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    Banking with the Beard is loaded with expert inside information straight from a topflight combat hardened money player who never ducked the tough action. This book provides readers with a very accurate and reliable method of sighting and executing banks. Once a player understands the interplay of cut angle, force and cue ball english the mysteries of banking will diminish considerably. Freddy's system explains the adjustments needed for position play, different cushions, changing humidity...

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      Julius (Big Julie) Weintraub, the colorful man who created junkets and refined them in the 1960's and 1970's, was a major character in Las Vegas history. This book tells you what casinos were like 20 years ago and who the characters, crazies and eccentrics were among the players and managers at the Dunes and the Golden Nugget. Details how the original junketeers operated and the people they attracted. 218 Pgs.1974

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        In this memoir, professional gambler Moore crosses paths with some of the legends of poker and pool, and describes ways that he has out-scammed people who tried to scam him to begin with. Moore's stories about his encounters with Minnesota Fats, the late Jack "Treetop" Straus, Titanic Thompson, and Billy Baxter are a part of gambling folklore. 177 pgs, paperback, 1992

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          From World War II to the early 1960s, Harolds Club was the largest casino in Nevada and probably the most widely known in the world. The story of Harolds and the family that owned it, this is also a revealing chronicle of the gaming industrys colorful, vigorous, and sometimes outrageous youth. A semi-itinerant family of carnival game concessionaires named Smith founded Harolds Club in Reno in 1935 in a rented hole-in-the-wall storefront. No casino owners were ever more idiosyncratic in their...

          FAST COMPANY
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            A reissue of a classic book on gamblers. Bradshaw interviews and profiles six professional gamblers, men who deal with propositions day in and day out and are well-known among their peersJohnny Moss, Puggy Pearson, Titanic Thompson, Bobby Riggs, Minnesota Fats and Tim Holland. He uncovers what makes them successful, how they survive, dramatically describes the games they play and the kinds of moves they make. He probes their minds and hearts as he attempts to define what makes some men winners...

            FLY ON THE WALL
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              Odessky's name is legendary in Vegas. He was a Bugsy Siegel flack, press agent and newspaper writer. In this work he gives an old-timers history of the city, including some juicy tidbits about the mob, the scams, the gentle and not-so-gentle people who were responsible for Las Vegas early days. Stories about Benny Binion, Lefty Rosenthal, the Greenspuns, Walter Winchell, and other luminaries of Glitter City. 245 pgs, paperback, 1999

              FLY ON THE WALL Hardcover)
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                Odessky's name is legendary in Vegas. He was a Bugsy Siegel flack, press agent and newspaper writer. In this work he gives an old-timers history of the city, including some juicy tidbits about the mob, the scams, the gentle and not-so-gentle people who were responsible for Las Vegas early days. Stories about Benny Binion, Lefty Rosenthal, the Greenspuns, Walter Winchell, and other luminaries of Glitter City. 245 pgs, hardcover, 1999

                GAMBLER ON THE LOOSE
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                  The author of California Split writes about the trials and tribulations of being a gambler, hoping to make a scoresports betting, poker, sports services, the traps, harrowing experiences that are both serious and funny, and hopes and dreams. 208 pgs, paperback, 2008

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                    In 1972, Benny Binion, patriarch of the Binion Family and founder of the world famous Binion's Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas, agreed to participate in the Oral History Project conducted by the University of Nevada at Reno. Glass spent two days taping interviews with Binion, who reviewed the transcripts and made no changes. In typewritten question-and-answer format, the book covers myriad stories and opinions, including thoughts about crooked politicians, gamblers and memories of early Las...

                    LIBERAL CONSCIENCE, A
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                      In this memoir, Denton, one of Nevada's modern pioneers, chronicles his career. Born in Nevada in 1925, he was befriended by Pat McCarran, the powerful U.S. Senator, and began working with him. After earning a law degree, he became one of the influential young Nevadans widely known as McCarran's Boys. Denton was a liberal while McCarran was often an extreme conservative. Though he wasnt elected to high office, Denton masterminded the careers of other politicians, including Grant Sawyer (3-time...

