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    Gurty and heart-wrenching, "Breaking My Silence" narrates the bold truth about author Jane McCormick and her abusive childhood, rape, prostitution, and inside stories as a Las Vegas high-class call girl during the 1960's. In this memoir, not only does she reveal her 1960's sexcapades with Frank, Dean, Peter, Vic, Sam, Arnold, Jerry, Bill, and other celebrities, she also details her molestation by an abusive stepfather and the too-young marriage that led to her addiction to the big money of...

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      Lane chronicles the secret inner sanctums at the center of the action in gentlemen's clubs across  America. 'Confessions of a Stripper' puts you in the middle of the VIP room where freaks, fetishists, scammers, and even normal guys match wits with the dancers. Here, outlandish fantasies are bought and sold, and almost nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. 237 Pages Paperbound 2004

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        Originally published in hardcover in 1998, this is an account of life in a brothel written by a woman in charge of one of the premier Nevada cat houses. 'I metaphorically fling open the doors of Sheri's Brothel in southern Nevada and invite the public in to witness incidents that occur daily', she states. The stories related here are strange, funny, sad, fascinating, disturbing and sometimes grim. I use the language of the prostitutes and their clients. I tell it like it is with no attempt to...

        SKIN CITY
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          One of the city's foremost authors explores the Las Vegas sex industry from the back street to the main street. Naming names and getting people to talk, Sheehan has created what should be a best-selling expose. 320 pgs, paperback, 2006

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          Item #: 404 -

            Previously thought to be out of print, this insider's guide to the always fascinating industry was written by a former prostitute who worked in a Nevada cat house. The book's eight revealing chapters describe exactly what you can expect in Nevada's legal brothels, and how they are arranged for the girls and their customers; why the girls work there; how customers can expect to be treated; the "menus of services;" a profile--with anecdotes about the usual and unusual customers; how much the...

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              Originally published in 1993, this indispensable guide contained virtually everything you would want to know about legal prostitution in Nevada - and now there is even more in the revised and updated version. There are descriptions of legalized houses in every area of Nevada (where it is legal). The Official Guide to the Best Cat Houses in Nevada is the definitive guide to legal prostitution in Nevada, with brothel names, phone numbers and maps to the various legal brothels in Nevada, complete...

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                This sometimes graphic, sometimes funny, but always serious bio covers the life of Walter Plankinton, who was in the brothel business. It reveals how his life changed when he walked through the doors of his Nevada cat house; how his business was nearly destroyed by fire bombing; relates stories of the girls, their pimps, and how their lives intermingled with his. 206 pgs, paperback, 1997