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Item #: 106 -

    Using an iconic photo of the Hall of Fame's original inductees - including Babe Ruth, Cy Young, Honus Wagner and Connie Mack as his starting point, Jim Reisler explains the unusual origins of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. In the process, Reisler delivers a history of not only the game’s early stars and the house built to honor them, but also the creation of the myth of baseball in America. With his trademark eye and ear for the spirit of the game’s golden age, Reisler explains that the...

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    SKYHORSE PUBLISHING Item #: 7796 -

      Subtitled 'How the 2016 Chicago Cubs Brought a World Series Championship to the North Side'. No doubt, you���ve heard about the Cubs��� decades-long run of futility. They hadn���t won a pennant in seventy-one years or a World Series in a record 108 years. To the frustration of Cubs fans everywhere, the team often missed chances with soul-crushing defeats. But after a complete teardown that resulted in a 100-loss season in 2012, Theo Epstein and his baseball staff reversed that with the Cubs of...

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      Item #: 9781560257004 -

        The Field Guide to Baseball is an armchair reference guide to the sport. It organizes and explains the vague, misleading, confusing, inconsistent and obscure rules governing America’s favorite pastime. This book is thorough, covering all of the rules from the most basic to the most obtuse. Easy-to-use, it is designed to facilitate quick and intuitive searches. The guide offers several tools to help navigate through the thicket of information, including a logical sequence of topics, a...

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        Item #: 232 -

          Baseball has always had its share of colorful characters, and over the years they have expressed themselves in eminently quotable ways. In this treasury of more than 5,000 quotations, noted baseball writer and observer Paul Dickson has captured the flavor of the game, in the words of its most important participants and onlookers.They are all here—from Aaron (Estella, Hank's mother) to Zoldack ("Sad Sack" Sam), and everyone in between. From the players, sportswriters, and politicians, to noted...

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          Item #: 616043917085 -

            Lee's classic describes the importance of comparing opposing teams and analyzing statistical trends, including freak occurrences. Covers strategies for beginning baseball handicappers and more experienced bettors. How to bet teams on a streak, peaking teams, the effect of home stands, betting on doubleheaders and the effect of a layoff on starting pitchers. Among the first books to concentrate on handicapping baseball, this classic has stood the test of time with information that can be...

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            Item #: 335 -

              Since he first began publishing his Baseball Abstracts in the 1980s, Bill James has constantly challenged conventional wisdom by asking simple questions like, "Is that really true?" or "What if we looked at the question this way?" He has sparked a virtual revolution in the way the game of baseball is understood and played, from how players are evaluated or positioned to whether or not they should attempt to bunt or steal a base. In Solid Fool s Gold James continues his...

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              Item #: 340 -

                A 10th anniversary celebration of the 1996 Yankee season―the season that sparked a dynasty―teeming with revelations and glorious memories for baseball fans everywhere In the fall of 1995, the New York Yankees suffered a crushing game 5 defeat to the Seattle Mariners―ending their championship dreams. Remarkably, this loss and the end of Buck Showalter's role as manager would lead to one of the most respected team dynasties in sports history. Now veteran New York Post columnist Joel Sherman, who...

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                Item #: 692 -

                  A unique look at the inner workings of a major league baseball team and how the Red Sox went from perennial losers to baseball's next dynasty. 299 Pgs. 2008 Hardcover

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                  Item #: 758 -

                    Walker relates the story of his involvement in fantasy football and, ultimately, a story about the state of baseball and the odd assortment of characters who orbit around it. But its also about a guy who went from being a happily married sportswriter who wore a tie to work, to a caffeine-addled insomniac who spent tens of thousands of dollars, traveled 19,000 miles, interviewed nearly 200 major-leaguers, skipped three weddings, and ignored a fire raging in the building next doorall in the name...

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                    Item #: 9780156000918 -

                      This definitive biography of Ted Williams provides a balanced portrait of the man, the ballplayer, the war veteran and the hitter. This last side of Williams - the man in the batter's box, the last player to hit .400, the Splendid Splinter - is the most widely and fondly remembered. But Linn also gets beneath the varnish on the bat, examining the Williams known by teammates and sportswriters as difficult and moody. Finally, this is an assessment of a ballplayer who was frequently ignored by...

