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    While todays mega casinos are quick to squash cheating dealers, its always possible to get cheated at blackjack, especially in private games and smaller casinos where surveillance isnt a priority. This DVD will help you understand how cheating occurs so that you wont become a victim. Cheating subjects covered on this DVD include: False Shuffles, Stocking, Second Dealing, Push through Shuffle, False Running Cut, Capping The Deck, The Elevator, Playing Slugs, The Turn-Over, Curl Peek, Flash...

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      This DVD is geared for blackjack players who want to make sure the dealer isn't cheating by manipulating the order of the cards. It's also helpful to casino supervisors and dealers who need to know the various moves and methods made by blackjack players who cheat. 43 minutes

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        Surveillance expert Joseph demonstrates and explains many sleight-of-hand techniques people use to cheat at poker: false shuffles, false dealing, peeking at cards, switching cards, marking cards, controlling cards during shuffles, bend work, culling discards, crimping, palming, cold decking, false cuts, daub work, nullifying cuts, holding out, and more. Each subject is covered with discussions about related variations and techniques. DVD

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          Casino operators have two kinds of thieves to worry aboutplayers who steal by cheating and employees who steal by cheating. This training manual for surveillance employees begins with a profile of the workplace, defines misconduct, identifies internal controls and types of employee fraud and then proceeds to cover all areas of the casino floor from the pit to the mailroom, the wait staff to the dealers, the sports book to the executive offices. Covers detection and prevention. 80 pgs,...

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          CASINO CREATIONS Item #: 1545 -

            Poker Protection Cheating and the World of Poker, is a significantly, expanded follow-up study to the acclaimed "Casino Game Protection - A Comprehensive Guide" that exclusively explores the game of poker. It presents the topic of cheating with scope and objectivity, covers a wide range of scams employed by both amateurs and professional cheaters, provides important perspective and historical background, and makes the clear distinction between the casino/cardroom game and the home/private game...

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              In a seminar, the author provided serious blackjack students with tips and information about avoiding unwanted attention from the people who police the casino's blackjack game. This video is an 82-minute excerpt of that seminar produced to reach both the beginning and the skilled card counter who needs to know how to go unnoticed in order to avoid being barred. 2007

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                This is a DVD that acts as a training manual for cashiers and other employees who handle money. It includes a Power Point presentation that shows how short change artists work alone or in league with the other side of the cashier window. Includes methods, techniques and scams.

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                  Turner, a sleight-of hand artist, specializes in gambling techniques. His original effort was a two-volume video set designed to protect the novice from being cheated in poker, later transferred to DVD. Features both videos plus additional bonus features where he performs his entire gambling act and a 13-minute biography. Turner demonstrates more than 200 gambling sleight-of-hand techniques such as: 18 ways of false shuffling and false cutting, stacking the deck using overhand shuffles, riffle...

                  RICHARD TURNER: THE CHEAT: DVD
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                    Designed to protect the novice from being cheated in poker and presented by expert Richard Turner, a nationally acclaimed expert on closeup sleights and cheating , this work here offers more than 100 techniques used by both amateur and professional cheaters. Many of these have never been revealed to the public before. Coverage include examples of false shuffles, false riffle shuffles, nullifying the cut, partial shifts, crimps and bridges, and palming. Also: stacking the deck, switches and...

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                      A huge resource for surveillance personnel, this manual explains the duties of the employee, the equipment used, the procedures for logs and records, use of video equipment, detection and covers all the table games. Also includes information about bomb threats, court documentation and evidence, cheating and more. 186 Pages Paperbound 2011

                      THE EYE IN THE SKY
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                        Subtitled 'A Casino Surveillance Reference for Management, Directors and other Casino Executives and Personnel', this 28-chapter work contains material on the director, overages and shortages, e-files on employees, understanding rating cards and comps, table game summaries and reports, gaming equipment (as a part of gaming protection), paper trails, computer security and management information systems, slots and the methods cheaters use on them, cheats and scams in relation to various games...