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Shipping & Returns

Orders are usually processed the same day or within 24 hours of receipt (Monday-Friday). Unless otherwise requested, all U.S. orders are shipped by ground. Note that items may come faster than indicated below or slower if items are held up in transit. (Note that transit delays, which are rare, are beyond our control.)
All orders have a base shipment charge of $3.00 for standard and $6 for priority, plus a per item charge. Each item is assigned a value of “A” through “H” for weight or bulk, with “A” being the lightest and “H,” the heaviest. Most books fall into the “B” and “C” categories, with bulky items or items heavier than two pounds costing more to ship and falling into the “D” and higher shipping classes.
United States Shipping Speeds
In the U.S., you may choose from the methods below.
a. Standard Expect delivery within 4-14 days
b. Priority Expect delivery within 2-8 days
c. 2-Day Air Two business days
d. Next-Day Air One business day
Continental United States Shipping Charges
Ground Standard Priority
Base Charge $3.00
Add per item charges:
Ship Class A $1.00
Ship Class B $1.35 $2.70
Ship Class C $1.55 $3.10
Ship Class D $1.75 $3.50
Ship Class E $2.15 $4.30
Ship Class F $4.25 $8.50
Ship Class G $6.50 $13.00
Ship Class H $10.15 $20.30
Shipping Examples:
1. You purchase one item in the “A” category:
Standard Priority
Base charge $3.00 $6.00
Book “A” $1.00
Total shipping for 1 item $4.00 $7.50
2. You purchase three items with an “A’ shipping value:
Standard Priority
Base charge $3.00 $6.00
Book “A” $1.00
Book “A” $1.00
Book “A” $1.00
Total shipping for 3 items $6.00 $9.50
3. You purchase four items: one each of “A,” “B,” “C” and “D”:
Standard Priority
Base charge $3.00 $6.00
Book “A” $1.00
Book “B” $1.35 $2.70
Book “C” $1.55 $3.10
Book “D” $1.75 $3.50
Total shipping for 4 items $8.90 $16.80
Air Delivery
2-Day Air Cost is 2.3 times Priority Shipping
Next-Day Air Cost is 3.5 times Priority Shipping
(For example, if you buy an A class book and a B class book, the costs to ship priority would be $6 base charge plus $1.50 (A class) and $2.70 (B class) for a subtotal of $10.20. Sending 2-day air would cost $23.46 (2.3 x $10.20); next-day air would cost $30.60 (3 x $10.20).
Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, AFO/FPO
Standard Expect delivery within 4-28 days
Priority Expect delivery within 4-10 days
Standard & Priority: Shipping cost is the same as continental U.S. rates.
Priority Shipping Only
Expect delivery 5-10 mailing days
Shipping costs 1.5 times U.S. Priority Shipping.
Priority Shipping Only
Expect delivery 10-20 mailing days
Shipping costs 3 times U.S. Priority Shipping.
Gambler's Book Shop does its best to ensure your delivery arrives on time. However, delivery dates are not guaranteed and your order may arrive before or after the estimated arrival date for various reasons.
Orders received for in-stock items before 1:00pm (Pacific Time Zone) are generally shipped the same business day. Our shipping department is closed Saturdays & Sundays. If you have shipping related questions about an order that you have placed, or are considering placing, contact us by email at or by phone at 702-382-9903.
Shipping Calculations, Additional Charges
In certain circumstances, additional shipping or handling charges are necessary beyond the estimate created by our online store. If your order requires additional charges we will contact you so you may authorize us to charge additional shipping to your credit card and to inform you of your shipping options. An example of a situation that would require additional shipping charges are oversized items which require their own separate package.
In the rare instance that you experience a shipping related problem with an order placed via our online store, including the scenarios below, contact us:
  • If the post office fails to deliver your order or:
    If your order does not arrive within 30 days, we can place a claim with the US Post Office for a lost parcel. Under US Postal regulations, this is the earliest we can ask for a claim inquiry. It can take an additional 30 or more days for the Post Office to investigate.
  • If Federal Express or United Parcel Service fails to deliver your order:
    If the official information from the carrier associated with the tracking number for your shipment indicates that your order has been delivered, contact us using the information above so that we can give you information on making a claim with the carrier for your lost, misdirected or stolen package.
  • If an item arrives damaged during shipment:
    We do our best to ensure quality shipping by carefully picking & packing your order, and working closely with the U.S. Postal Office, UPS & Fedex.
International Shipping
We reserve the right to refuse to process any order or to refuse to ship to certain countries.
Customs, Duty Tax and VAT
Your parcel may be subject to a customs, duty or VAT tax. The regulations concerning whether or not your order will apply vary by country and it is the obligation of the consumer to obtain information concerning these taxes and pay them if necessary. You can usually obtain this information by contacting your postal office or customs office.