                      IS THIS A GREAT GAME OR WHAT?
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                      ST. MARTIN'S PRESS INC. (BAKER & TAYLOR) Item #: 1087 -

                        Kurkjian has covered major-league baseball for 25 years. This is a collection of mostly humorous anecdotes from the baseball beat, but the standout chapter is a serious examination of the element of fear in the game. He interviewed many players who have sustained serious injuries when hit by a ball. Some recover physically but not mentally. Others overcome the fear but can't compensate for permanently altered vision. He also includes a chapter on baseball's unsung heroes: the scouts, underpaid...

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                        Item #: 9780060746407 -

                          Subtitled "Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big". When Jose Canseco burst into the Major Leagues in the 1980s, he changed the sport - in more ways than one. No player before him possessed his mixture of speed and power, which allowed him to become the first man in history to belt more than forty home runs and swipe more than forty bases in the same season. He won Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, and a World Series ring. Canseco shattered the...

                          KILLERSPORTS 2020 TEAM TRENDS
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                          KILLERSPORTS.COM Item #: 10687 -

                            KILLERSPORTS 2020 TEAM TRENDS has four trends for each MLB team: play ON, play AGAINST, play OVER, and play UNDER. As an example: AngelsThe Angels are 27-0 SU in the second game of a three-plus game series when they left fewer than ten men on base in the opener as a favorite and had a hit per run of higher than one.team=Angels and SG=2 and p:F and p:LOB<10 and p:HPR>1 and SGS>2 and date>=20130700 Approx. 23 Pgs. Also available in PDF format (please specify when ordering). ...

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                            LINDY'S SPORTS Item #: 1222 -

                              Inside this 200-page magazine, you will find team previews, which include last year's stat lines, this year's schedule and lineup predictions, along with individual stat line forecasts for this upcoming season. Also included is a State of the Game feature, which hits on all the current hot topics in MLB, a feature on the top 50 prospects in Major League Baseball, a scout's take on all 30 teams, a feature on the top players at each position, team stats, and other high-powered content that's...

                              LINDYS SPORTS FANTASY BASEBALL 2021
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                              LINDY'S SPORTS Item #: 51 -

                                In this 144-page magazine full of fantasy info, you’ll get Bold Predictions for 2021; Hot Properties; 2021 Mock Draft; Checklists & Cheat Sheets and much more! If you are looking for an edge on your fantasy opponents, then this is truly a must-have for you. ​Cover may vary.

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                                Item #: 9780061458545 -

                                  An inside look at the ascendancy of a bold new baseball dynasty and the men who built it. 205 pgs, hardcover, 2008

                                  ROB NEYERS BIG BOOK OF BASEBALL LINEUPS
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                                  Item #: 1688 -

                                    Subtitled "A Complete Guide to the Best, Worst, and Most Memorable Players to Ever Grace the Major Leagues". The title says it all: By compiling lists of players in a baseball "lineup" format, the author, an ESPN.com columnist, manages to catalog the game's all-time greats-and all-time bums. Appendix with year-by-year lineups. Indexed 340 Pgs. 2003

                                    SAYIN ITS SO: CULTURAL HISTORY OF BLACK SOX SCANDAL
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                                    Item #: 9780252027659 -

                                      Subtitled A Cultural History of the Black Sox Scandal this is the story of 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson and his teammates purportedly conspiring with gamblers to throw the World Series--a story that has lingered for more than eighty years. With baseball so closely linked to American values and ideals, the Black Sox Scandal of 1919 disenchanted baseball fans, changed the way Americans felt about the national pastime, and fostered changes in the game. Here author Nathan is less concerned with...

                                      SAYING ITS SO: CULTURAL HISTORY OF BLACK SOX SCANDAL
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                                      Item #: 9780252073137 -

                                        Subtitled A Cultural History of the Black Sox Scandal, this is the story of Shoeless Joe Jackson and his teammates purportedly conspiring with gamblers to throw the World Series. With baseball so closely linked to American values and ideals, the Black Sox Scandal of 1919 disenchanted baseball fans, changed the way Americans felt about the national pastime, and fostered changes in the game. Nathan is less concerned with the details of the scandal than with how it has been represented and...

