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    This is the story of the Cosa Nostra: From its origins in Sicily in 1863, through the great wave of Italian immigration to America, to prohibition and the formation of the first mafia families and to the harsh realities of fascism and the postwar years in Italy where the Cosa Nostra thrived. The image of the mafioso as a “man of honor” - good to the weak, above the laws of the state but subject to a precise code - was firmly rooted in the collective imagination until the 1980's...

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      Subtitled 'Whitey Bulger and the FBI Agent Who Fought to Bring Him Down'.  The Jack Nicholson film The Departed didn’t tell half of their story. A poor kid from the slums, Robert Fitzpatrick grew up to become a stellar FBI agent and challenge the country’s deadliest gangsters. Relentless in his desire to catch, prosecute and convict Whitey Bulger, Fitzpatrick fought the nation’s most determined cop-gangster battle since Melvin Purvis hunted, confronted and killed...

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      Item #: 326 -

        Focuses on Italian-Americans who made major contributions to the development of Las Vegas from its earliest days to the present. Investors, builders, developers, musicians, contractors, lounge performers, writers and editors are all here. Balboni interviewed more than 200 people to capture the facts, the flavor, the struggles and the achievements they proudly remember. Includes 20 pgs. of footnotes, references and a bibliography, making it a vital tool for researchers. 168 Pgs.1996 ...

        BORN TO KILL
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        Item #: 9780061782381 -

          Throughout the late 1980s and 90s, a gang of young Asian refugees cut a bloody swath through New York's Chinatown. They were the lost children of the Vietnam War, severed from their families by violence and cast adrift in a strange land. Banding together under the leadership of a young psychopath, David Thai, they took their name from a slogan they had seen on helicopters and the helmets of U.S. soldiers: "Born to Kill." For a decade their empire was unassailable, built on fear and...

          BOSS OF BOSSES
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          Item #: 9780312533946 -

            In the 1980s, the broad legal mandate of the RICO act succeeded in crushing much of the backbone of the traditional American Mafia. Across the ocean however, in the ancestral Sicilian homeland of La Cosa Nostra, the Mafia was anything but finished. Possessed of a power thought to rival that of the Italian state itself, for the past decades, the Sicilian Mafia has waged a war on the forces of law and order that has not only left thousands dead, but has created a ripple effect of crime and...

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            Item #: 3141 -

              Subtitled "The War Against The American Mafia". The riveting, often bloody account of how the fifty-year attack by the federal government virtually extinguished the nation's most powerful crime syndicate. In the critically acclaimed American Mafia, Thomas Reppetto narrated the ferocious ascendancy of organized crime in America. In this fascinating sequel, he follows the mob from its peak into a shadowy period of decline as the government, no longer able to deny its existence, made subduing the...

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              HUNTINGTON PRESS Item #: 621 -

                From burglary to armed robbery and murder, infamous bad guy Frank Cullotta not only did it all, he admits to it in graphic detail in this book. This no-holds-barred biography chronicles the life of a career criminal who started out as a thug on the streets of Chicago and became a trusted lieutenant in Tony Spilotro's gang of organized lawbreakers in Las Vegas. Cullotta's was a world of high profile heists, street muscle, and information about many of the FBI's most wanted, info that became his...

                DEAL WITH THE DEVIL
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                Item #: 9780061455346 -

                  Subtitled "The FBI's Secret Thirty Year Relationship with a Mafia Killer". In 'Deal with the Devil', Lance draws on three decades of once secret FBI files and exclusive new interviews to tell the definitive story of Gregory Scarpa Sr., aka "The Grim Reaper" a Mafia capo, who "stopped counting" after 50 murders, while secretly betraying the Colombo crime family as a Top Echelon Criminal Informant for the Bureau. Lance draws on thousands of pages of...

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                  Item #: 7483 -

                    Gangsters of the past never looked far enough into the future to do much planning. They stole sufficient money to get by for a short while and then robbed again. Sometimes they wanted to settle down, but most knew their crimes were going to lead to jail or death and their women knew it too. Life on the run was no picnic, but gangsters' molls chose it over a settled life in suburbia. This book is a history of gangsters' molls and mob queens, and it explains who these women were, where they came...

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                    Item #: 9780195169522 -

                      A virtual rogues' gallery of criminals. This book covers organized crime, including those who had a hand in legal and illegal gambling. Four to five pages on: Al Capone, Frankie Carbo, Mickey Cohen, Joe Colombo, Frank Costello, Carlo Gambino, Vito Genovese, Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano, Owney Madden, Arnold Rothstein, Dutch Schultz, Bugsy Siegel and Joe Valachi. Also includes villains of the Old West: Billy the Kid, Black Bart, Butch Cassidy, Bob Dalton, Bill Doolin, John Wesley Hardin, Tom...

