed with charts, tables and mathematics, this is a primer on calculating Hold'em probability for the layman. Teaches how to calculate probability for any situation and every stage of the game. Every type of starting hand is tabulated in a logical, consistent and comprehensive manner. No other work is devoted entirely to this subject. Not a book for rank beginners. 207 Pgs. 1996

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      Covers concepts such as having a plan, choosing your game, playing according to your bankroll, the three levels of expert poker, middle-round strategy, what your opponent reads you for, the protected pot, saving the last bet, extra outs, and how to play a tournament. Includes the original text from Sklansky on Razz. 180 pgs, paperback, 1989

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        Holdem is highly predisposed to probability-based decisions. The book presents the mathematics involved in card distributions in holdem and gives a precise account of the odds associated with all gaming events. No formal background in mathematics is necessary to read this book, although comfort with some probability and set theory notions is helpful. Its primary goal is to allow you to quickly find the odds for your hand and your opponents probable hand to improve your betting decisions. 144...

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          Professional poker player Hilger takes this seemingly complex subject and breaks it down into usable information. Covers limit and no-limit hold'em, as well as tournament situations. Illustrated with charts and diagrams, the book spans the math gap to cover the needs of beginning, intermediate and experienced players. 250 pgs, paperback, 2006   Table of Contents How to Calculate Odds and Probabilities Basic Math Probability Calculations Poker Odds Calculators Chapter Review Test Your...

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            Texas Hold'em poker is a game of chance and applied skill.  Learn what your poker odds are and how to use them to your advantage.  Designed for the intermediate Hold'em player, this deck of poker flash cards will teach you how to count your outs, how to calculate hand odds using a basic mathematical equation, and give you real-hand scenarios to practice with. Help yourself visualize and calculate your hand odds to make wiser decisions in the way you play poker. All of our poker flash...

            THE MATH OF HOLDEM
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              Winning big at Hold’em requires practical math knowledge, which is precisely what this book will teach you. The ability to make quick and accurate mathematical decisions is crucial for your winnings at the table. The mission of this book is to drill these important poker math skills into you, giving you a distinct advantage over the other players at your table. Both of the authors of this book graduated with degrees in Mathematics from Caltech. Collin Moshman is the best-selling author...

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                Todays new set of players do not rely on traditional wisdomthey have turned the game of poker into one that can be won by applying the tools of computer science and mathematics to their hands. This new approach relies on quantitative analysis and mathematics. This book strives to take this seemingly difficult task and make it easy and understandable for players with less mathematic knowledge or skill. 382 pgs, paperback, 2006

                THE SCIENCE OF POKER
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                  Back in print after a short hiatus, Mahmood's book deals with the major current variants of poker  - Omaha, Hold'em and Stud. It is divided into four parts and covers a general discussion of the 3 primary skills of poker (people, probabilities and money). Then it goes on to detail starting hand selection and simple methods for working out the probabilities relevant to the major games. In addition, the book analyzes in detail over one hundred examples of the most common situations...

                  THE THEORY OF POKER
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                    In one of the top general poker books of all time, Sklansky discusses theories and concepts applicable to almost every variation of poker, including 5-card draw high, 7-stud, holdem, lowball draw, and razz. Covers deception, bluffing, raising, slow-play, position, psychology, head-up play, game theory, and implied odds. 242 pgs, paperback, 1994

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                      With a minimum of math, Yao discusses some of the most vital areas old pros ponder and beginners often misunderstand: why lines move; scalping and middling; hedging and hedge mistakes; parlay cards; first half betting; and the Super Bowl props. Included is material on money lines; removing pushes; the half-point and push percentage; money management; parlays; teasers; market value in sports bets; estimating the expected value of a hedge; avoiding hedge mistakes; hedging the second half. About...