                                        THE 50 GREATEST RED SOX GAMES
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                                        Item #: 9780471697510 -

                                          Second to that magic engagement that spanned Oct. 17 and 18, 2004, is Sunday, Oct. 12, 1986, best remembered for Dave Henderson's home run and sacrifice fly against the Angels that saved the Red Sox from extinction in the ALCS, propelling them toward Oct. 25, 1986, the sixth greatest contest. The games, which range from 1903 to 2004, are described and reflected upon, as well as being highly debatable. 238 pgs, paperback, 2006

                                          THE BASEBALL GEEKS BIBLE
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                                          Item #: 9781840728002 -

                                            Is your off-field knowledge of the great game as sound as your batting averages and pinch hits? Do you know how many baseball players have been buried in their uniforms or the number of home plate marriages that have been performed? Can you name the only three foot player to ever walk in a baseball game? Youll find the answers to these and much, much more in this book. So, brush up on your baseball trivia and relive some of the sports greatest moments and indulge in more than 200 pages of...

                                            THE BASEBALL MANIACS ALMANAC
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                                            SKYHORSE PUBLISHING Item #: 7068 -

                                              An addictive read that is sure to spark conversation wherever baseball is spoken, this updated edition of The Baseball Maniac’s Almanac is part reference, part trivia, part brain teaser, and absolutely the most unusual and thorough compendium of baseball stats and facts ever assembled—all verified for accuracy by the Baseball Hall of Fame. In its pages, renowned sportswriter Bert R. Sugar presents thousands of fascinating lists, tables, data, and stimulating facts. Inside, you’ll find:Highest...

                                              THE BOOK ON THE BOOK
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                                              Item #: 1968 -

                                                Subtitled "An Inquiry into Which Strategies in the Modern Game Actually Work". Die-hard fanatics will enjoy this comprehensive collection of groundbreaking baseball strategies, analyses, statistics, and studies. This unique approach to understanding the "tried and true" methodologies of the game of baseball examines conventional elements like the steal, hit and run and line-up construction. "The Book on The Book" offers an exciting critique of baseball by placing an actual dollar value on...

                                                THE CARD
                                                Price: $24.95
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                                                Item #: 9780061123924 -

                                                  Every field of collecting has its ultimate prize, the discovery that collectors dream of and covet and for which they will pay top price without blinking. In baseball, it is the 1909 T206 Honus Wagner card, which was a collectible even before the baseball card collection craze took off. This is the story of that card, how it initially sold for $25,000 and eventually for $1.27 million on Ebaya story of riches gained and friendships lost, and about a player whose card has become more famous than...

                                                  THE CUBS: THE COMPLETE STORY OF CHICAGO CUBS BASEBALL
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                                                  Item #: 9780618595006 -

                                                    The definitive narrative history of the Chicago Cubs. The Chicago Cubs have won the hearts of generations of fans, even if they haven’t always won those pivotal games. They were America’s most successful baseball club at the turn of the twentieth century, but by the turn of the twenty-first, things had changed. The Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908, and the last time they clinched the National League Pennant was in 1945. Yet the Cubs have some of the most devoted fans in...

                                                    THE DODGERS 120 YEARS OF DODGERS BASEBALL
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                                                    Item #: 9780618213559 -

                                                      Dodgers. The word conjures different things to different people, but its distinction — and notoriety — is universal. In the annals of baseball, the history of few other teams can compare to the rich legacy of the Dodgers. Their constituency includes fans from Bensonhurst to Burbank. Their colorful past — “dem bums,” Jackie Robinson and the boys of summer, Walter O’Malley, Sandy Koufax, Tommy Lasorda, “bleeding Dodger blue” — has enlivened...

                                                      THE LITTLE RED BOOK OF BASEBALL WISDOM
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                                                      Item #: 7070 -

                                                        Novelist W. P. Kinsella wrote that baseball is ��_��_��_a game where little gems of wisdom or whimsy can be created in the dugout, the bullpen, or the press box during long, hot afternoons and evenings of baseball.��_ѝ The Little Red Book of Baseball Wisdom unearths a treasury of quotes reflecting more than a century��_��s worth of history from our national pastime. Featuring contributions from Hank Aaron to Walt Whitman, Yogi Berra to John Updike. Indexed 212 Pgs. Hardcover 2012 ...