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                      Item #: 9780061429859 -

                        Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso was the boss of New York’s Lucchese Mafia family. He worked himself to the top as a cold-blooded killer, responsible for more than 50 murders. He was also, for a while, the next-door neighbor of the author. Carlo’s sister babysat for Casso; his mother was best friends with Casso’s wife. That long and trusting relationship garnered Carlo, journalist and best-selling author (The Ice Man, 2006), unprecedented access to one of the most ruthless...

                        HIT ME!
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                        Item #: 9780762780723 -

                          Subtitled "Fighting the Las Vegas Mob by the Numbers". Las Vegas, 1970's - a golden age of Glitter Gulch corruption. Dennis Gomes, the youngest division chief in Gaming Control Board history whipped a ragtag group of auditors into hardened, gun-slinging investigators and shattered clichթs about milquetoast accountant cops. Coming within a hair's breadth of death more than once, Gomes capped off his tenure with the famous bust of the Stardust skim, portrayed in the book and movie "Casino". In...

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                          Item #: 9780765326393 -

                            Martin Scorsese's The Departed barely touched on his story. Now radio talk-show sensation, crime reporter, and Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr takes us into the heart of the life of Johnny Martorano. For two decades, Martorano struck fear into anyone even remotely connected to his world. His partnership with Whitey Bulger and the infamous Winter Hill Gang led to twenty murders.... for which Johnny would serve twelve years in prison. Carr also looks at the politicians and FBI agents who...

                            HONOR THY FATHER
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                            Item #: 9780061665363 -

                              The electrifying true story of the rise and fall of New York's notorious Bonanno crime family. On New York's Park Avenue on a rainy Tuesday night in October 1964, the famous Mafia chieftain Joseph Bonanno was kidnapped by two mobsters and reported by the police as dead on the following morning. More than a year later, Bonanno mysteriously reappeared, setting off a bloody mob feud that came to be known as the “Banana War.” In this monumental work—packed with intimate details...

                              KING OF THE JEWS
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                              Item #: 9780060936006 -

                                Subtitled ' The Greatest Mob Story Never Told'. Flamboyant mobster Arnold Rothstein was gambling and money. He was the inspiration for Meyer Wolfsheim in The Great Gatsby and Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls. It was rumored he masterminded the 1919 World Series fix. He was Mr. Broadway, a king of corruption holding court from his private booth at Lindy's Restaurant. In this lively, sprawling biography, the inimitable Nick Tosches examines the myth and extraordinary legacy of Arnold...

                                LAST GANGSTER
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                                Item #: 9780060544225 -

                                  As a cop Ron Previte was corrupt. As a mobster he was brutal. And in his final role as a confidential informant to the FBI, Previte was deadly. This is his story, the story of the last days of the Philadelphia mob, and of the clash of generations that brought it down. A six-foot tall, 300-pound capo in the Philadelphia-South Jersey crime family, Previte ran every mob scam and gambit from drug trafficking and prostitution to the extortion of millions from Atlantic City. By the 1990s, he found...

                                  MAFIA DYNASTY
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                                  Item #: 616043917887 -

                                    The chilling story of six generations of bloodshed, deals, deception, and uncontrolled greed and lust for power of men like Luciano, Costello, Lansky, Genovese, Anastasia, Gambino and Gottti, men for whom murder and betrayal were a way of life. This is the story of the Mafia's stranglehold on New York. Photographs Indexed 527 Pgs. 1994

                                    MOB DAUGHTER
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                                    Item #: 3204 -

                                      Subtitled "The Mafia, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, and Me!". From Karen Gravano, a star of the hit VH1 reality show Mob Wives, comes a revealing memoir of a mafia childhood, where love and family come hand-in-hand with murder and betrayal. Karen Gravano is the daughter of Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, once one of the mafia's most feared hit men. With nineteen confessed murders, the former Gambino Crime Family underboss and John Gotti's right-hand man, is the highest ranking gangster ever to turn...

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                                      Item #: 9780786024155 -

                                        Charlie Carneglia was a stone-cold killer who fell in with the bloodthirsty John Gotti crew. As the infamous crime family rose to power with their murderous trail of sex, jealousy, greed, and revenge, Carneglia rose with them. Mafia, Madness And Murder. This is the horrifying story of a misfit who fit perfectly into the New York mafia. In a harrowing journey inside a ruthless criminal underworld, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Anthony M. DeStefano chronicles one man’s life in a world of...