                      NO LIMIT: RISE AND FALL OF BOB STUPAK
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                        Subtitled The Rise and Fall of Bob Stupak and Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower, this book focuses on one of the more controversial people in the gaming industrythe self-proclaimed Polish Maverick who rose from humble origins as the son of a Pittsburgh boss gambler to head one of the largest privately-owned casinos in Las Vegas. Stupak parlayed a small slot joint into a $100-million-a-year operation by manipulating the media with outrageous stunts and promotions. Newspaper columnist Smith...

                        OF RATS AND MEN
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                          For more than 35 years, Goodman was the country's pre-eminent defense attorney for alleged gangsters. His client list included Meyer Lansky, Nick Civella, Anthony Spilotro, Frank Rosenthal, Jimmy Chagra, Natale Richichi, Phil Leonetti and Vinny Ferrara. Smith asks questions like: Was Oscar only what he claims, an attorney who defended his clients based on the principle that they have constitutional rights? How did he mingle with the mob for decades without becoming part of it? 419 Pgs....

                          RUNNING SCARED
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                            Subtitled " The Life and Treacherous Times Of  Vegas Casino King". Steve Wynn is the former owner of the Bellagio — Las Vegas's latest monument to conspicuous consumption whose hotel and casino contain over $300 million in fine art and $1.5 billion in Wall Street money. He's a mogul whose empire at one point included The Mirage, The Golden Nugget and Treasure Island. But how did he gain and wield his tremendous power in Nevada? And why did a confidential Scotland...

                            SENATOR HOWARD CANNON OF NEVADA
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                              For nearly 25 years, Cannon served in the U.S. Senate. A war hero, a Mormon, a tireless crusader, and a stubborn man, he was a moderate Democrat who voted for the Civil Rights Act and for a decrease in the sports betting tax from 10 to 2 percent in 1974. Largely unheralded, Cannon was a powerful senator. 264 pgs, hardcover, 2008

                              SON OF A GAMBLING MAN
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                                Subtitled 'My Journey from a Casino Family to The Governor's Mansion'. With a foreword by Bill Clinton, Son of a Gambling Man, is a memoir of growing up in mob-run Sin City from a casino heir-turned-governor who’s seen two sides of every coin. When Bob Miller arrived in Las Vegas as a boy, it was a small, dusty city, a far cry from the glamorous, exciting place it is today. Driving the family car was his father Ross Miller, a tough guy—though a good family...

                                THE BOOKMAKER
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                                  Subtitled A Memoir of Money, Luck and Family from the Utopian Outskirts of New York City, Agovino tells about the chronic gambling debts his father incurred as a welfare bureaucrat who ran a sports-betting operation; how he ignored bills, eviction notices, and financed a high-class lifestyle with bad checks and fast talking. 368 pgs, hardcover, 2008

                                  THE LAST MOUTHPIECE
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                                    During the 1960s and 70s, if you were in Philadelphia and in trouble, the person to call was Bobby Simone, the attorney who defended all kinds of people in legal jams--from Lillian Reis to Angelo Bruno (The Docile Don) to Linda Lovelace to Nicky Scarfo. He was known as the Get-Out-of-Jail-Free lawyer for acquittals and reversals. Simone writes about his life as a high-profile attorney, watching friends die, have his life threatened, landing in jail himself (the government is a sore loser, he...

                                    THE UNEXPECTED GAMBLER
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                                    ROBERT ASIEL Item #: 10006 -

                                      Subtitled " A History of Casinos Cheating the Public and One Gambler's Revenge" A true account exposing crooked casinos and poker games and the people who retaliated against them called "Crossroaders." It reveals the methods both sides used as seen through the eyes of the author who participated in these events. They led to adventures throughout the United States, Europe, the Caribbean Islands, and on cruise ships, where there's intrigue, danger, and celebrity. The author's raw youth and his...

                                      TRUST YOUR MOTHER, BUT CUT THE CARDS
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                                        VEGAS LOUNGE CUT: MEMORIES, JOKES, STORIES ABOUT LAS VEGAS
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                                          Joseph moved to Las Vegas in 1974. Within a few months, his picture was in the entertainment magazines next to Sinatra and Liberace. A year after that, his name was up in lights on a marquee in front of a major casino on the Las Vegas strip. He met an American icon - Joe Louis, the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time, then married his daughter Candice. He has worked for the Aladdin, the owner of the Dunes, and the Chairman of the Board of Bally's. In 'VEGAS LOUNGE CUT' Joseph reminisces...