                                                        THE NEW BALLGAME: UNDERSTANDING BASEBALL STATISTICS
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                                                        ACTA PUBLICATIONS Item #: 2086 -

                                                          Statistics have become the method for talking baseball. To help make the game more understandable, Guzzo helps define the stats, looks at the historical breakdown of the use of stats, keeping score during the game, how to read the box score, real-life applications for the stats you hear on the radio or on TV, fantasy/simulation baseball games, and the future of statistics in baseball. 167 Pgs. 2007

                                                          THE NEYER/JAMES GUIDE TO PITCHERS
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                                                          Item #: 2090 -

                                                            Pitchers, the pitches they throw, and how they throw them these days is the stuff of constant scrutiny, but there's never been anything like a comprehensive source for such information. For a dozen years, baseball analyst James and ESPN.com baseball columnist Neyer have been compiling the centerpiece of this book, the Pitcher Census, which lists specific information for nearly 2,000 pitchers throughout the history of professional baseball. 484 Pgs. 2004

                                                            THE PHYSICS OF BASEBALL
                                                            Price: $12.99
                                                            Availability: Available
                                                            Item #: 9780060084363 -

                                                              The flight of the ball, pitching, batting, and the properties of bats are discussed in non-technical language that can be understood by young adults familiar with introductory physics. Short chapters, which include clear and helpful diagrams; each conclude with technical notes that can be skipped or studied closely, depending on readers' interests. Baseball players or fans and budding physicists should be intrigued by Adair's explanations of why the stitching on the ball effects the distance...

                                                              THE RIVALS: THE BOSTON RED SOX VS THE NEW YORK YANKEES
                                                              Availability: Available
                                                              Item #: 9780312336165 -

                                                                Chronicles the games between archrivals Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. This book is useful to understanding two teams, their cities, their fans, and perhaps the pastime and its nation. 2004, hardcover, 199 pgs

                                                                THE ROOKIE
                                                                Price: $13.95
                                                                Availability: Available
                                                                Item #: 9780446678377 -

                                                                  Morris, a 35-year-old Texas high school physics teacher and baseball coach (whose previous attempts to break into the bigs fell short), was challenged by his students to live up to his dream. Oddly, his pitching arm had only grown stronger with time, and at a new major league tryout his pitches were consistently overpowering. After making the expansion Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Morris was featured in Time, People, and Sports Illustrated. Previously published as "The Oldest Rookie" 276...

                                                                  THE SABR BASEBALL LIST & RECORD BOOK
                                                                  Availability: Available
                                                                  Item #: 9781416532453 -

                                                                    The four letters (SABR) have become synonymous with baseball statistics and in this SABR is at its best as it presents an expansive collection of unique baseball lists and records. It's all about pitching, hitting, fielding, home runs, teams and rookie records NOT available online or in any other book. Here you'll find things like most career home runs by two brothers, most seasons with 15 or more wins, highest on-base percentage by a rookie in a season. Many of the records list comments on...

                                                                    THE UNWRITTEN RULES OF BASEBALL
                                                                    Retail: $14.99
                                                                    Price: $4.99
                                                                    Availability: Available
                                                                    Item #: 9780061561054 -

                                                                      They have no sanction from the Commissioner, do not appear in any official publication, and are not posted on any clubhouse wall. They are a set of time-honored customs, rituals, and good manners that show a respect for the game, one's teammates, and one's opponentsand sometimes they contradict the official rulebook. 244 pgs, hardcover, 2009

                                                                      THE YANKEES FANATIC
                                                                      Price: $5.00
                                                                      Availability: Available
                                                                      Item #: 3240 -

                                                                        Admirers of those perennial beasts of baseball, the New York Yankees, are more than just fans—they're FANATICS! They chant roll call with the Bleacher Creatures and bang Freddy Sez's pan in support for the Bronx Bombers. They know whose numbers have been retired and dream to the tune of Sinatra's "New York, New York." And now, for the first time, true fanatics can put their loyalty to the test with The Yankees Fanatic—a book so chock-full of stats, quotes and...

                                                                        TWICE AROUND THE BASES: THINKING FANS INSIDE LOOK BASEBALL
                                                                        Availability: Available
                                                                        Item #: 2224 -

                                                                          Kevin Kennedy was a catcher and a coach in the minors, a farm director for the Montreal Expos, and a bench coach for Felipe Alou before moving on to manage the Texas Rangers and the Boston Red Sox. Now one of the sport's most respected analysts and commentators, he offers a fresh look at baseball from the viewpoint of a "lifer", capturing the intricacies of the professional game with a sharp analytical eye and unabashed candor. 262 Pgs. 2005