                                        MOTOR CITY MAFIA: A CENTURY OF ORGANIZED CRIME IN DETROIT
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                                        ARCADIA PUBLISHING Item #: 1331 -

                                          This book takes you through the gangland history of the Detroit underworld and shows you the bloodshed, exploits, and leadership of the southeast Michigan crime syndicate. Included are rare archival pictures and images. From the 20th century and the iconic Purple Gang during prohibition through the Italian Mafia in the 1930s to the downfall of the area's mob reign in the 1980s and 1990s and everything in between. 128 Pgs. 2006

                                          MR. MOB: THE LIFE AND CRIMES OF MOE DALITZ
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                                          MCFARLAND AND CO. Item #: 1335 -

                                            Morris "Moe" Dalitz was America's most secretive and most successful mobster. As a major architect of the United States' national crime syndicate, Dalitz was active in various fields of organized crime from 1918 until his death in 1989, all while spinning a web of myth and mock-respectability around himself so dense that decades after his demise, most mistake the legend for reality. From Prohibition-era bootlegging to the Reagan years, no other individual was present at so many pivotal events...

                                            MURDER OF A MAFIA DAUGHTER
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                                            Item #: 6917 -

                                              Susan Berman grew up in Las Vegas luxury as the daughter of Davie Berman, casino mogul and notorious mafia leader. After her father died she learned about his mob connections. Susan then dedicated her life to learning about Vegas and its underworld chiefs. Her life took a bizarre turn in l982 when Kathie Durst��_��_��_the wife of her good friend, Robert Durst, mysteriously disappeared. Durst was a prime suspect but the case was never solved. After the Kathie Durst case was re-opened, the DA...

                                              ORGANIZED CRIME IN CHICAGO  (HARDBOUND)
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                                              Item #: 1415 -

                                                This book provides a comprehensive sociological explanation for the emergence and continuation of organized crime in Chicago. Tracing the roots of political corruption that afforded protection to gambling, prostitution, and other vice activity in Chicago and other large American cities, Lombardo challenges the dominant belief that organized crime in America descended directly from the Sicilian Mafia. According to this widespread "alien conspiracy" theory, organized crime evolved in a linear...

                                                RAT BASTARDS
                                                Price: $24.95
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                                                Item #: 9780061232893 -

                                                  By the time he turned 20, the author was the drug boss for South Boston Irish mobster James 'Whitey' Bulger and later served 12 years in federal prison for drug trafficking. This is his memoir, dripping with the underworld holy trinity of sex, drugs and violence. Shea traded a foundering boxing career for a gig making $4,000 a night selling cocaine and marijuana. Before long, Bulger took him under his wing and Shea ascended the ranks. To hear Shea tell the story, he's about the...

                                                  THE BATTLE FOR LAS VEGAS: THE LAW VS. THE MOB
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                                                  HUNTINGTON PRESS Item #: 1944 -

                                                    From the 1970s through the mid-1980s, the Chicago Outfit dominated organized crime in Las Vegas. Unreported revenue, known as the "skim," from Outfit-Controlled casinos made its way out of Vegas by the bagful, ending up in the coffers of the Windy City crime bosses and their confederates around the Midwest. To ensure the smooth flow of cash, the gangsters installed a front man with no criminal background, Allen R. Glick, as the casino owner of record, Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal as the real boss...

                                                    THE BIG BANKROLL: LIFE AND TIMES OF ARNOLD ROTHSTEIN
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                                                    Item #: 9780306805653 -

                                                      Rothstein, the legendary gambler, fixer, money maker, died in 1928 at age 46, shot to death at the Park Central Hotel after failing to pay a poker debt. His most infamous deed was being the man behind the 1919 World Series fix, popularly known as The Black Sox Scandal. He was also involved in some major betting coups, bookmaking, and managed to rub elbows with some of the biggest names in show business. A valuable source for those who want to know more about the real Roaring Twenties and the...

                                                      THE BROTHERHOODS
                                                      Price: $27.50
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                                                      Item #: 9780743289443 -

                                                        Subtitled ' The True Story of Two Cops Who Murdered for the Mafia'. The Brotherhoods is the chilling chronicle of the alleged crimes and betrayals of NYPD Detectives Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito, notorious rogue cops who stand charged with the ultimate form of police corruption; shielding their crimes behind their badges while they worked for the mob. These crimes included murder, kidnapping, torture and the betrayal of an entire generation of New York City detectives and...

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                                                        HACHETTE BOOK GROUP Item #: 3300 -

                                                          In this riveting New York Times bestseller - now with a stunning new afterword detailing Whitey Bulger's capture, award-winning columnist Howie Carr reveals the true lives and dark deeds of two of Boston's most infamous sons. For years their familiar story was of two siblings who took different paths out of South Boston: William "Billy" Bulger, former president of the Massachusetts State Senate and his brother James "Whitey" Bulger, a vicious criminal who became the FBI's second most-wanted...

