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HARPER COLLINS Item #: 175 -

    Slim, a World Series of Poker champion, offers an entertaining blend of stories, hustles, con men and powerful players from Texas to Nevada and everywhichway. Dinkin spent hundreds of hours interviewing Slim and captures his persona in his drive to find that elusive edge at whatever he played. 270 Pgs. 2003

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    GAMBLER'S BOOK CLUB Item #: 498 -

      The Grand Old Man of Poker, Johnny Moss was among the most respected, feared and winning poker player anywhere. This biography concentrates primarily on his experiences as a gambler, his philosophies, plus some expert advice and strategy about play. 214 Pgs. 1981

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      Item #: 9781580422291 -

        Who won, who lost, and how it happened at the final table of the WSOP from its genesis in 1970 through 2008. The cards played heads-up in the final hand are pictured with what happened; all players at the championship table, how they placed and how much they won; photos of the champs; vintage photos, interviews, and interesting highlights of every tournament, including Hall of Fame inductees. A great research tool. 198 pgs, paperback, 2009

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        Item #: 9781580423069 -

          Mention the name Matusow to poker players who watch televised tournaments and youre likely going to get one of two reactions, neither of which is on the fence. He appears to be brash, selfish, arrogant, disruptive, snide, clever, deceptiveand he is all thatbut those characteristics make him one of the best tournament players on the circuit. Until this autobiography, however, few people understood what makes The Mouth what he is. Here he examines his life from trailer park to wealth, divulging...

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          Item #: 590 -

            McManus has documented the history of poker to create a remarkably literate work that's sure to appeal to an audience beyond, but not excluding, poker fans. Spanning the earliest days of the game to modern times, the book includes politics, lies, scandals and rumor, computers, and Internet poker. 314 Pgs. 2009 Hardcover

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            OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Item #: 800 -

              Subtitled 'Bookmaking, Anti-Gambling, and the Law'  this work focuses on illegal gambling and bookmaking in the United Kingdom during the 20th Century. It gives a major resource in understanding the sociology and social history of lawmaking in regard to gambling. This is the first major study to trace the rise and fall of the attempt at prohibition, as well as being the first study of the National Anti-Gambling League. Contains a 40 page bibliography and an 11 page index. 408 Pgs....

              GHOSTS AT THE TABLE
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              INGRAM Item #: 871 -

                Masterful wordsmith Wilson has written what may be the games first definitive history. He traces pokers Wild West origins in Deadwood to the annual World Series of Poker and amazing high-stakes games of modern Las Vegas. A story full of unforgettable characters riverboat gamblers, Texas rounders, roadside hucksters, and living legends who have made poker the worlds most popular game. 368 Pgs. 2008 Hardcover

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                HARPER COLLINS Item #: 1322 -

                  In 2004 the number of entrants -- and the winning pool -- at the World Series of Poker tripled, thanks in large part to Chris Moneymaker, an amateur player who came out of nowhere to win the 2003 Series, and prove to newcomers and poker pros alike that anything is possible with a chip and a chair. Moneymaker was a young accountant from Tennessee who loved to gamble but only took up cards after college. Three years later he was playing a $40 game of online Texas Hold 'Em and won a coveted seat...

                  PULLING THE TRIGGER
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                  TWO PLUS TWO PUBLISHING Item #: 10743 -

                    Subtitled 'The Autobiography of Poker Pro Eli Elezra' What does it take to become a top poker player who regularly plays in some of the largest stakes games offered in the Las Vegas Poker Rooms and elsewhere? Of course, everyone's story is a little different. But one of the more unique and interesting ones belongs to poker pro and businessman Eli Elezra. The text begins with Eli taking his seat at the final table of the 2004 Mirage Poker Showdown Tournament which was part of the World Poker...

                    VEGAS OR BUST
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                    JOHNNY KAMPIS Item #: 10020 -

                      Subtitled "A Family Man Takes On the Poker Pros". Can a former semi-pro win against the best poker players in the world? In 2006, Johnny’s pie-in-the-sky dreams of becoming world champion were dashed when his kings ran into aces in the World Series of Poker Main Event. But lady luck was with him when he met Amy, the woman of his dreams, who soon became his wife. Like many players, he drifted away from the game after Congress passed a law later that year that cut off funds to online poker and...