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    Fifteen chapters outline the rules of play, players options, payout schedules, overall house odds, plus the best winning strategies. In Caribbean stud, the object of the game is to have an original poker hand without drawing cards to beat the dealer. Let it Ride is essentially a five-card stud poker game with high tournament bonus payments. These games are especially popular because they are easy to play, and offer you the familiarity of table games with the possibilities of million-dollar...

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      "Billy Woo's Pai-Gow Poker II" gives you step by step instructions on how to correctly play this form of poker. With over 4,000,000 combinations in Pai-Gow Poker, Walsh shows you how to choose the best possible hand in this easy to read book. Third Printing 43 Pages Paperbound 1988

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        Caro discusses how to play flushes with no pair, one pair, two pair, three of a kind, all the way up to five aces. Guidelines are the result of research done on Caro's poker engine, a versatile set of computer routines designed to deal with all forms of poker. 34 pgs, paperback, 1986

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          When first published, this was acclaimed as the first useful strategy for the game. The book is unique in presenting the players win/lose expectations when calling the dealer in any situation. Without this orientation, Caribbean Stud will frustrate players and spoil this interesting and sociable low-vig game. 13 pgs, paperback, 1996

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          Item #: 9781881654049 -

            Four card poker has some new twists that make it different from its three-card neighbor. You are dealt 5 cards from which you have to make your best four card hand. This is a quick and straightforward explanation and analysis of the game. 14 pgs, paperback, 2004

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            Item #: 9781881654001 -

              Frome developed the odds table for this Shuffle Master game in 1992. This book includes the strategies for the video versions and the Colorado game. Crammed with critical data on hit frequency and distribution. 10 pgs, paperback, 1996

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              Item #: 9781881654056 -

                One of Frome's latest, this one tells you: the Basics of MS Stud, When to Fold, When to 'Bet 1x', When to 'Bet 3x', and What to Expect, including all of the vital statistics and the overall payback of this hot new game! 14 Pages Paperbound 2010

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                Item #: 616043911007 -

                  Man, who invented this game, takes on the task of explaining the rules and strategy for four-card double draw poker. He explains the irregularities of the game that could occur, how to deal with them, and includes some probabilities and a hand ranking. 20 pgs, paperback, 2006

                  HOW TO BEAT THREE CARD POKER
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                  Item #: 9781580422949 -

                    Three Card Poker is an exciting table game that offers you plenty of fast action and winning possibilities. The most popular of the newer casino games, it is easy to learn and a lot of fun to play. Best of all, the house has a fairly low advantage, so it can be more profitable than other casino choices. But to have the best chances of beating the casino, you have to know the best strategies. This book shows you how to do exactly that! Have fun and be a winner - Fifteen right-to-the-point...

                    HOW TO PLAY PAI GOW POKER
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                    Item #: 616043911014 -

                      Allen computer analyzed all possible pai-gow hands, developing eight groups into which all hands can be placed. He provides decision rules for each group and includes a list of 250 practice hands, all of which make the rules and the game easy to learn and play. 32 Pgs. 1988

                      INSIDE THE GAME OF RED DOG
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                      Item #: 616043917733 -

                        Presents rules and strategies for the popular home game of Red Dog. 10 pgs, paperback, 1991

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                        Item #: 4369 -

                          Learn how to avoid the money-burning "traps"Fold your cards when you shouldImprove your chances of winningMaster the playing strategies for either Caribbean Stud or Let It RideFundamental logic behind the moves you should make

                          JOHN PATRICK LEARN BACCARAT
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                          Item #: 1124 -

                            How to play the game (rules), how to concentrate on your bankroll; how to deal with a choppy table and how to ride the streaks when they arise.

                            JOHN PATRICK PAI GOW POKER
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                            Item #: 1125 -

                              Patrick shows you the rules, different procedures and variations, and gives an in-depth analysis of playing strategy. The strategy was developed with Bill Zender, one of the foremost experts in the game. Together, the two examine over 20 types of hands.

                              LET IT RIDE: BEYOND THE BASICS
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                              Item #: 781580421720 -

                                Essentially, Let It Ride is a five-card stud poker game with an option that allows players not only to pull back bets if they don't like their cards, but also to win very large jackpots if they get a big hand. Mason shows players the secrets of top percentage play, three and four card playing strategies, basic strategy, plus advanced strategies that show players how to do better than the generally accepted odds. Includes practical examples and tips on getting comps to bring the odds on the...

                                MASTERING THE GAME OF CARIBBEAN STUD
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                                Item #: 616043911038 -

                                  Ko produces a definitive analysis of the game's theoretical probabilities and covers: Rules of Play; Playing Strategies for Levels One, Two, and Three; Progressive Jackpot; Dealer Qualifying Frequency and Player Bluffing; and Casino Advantages with its Relevant Statistics. Offers the results of a computer simulation (240,000 hands). Includes charts and tables. 47 pgs, paperback, 1997

                                  OPTIMAL STRATEGY FOR PAI GOW POKER
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                                  Item #: 9780935926170 -

                                    One of the most accurate and complete works on the game. Allows implementation of either a simplified strategy or a balanced strategy. How to get an edge; an optimal strategy for setting hands; practice hands. 52 pgs, paperback, 1992

                                    PAI GOW WITHOUT TEARS
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                                    HUNTINGTON PRESS Item #: 1430 -

                                      Written by a pai gow expert with a background as a Gaming Control Agent, instructor and manager, this book is for players and dealers of pai gow with tiles. Zender discusses playing strategies, procedures, game protection, rules, and advice. Illustrated with pictures of the domino-like tiles and Asian names for them, this book also contains a section on how players cheat and countermeasures to use. 80 Pgs.1989

                                      THINKING IN PAI GOW
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                                      Item #: 616043918822 -

                                        Subtitled Percentage Balancing and Hand Typing as a Basic Strategy for Pai Gow, this book was written by a dealer who also plays pai gow. His observations showed that few people who play this game have any kind of strategy. Divided into sections that deal with the five-card and the two-card hands, the joker, types of hands, the percentage table basis for the hands, a basic strategy for player, the player as banker strategy, fortune bonus and envy bonus, and the Dragon hand. He offers sample...

                                        WINNING CARIBBEAN STUD & LET IT RIDE
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                                        Item #: 9781580421614 -

                                          Both Caribbean Stud and Let It Ride have become so popular that nearly every casino in the country now includes at least one table in the pit for each of the games. Like other casino games, these two should be played correctly, according to the rules and to the house edge. Cardoza's book covers both these areas. First, the rules of each game are explained in easy-to-follow sections, then, the strategies, along with a third section devoted to advice on money management. Cardoza spells out the...