                                                          THE BUTCHER
                                                          Price: $25.99
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                                                          Item #: 9780061744655 -

                                                            Tommy 'Karate' Pitera was not like other mafiosi. A capo in the notorious Bonanno family, a deadly martial artist highly skilled with knives and other lethal weapons, Pitera murdered his way to becoming one of the premier assassins in the New York Mafia during the 1980s. In hushed whispers people spoke of Pitera's secret burial grounds and the grotesque things he did to his victim's bodies. If the Mafia had a Jeffrey Dahmer, it was surely Tommy Pitera. He had a love for drama,...

                                                            THE GOODFELLA TAPES
                                                            Price: $14.99
                                                            Availability: Available
                                                            Item #: 9780062009333 -

                                                              Subtitled 'The True Story of How the FBI Recorded a Mob War and Brought Down a Mafia Don'. Goodfella Tapes by George Anastasia is the true story of how the FBI recorded a mob war and brought down a mafia don. A riveting, eye-opening true crime masterwork in the vein of Wiseguy, Underboss, Havana Nocturne, The Valachi Papers and other bestselling exposés of life in La Cosa Nostra. Goodfella Tapes is an astonishing story of the brutal acts and remarkable blunders of ...

                                                              THE ICE MAN
                                                              Price: $15.99
                                                              Availability: Available
                                                              Item #: 9780312374655 -

                                                                Subtitled ' Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer'. Top Mob Hitman. Devoted Family Man. Doting Father. For thirty years, Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski led a shocking double life, becoming the most notorious professional assassin in American history while happily hosting neighborhood barbecues in suburban New Jersey. Richard Kuklinski was Sammy "The Bull" Gravano’s partner in the killing of Paul Castellano, then head of the Gambino crime family, at Sparks...

                                                                THE LAST GODFATHERS
                                                                Price: $25.99
                                                                Availability: Available
                                                                Item #: 9780312566905 -

                                                                  Charts the spectacular rise and the fall of one of the richest and most powerful criminal organizations in history, the Sicilian mafias Corleone clan. From humble origins in the town of Corleone, they manipulated the Cosa Nostras code of honor, rising to the summit of the secret brotherhood, purging rivals and launching terrorist campaigns that decimated anti-mafia judges, police and politicians. 368 pgs, hardcover, 2009

                                                                  THE LAST TESTAMENT OF BILL BONANNO
                                                                  Availability: Available
                                                                  Item #: 9780061992025 -

                                                                    Subtitled ' The Final Secrets of a Life in the Mafia'.  Born into a powerful mob family, Salvatore “Bill” Bonanno was privy to a private world that existed just outside the law for decades in America - a world ruled by the tenets of loyalty, secrecy, brotherhood, and survival at any cost: The Mafia. The son of Joe Bonanno -The Godfather-like head of one of the original five New york Crime Families - Bill Bonanno came of age in the Golden Age of the Mafia. In this...

                                                                    THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF MAFIA WISDOM
                                                                    Availability: Available
                                                                    SKYHORSE PUBLISHING Item #: 3377 -

                                                                      Subtitled ' Secrets, Lies, Tricks, and Tactics of the Organization That Was Once Bigger Than U.S. Steel'. Despite the fact that secrecy is vital to the Mob, mobsters have revealed themselves to be notorious gossips, prone to bragging, and even outrageous loudmouths. Delve into the inner workings of the Mob and the mindset of those who run it through these mesmerizing quotes from some of the smoothest and most dangerous criminals, real and fictional, who ever made headlines. Whether they’re...

                                                                      THE VIOLENT YEARS
                                                                      Price: $16.95
                                                                      Availability: Available
                                                                      Item #: 6882 -

                                                                        Whereas the Purple Gang was a predominantly Jewish group, the crime organizations covered in this volume all come from different ethnic backgrounds. Each gang covered provides insight not only into their crime organization, but also into the ethnic origins of the region. For instance, the chapter on the Giannola/Vitale Mafia covers the origins of the war between the two gangs, which lasted from 1918 to 1921. It also covers the origins of the Italian Mafia-including the history of the dreaded...

                                                                        UNDERBOSS: SAMMY "THE BULL
                                                                        Availability: Available
                                                                        Item #: 9780060930967 -

                                                                          Unlike his glamorous boss John Gotti, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano honored Costra Nostra's ancient traditions, hugging the shadows, avoiding the limelight and staying far from the flashbulbs and reporters. But he was present at such key events of the modern Costra Nostra as the sensational slaying of mob boss Paul Castellano, Gotti's predecessor, outside a Manhattan steakhouse. A story about killing and being killed, revealing the truth behind a quarter century of shocking...